February 22

The Zika Virus Is Still A Risk In Certain Regions

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front [...]

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front pages of our newspapers a recent World Health Organization report has not only highlighted the ongoing risks of Zika but also that it has spread extensively across South East Asia, and now affects key tourist destinations including Thailand and Indonesia. At Explore Secure we actively encourage all Travel Risk Management, be they business groups, students or vacationers, to always carefully plan and prepare for the trip abroad in order to not only understand any risks – but also how best to mitigate them so as to best enjoy a rewarding trip. To that end we urge all those heading overseas to understand Zika, where it is prevalent and the best measures to take to reduce exposure.

January 11

Top 5 Safety Tips When Using An Uber Or Lyft

Ridesharing has become a popular method of travel [...]

Ridesharing has become a popular method of travel in many cities across the world Student Travel Security. Its affordability and convenience make it an attractive option for many travellers. Unfortunately, ridesharing does have a risk to it. For all intents and purposes, you are still getting into a vehicle with a stranger. Recent incidents of inappropriate behavior have raised concerns whether it is a safe method of transport. Acknowledging that the risks exist will help you better understand your security. If you are concerned about your travel safety when using rideshare companies, the following tips will help to provide you options to improve your security awareness.

November 09

How To Travel Alone Safely As A Woman

Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the safet [...]

Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the safety and security of all travelers. Our objective is to educate, inform, train and drive thought processes that contribute to making Travel Safety Elearning for all. The Explore Secure travel safety Elearning briefings were designed exactly for this purpose. They are an efficient method of delivering a high standard of travel safety training to any number of personnel in an affordable, user-friendly method. Our innovative delivery platform allows managers to monitor progress and be notified on traveler completion - assisting with meeting duty of care requirements.

November 04

Top Tips and Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling

The benefits of travel risk management relating to [...]

The benefits of travel risk management relating to health, Travel Safety Training and security should now be apparent to any business owner or manager. While workplace health and safety compliance does apply to business travel it will also result in sizable business savings and cost efficiencies if undertaken correctly, while meeting or exceeding any compliance or company's social and legal obligations. Objectively review your current travel health, safety and security systems specific to travel risk management and use this advice as a guide to make comparisons or rectify any omissions to your processes immediately.