September 21

Best Crap Thinking Could Save Your Life | Explore Secure

Our online Travel Security Briefings cover this in [...]

Our Travel Security Training Briefings cover this in more detail and look at several scenarios and examples of how best to adopt this proactive approach to travel safety – learn more. At Explore Secure® we are dedicated to broadening the discussion on travel safety for all travelers across the globe. We have developed our briefings and guidance based upon years of travel safety experience and engaging with leading security professionals, overseas embassies and consulates, and of course – the travelers themselves. We are firm believers that by taking sensible measures in both planning prior to travel and also the approach taken when travel security training can exponentially increase your personal safety – and in turn contribute to a hugely rewarding travel experience. Explore the world and enjoy your travels – always consider your personal security and return home safely to share your experiences.

September 01

Improvised Weapons Are Effective | Explore Secure

The London Bridge attack proved that improvised we [...]

The London Bridge attack proved that improvised weapons can be effective against knife crime. Reacting quickly and using whatever means necessary to eliminate the threat worked well in this incident Travel Safety. The use of a fire extinguisher, a wooden lectern and a whale tusk helped to distract and defend against the attacker until the police arrived. These individuals had no other option but to fight, they were willing to risk their lives for the safety of others. What’s available to you will depend on your location. For example, if you are in a bar or restaurant, or within the vicinity of one, using high-chairs or bar stools will provide a safe distance between you and the attacker whilst forcing them in the opposite direction.

August 31

Why Is Buying A Campground Is To Identify - Roverpass

For most folks, living at their job can sound like [...]
August 31

Campground Reservation Software & System | Roverpass

RVers can search and book thousands of campgrounds [...]
August 18

How Can Hostiles Identify And Avoid Good Counter-Surveillance?

If done correctly, effective counter-surveillance [...]

If done correctly, effective counter-surveillance is extremely hard Protective Surveillance to identify and nearly impossible to avoid. If a professional counter-surveillance team carries out the role, the hostile surveillance team will never know they have been identified. This is what the PST does, they undertake counter-surveillance in a dynamic role, but ready to function in other roles including as a QRF.

July 27

Top 10 Tips For Water Safety - Explore Secure

How cold is the water you are entering? As with a [...]

 How cold is the water you are entering? As with alcohol Travel Safety Training, the cold can seriously affect your ability to think rationally, it can sap your strength extremely quickly and you lose your fine and gross motor skills. A recent study has suggested that with the water temperature at 32.5 F/0.3C, an average person will only remain conscious for 15 minutes. The water may not be too cold initially; however the duration that you are in that water for can still sap body heat over a period of time. Think about how long you will be in the water for.

July 20

Pre-Planning From Bomb Attacks and Bombing Incidents

Becoming caught up in a terrorist incident involvi [...]

Improvised explosive device (IED) A device made or placed in an improvised way that incorporates destructive, lethal, noxious, pyrotechnic or incendiary chemicals and is designed to destroy, incapacitate, harass or distract.Identifying and assessing suspicious objects or activity Identifying suspicious activity is not an exact science. Nervous behavior that appears suspicious in certain circumstances, for example in a shopping Centre or food court, may be typical for other settings, such as about to have a job interview or an examination in college.If you see an item such as a backpack or box discarded in a position that is deemed suspicious immediately remove yourself from the immediate location and call the emergency services trying to provide travel safety exact information on its location and description. If feasible warn those around you to its location. Do not touch or move the item as certain IEDs have devices triggered by movement, may be unstable, or on a visual trigger.

July 14

Executive Protection and safety - Travel Safety Training

When traveling safety considers what information and details you are publishing and making public. Think about any repercussions and also judge it from a criminal’s point of view ‘what could be used against me?’ The Explore Secure eLearning travel safety programs are designed by professionals with extensive business travel security experience and backgrounds in counter-terrorism and Special Forces. This expertise has shaped the content of the travel safety briefing.

June 12

Travel Risk Management & Elearning Security Training

Explore Secure 7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400 We [...]

Travel safety elearning is one of the key components to a robust travel risk management program. An organization can now empower travelers with the skills and knowledge to manage and mitigate risk.

As business travel continues on an upward trend, with growth of around 6% through 2019, companies must start applying duty of care principles to corporate business travel security. With more and more employees traveling overseas for business, companies need to equip their people with the necessary tools and resources to have a successful trip abroad.