February 23

Tplink Router Setup |Tplinkwifi.net setup | Web-Based Method

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Tplink router comes with a built-in Ethernet port to give a high-speed internet connection for your domestic use. The front panel of all the Tplink routers is designed with leds. These LEDs indicate the status of the router. Once LED’s are flashing it means system initialization or firmware up-gradation is in the process while this is going on, do not turn off the power of your TpLink router. 

Your Tplink router comes with a power port, On/OFF button and RESET button in the back panel. In addition to this, it contains internet and USB ports.

Ethernet ports (1/2/3/4) are available for connecting any wired device or your PC.

WPS/WiFi button is can be used once you have the need to RESET your Tplink router.  Press and hold the WPS button for 2 seconds to turn on or off the wireless connectivity of your Tplink router. Tplink Router Setup is a leading organization that loves to help with all Tp-link router issues. We at Tp-link router setup are a group of highly skilled experts who are specialized to help with Tp-link router setup, Tplinkwifi.net login, etc.