January 18

Customized Travel Safety & Workplace Security Online Training

Insurance broker may stipulate certain security pr [...]

Insurance broker may stipulate certain security procedures must be undertaken to qualify you for cover. For example some insist on basic Business Travel Security awareness training. Depending on the country or countries you intend visiting they may insist that you participate in a 1 to 2 day close protection training programmed run by professional bodyguard instructors. Elements of risk identification, risk assessment and risk management, advanced observation skills and counter kidnapping measures are taught. Security Expert Tip: Prior to the end of the last Millennium if we removed the obvious trouble zone of Lebanon, we found that six countries dominated two-thirds of the recent terrorist attacks, namely Columbia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Spain and Belgium. However fast forward to current day and the shift has moved to war zone areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. However terrorist attacks are increasing in many other global destinations. Security and close protection officers are advised to conduct rigorous threat assessments prior to close protection operation deployment to these areas.

November 30

Travel Safety Tips: Important Things Everyone Should Know!

A majority of violent attacks by men against women [...]

A majority of violent attacks by men against women are often sexual in nature Online Travel Safety Training. Some motivations for these attacks stem from personal grievances, issues of control, and social disorders. Unfortunately motivations can also be purely opportunistic and deviant in nature. Therefore it is vital for one’s safety to eliminate these perceived ‘opportunities’ for criminals.

November 19

Remain Vigilant and Be Pro-Active | Explore Secure

Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) is happening more fr [...]

Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) is happening more frequently and is the number one cause of death to travellers worldwide Travel Safety Elearning. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) identified on average 1.35 million people annually is losing their lives due to RTCs. A long time ago the UK Police changed their terminology from Road Traffic Accident (RTA) to RTC because there is no such thing as a Road Traffic ‘Accident’ – there is always a cause or blame to assign.

October 19

Zika Cases Increase Across SE Asia

The US Communicable Disease Center now advises tha [...]

The US Communicable Disease Center now advises that: "Zika virus has been present in areas of Southeast Asia for many years, and several countries have reported occasional cases or small outbreaks of Zika virus infections Business Travel Security. Zika virus is considered endemic in some countries, and a large number of local residents are likely to be immune. However, US travelers to endemic areas may not be immune to Zika virus and infections have occurred among travelers to Southeast Asia. Recent variations have been observed in the number of cases reported in Southeast Asia. This can reflect changes in awareness of Zika virus, surveillance and testing for Zika virus, or changes in intensity of Zika virus transmission. Pregnant women traveling to Southeast Asia could become infected with Zika virus. The level of this risk is unknown and likely lowers than in areas where Zika virus is newly introduced and spreading widely"

October 05

Best Importance Tips For Water Safety - Explore SecureIn July 2016 a 22 year old British Tourist in Ibiza, Spain drowned after jumping into the sea on an early evening swim. This is just one of what will be hundreds of traveler deaths by drowning around t

In July 2016 a 22 year old British Tourist in Ibiz [...]

In July 2016 a 22 year old British Tourist in Ibiza, Spain drowned after jumping into the sea on an early evening swim. This is just one of what will be hundreds of traveler deaths by drowning around the world this year. Drowning is in the top 5 killers of travelers abroad. It is also one of the most avoidable. Hundreds of travelers every year perish in rip currents, heavy surf and through misadventure in the water. Hundreds more are seriously injured or paralyzed. So what can be done to prevent, or reduce the possibility of travel safety training whilst still enjoying time in the water?

Learn what a rip current is, how to identify one and how to survive them. Rip currents will drag you out to sea quickly and are one of the leading causes of drowning abroad. Explore Secure have a dedicated blog article on Surviving Rip currents – click here, or check out our Travel Security ELearning briefing for an in-depth animated briefing on what they are, how to avoid them, and how to survive them.

September 28

Is The Safest Place To Sit In A Ridesharing?

The exclusive travel security classes can be compl [...]

The exclusive Travel Security classes can be completed within 45 minutes – providing the traveler peace of mind that they know what do should the worst case happen and providing their employer or faculty assurance that they have met their duty of care requirement to best prepare the traveler.

September 21

Best Crap Thinking Could Save Your Life | Explore Secure

Our online Travel Security Briefings cover this in [...]

Our Travel Security Training Briefings cover this in more detail and look at several scenarios and examples of how best to adopt this proactive approach to travel safety – learn more. At Explore Secure® we are dedicated to broadening the discussion on travel safety for all travelers across the globe. We have developed our briefings and guidance based upon years of travel safety experience and engaging with leading security professionals, overseas embassies and consulates, and of course – the travelers themselves. We are firm believers that by taking sensible measures in both planning prior to travel and also the approach taken when travel security training can exponentially increase your personal safety – and in turn contribute to a hugely rewarding travel experience. Explore the world and enjoy your travels – always consider your personal security and return home safely to share your experiences.

September 14

Safest Beach In Mexico | Explore Secure

Puerto Vallarta is considered a safe destination f [...]

Puerto Vallarta is considered a safe destination for tourists Travel Security. It has mainly remained uninvolved in cartel conflicts, the few incidences publicized are thought to be linked to individuals who had previous involvement with the cartels. Since May 2015, there has been no involvement of international travellers in cartel violence in Puerto Vallarta. However, travellers’ safety should be aware that low-level crime does exist, such as petty crime and pick pocketing, but this is considered low in comparison to other major cities such as Las Vegas, London and Barcelona.  To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of such threats, increase situational awareness and avoid displaying valuable items.

September 07

How Can We Stay Safe While Travelling?

If you want to know more about personal safety whe [...]

If you want to know more about personal safety when Travel Safety Training, the Explore Secure eLearning security courses are designed by security professionals with extensive experience in personal safety and surviving in challenging environments. Prior Preparation and Planning, Natural Disasters, Female Travel Safety Training, Avoiding Muggings/Robberies, LGBTQ Travel Security, Overland transportation, Heath and First Aid, Safety in Hotels, Surviving Terrorist and Active Shooter Incidents, Situational Awareness.

August 10

How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure When Traveling

In today’s digital age, keeping your data private [...]

This is an underrated piece of advice. Traveling is all about getting to know the locals, seeing new things, experiencing new adventures and having the time of your lives. If one is patient, polite and generally nice then life just goes so much smoother. With patience, comes the ability to put up with perceived rudeness, inefficiency, delays, corruption and a whole variety of things that as elearning travel safety or volunteers we may not be accustomed too. Things are done differently in different places, with patience we learn and we adapt.

August 05

Remain Vigilant and Be Pro-Active | Explore Secure

When using overland transportation listening to mu [...]

When using overland transportation listening to music and interacting on your phone helps to make the journey a little more pleasant for female travel safety, however, this reduces your awareness and can cause distractions Travel Safety. If you are traveling with a ride share company and decide not to follow your route, you may not see the early warning signs. For example, no traffic on the main route but your driver turns down a side street, or maybe takes you a different direction insisting they know a faster route. If you’re not paying full attention you may miss the signs. Remain alert to your driver’s behavior and recognize if their mannerisms change during your transit, do they keep checking their phone, do they stop for longer than necessary when at a junction.

July 20

Pre-Planning From Bomb Attacks and Bombing Incidents

Becoming caught up in a terrorist incident involvi [...]

Improvised explosive device (IED) A device made or placed in an improvised way that incorporates destructive, lethal, noxious, pyrotechnic or incendiary chemicals and is designed to destroy, incapacitate, harass or distract.Identifying and assessing suspicious objects or activity Identifying suspicious activity is not an exact science. Nervous behavior that appears suspicious in certain circumstances, for example in a shopping Centre or food court, may be typical for other settings, such as about to have a job interview or an examination in college.If you see an item such as a backpack or box discarded in a position that is deemed suspicious immediately remove yourself from the immediate location and call the emergency services trying to provide travel safety exact information on its location and description. If feasible warn those around you to its location. Do not touch or move the item as certain IEDs have devices triggered by movement, may be unstable, or on a visual trigger.

As business travel continues on an upward trend, with growth of around 6% through 2019, companies must start applying duty of care principles to corporate business travel security. With more and more employees traveling overseas for business, companies need to equip their people with the necessary tools and resources to have a successful trip abroad.