September 23

Purchase Air Armor MV-89G With High Resolution

Make sure you proceed with tire inflator caution as even the most benign object could be potentially dangerous. For example, a mud puddle might seem shallow and harmless enough, but it could be a whole lot deeper than you think. Drive with care wherever you go.

September 19

Air Armor M240 Portable Air Compressor

In our over a decade of research and design, we’ve [...]

Keep it simple! If you want safety and the security of knowing you’ll be able to inflate a tire on the side of the road in minutes, or if you’re looking to air up and air down quickly out on the trail, then the Special Ops Air Armor M240 portable air compressor is for you. It’s just a quality, 12-volt portable tire inflator built into a cool looking ammo can – because some things are just better left alone.

September 10

How to Prevent Your Air Compressor from Overheating

Then there are the rescuers…. The people whose sen [...]

They just can’t help themselves. Screw it! They get off the next exit and circle back to help the stranded air compressor driver in need of tire inflation. If you suffer from “white knight syndrome”, it’s not your fault.

September 09

Tips For Selecting The Right Air Compressor – Tire Inflator

Use a 100% oil-free compressor. Do not risk your p [...]

All industrial air compressor have the same basic principle of operation – they draw in ambient air and increase pressure by reducing the empty space between molecules. By doing this, the compressor not only increases air pressure, but also increases the concentration of any other substances that are present.

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August 21

Why So Obsessed With Tire Air Pump | Special Ops Tools

We aren’t saying this for shock value, we do have a few really good reasons why camping in the fall is best. If you want to be honest about the best time to take the family camping for aircompressor, fall deserves a closer look. Here is why.

August 12

The 15 Reasons Tourists Love Air Pump

Let’s face it, there are a lot of  tire air pump on the market these days. Some have a lot of features and claim they can perform a variety of jobs. You’ll see tire inflator with all sorts of bells and whistles from digital gauges to handheld, and cordless to rechargeable. Some claim they are versatile and can “do it all”

August 07

What Is The Best Portable Air Compressor For Four Wheeling?

Today’s pickup trucks have all of the same luxuries as luxury cars tire air pump like Mercedes and BMW and hold the same technological features like GPS, backup cameras and heated seats. Just throw your 12v air compressor in the back and you can go four-wheeling in style.

July 31

Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

Want a 90 degree open flow lever lock air chuck for you portable tire inflator? This extension will fits any Schrader threaded ez twist on air chuck.  This air chuck is designed for portable tire inflator where air must flow at all times. Which is almost every portable tire inflator. 

July 24

What Will Tire Air Pump Be Like In The Next 50 Years? | Special Ops Tools

Now seems like an excellent opportunity to segway into the beauty of fall foliage when camping in the fall. As the colors begin to change on the trees, the landscape at the campgrounds becomes a work of art of air compressor.