March 01

Travel Safety Training And Personal Safety | ExploreSecure®

If you want to know more about personal safety whe [...]

If you want to know more about personal safety when traveling, the ExploreSecure® e-learning security courses are designed by security professionals with extensive experience in Counter-Terrorism and personal Travel Safety Elearning. Our team stems from specialist backgrounds including the UK Government and Special-Forces and our coveted system focuses on pro-active avoidance measures.

February 15

Identification Of An Immediate Threat From A VB/BBIED Explosion

What would you do if someone walks/runs into an es [...]

What would you do if someone walks/runs into an establishment such as a restaurant or airport and shouts Allah Aqaba, or a vehicle drives into a barricade or through a location and it is assessed that an explosion is imminent. It is important to know the difference between cover and concealment. To obtain cover from an imminent explosion search for solid cement or brick walls/pillars or other significant solid structures. Travel Security Get as low as possible and preferably lying down with your feet aimed at the site of the imminent explosion, feet and legs close together and your arms and hands protecting your head and face. If no significant cover is available get as low as possible – use the drop between the sidewalk and the road, behind vehicles or anything between you and the potential blast. Anytime you have to increase distance from you and the explosion, utilize it and move fast but stay low – crawling if necessary.

January 18

Customized Travel Safety & Workplace Security Online Training

Insurance broker may stipulate certain security pr [...]

Insurance broker may stipulate certain security procedures must be undertaken to qualify you for cover. For example some insist on basic Business Travel Security awareness training. Depending on the country or countries you intend visiting they may insist that you participate in a 1 to 2 day close protection training programmed run by professional bodyguard instructors. Elements of risk identification, risk assessment and risk management, advanced observation skills and counter kidnapping measures are taught. Security Expert Tip: Prior to the end of the last Millennium if we removed the obvious trouble zone of Lebanon, we found that six countries dominated two-thirds of the recent terrorist attacks, namely Columbia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Spain and Belgium. However fast forward to current day and the shift has moved to war zone areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. However terrorist attacks are increasing in many other global destinations. Security and close protection officers are advised to conduct rigorous threat assessments prior to close protection operation deployment to these areas.

October 27

Is The Safest Place To Sit In A Rideshare?

ExploreSecure offers two online travel safety trai [...]

ExploreSecure offers two Online Travel Safety Training courses, including one for businesses and one for students. Their new e-learning courses for safe travel are currently being offered with a limited-time.

The online courses from ETS are designed to be interactive, user-friendly and highly instructional, with the best need to know travel security awareness tips provided from highly experienced professionals. Visit to sign up today, or learn more about the company's additional travel security services.

September 28

Is The Safest Place To Sit In A Ridesharing?

The exclusive travel security classes can be compl [...]

The exclusive Travel Security classes can be completed within 45 minutes – providing the traveler peace of mind that they know what do should the worst case happen and providing their employer or faculty assurance that they have met their duty of care requirement to best prepare the traveler.

July 27

Top 10 Tips For Water Safety - Explore Secure

How cold is the water you are entering? As with a [...]

 How cold is the water you are entering? As with alcohol Travel Safety Training, the cold can seriously affect your ability to think rationally, it can sap your strength extremely quickly and you lose your fine and gross motor skills. A recent study has suggested that with the water temperature at 32.5 F/0.3C, an average person will only remain conscious for 15 minutes. The water may not be too cold initially; however the duration that you are in that water for can still sap body heat over a period of time. Think about how long you will be in the water for.

July 01

Travel Security Companies A New Thought Process

Our Online Travel Security Services Briefings cove [...]

At Explore Secure the travel safety training arm of ETS Risk Management Inc we are dedicated to improving traveler safety and strongly advocate that all travelers – especially young or solo travelers, or people visiting higher risk environments consider how best to respond should a difficult situation emerge. This can be challenging – and making decisions when under pressure is never easy.Then make a rapid assessment of executive protection your situation. What is the threat, what could do you harm, what is available to assist you, or can you extract from the situation? Just a few seconds spent on coming up with a plan rather than running blindly or reacting wildly will significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.