February 18

ETS Security Overview In Indonesia

There is a high threat of terrorism in Indonesia. [...]

There is a high threat of terrorism in Indonesia. Terrorist groups have the capacity to plan attacks and carry out attacks across the region. Extremist groups have proven that they can strike anywhere ranging from government buildings, security officers, bars and restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, and tourist destinations. One such example was the 2002 Bali bombing which caused widespread fatalities amongst foreign nationals and locals. Despite Indonesia’s security authorities employing tight enforcement of extremist groups the threat of an attack still remains high in Indonesia.  In addition, travelers should exercise caution when traveling to Aceh, Central Sulawesi Province, Maluku Province, Papua and West Papua Province due to the potential for violence or violent conflict.     More Info….

February 17

Reducing The Risk Of Being Targeted For Crime In Angola With Protective Security

Crimes, including theft of electronic devices and [...]

Crimes, including theft of electronic devices and other valuables, is common in major cities including Luanda. Thieves are known to operate in areas where foreign travelers frequent. Attackers will likely use armed violence if victims don’t comply. Other crimes include accessing static vehicles when stopped at traffic lights or road junctions. Valuables that are on display will increase the risk of being targeted.  Look This Site

January 19

10 Ways To Introduce Personal Security Tips For Travelers To Ghana

On arrival at the hotel familiarize yourself with [...]

On arrival at the hotel familiarize yourself with emergency exits, fire system and local emergency contacts for first responders; this is a safety and security precaution to reduce risks in case of a critical incident Secure Transportation Ghana; Consult with security experts to assess the situation in the specific area you intend to visit and adopt safety and security precautions;

Exchange currency through your bank or a money exchange office at the departing airport. Always carry a small sum of local currency and be cautious, there may be someone watching you; It is also recommended to travel with a prepaid credit card to limit losses in case of theft;

December 29

Simple Guidance For You In Business Travel: Worrying Only About Terrorism Could Kill

The looming shadow of terrorism hovers over the wh [...]

The looming shadow of terrorism hovers over the whole of Europe. The recent suicide attack at a music concert in Manchester, UK; pedestrian hit London two months earlier and violent attacks in Paris and Berlin populated news and media, increasing tension among the population Secure Transportation El Salvador. These acts of extreme violence and contempt for human life are perpetrated by individuals willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to carry out their plans. The thought of being victims of a terrorist attack is frightening but in reality what are the chances of this happening? The simplest answer: very small. Concern about terrorism can make us lose sight of more substantial and immediate threats to the point of increasing the risks.

September 02

Communicate With All Stakeholders | ETS Risk Management

Event security is a team sport. Hospitality team m [...]

Special Event Security is a team sport. Hospitality team members, Audio-Visual technicians, Stage crews, Volunteers, Transportation Coordinators, Ambulance crews and others should be viewed as your “eyes and ears” and should understand at least the concepts behind your plan. Just because you have a plan does not mean everyone is aware of it. Build relationships across components and view your team as part of the overall event team as opposed to a distinct security component. Implement redundant methods of communications for both routine messaging – “The guest speaker has arrived” – and for emergency communications – “A protestor has breached the back door”. Rehearse various scenarios with the key stakeholders.

July 28

Chile Protection Services And Private Travel Security

The vast majority of our work is through the facil [...]

The vast majority of our work is through the facilitation of secure transportation of business and executive travelers in Santiago Threat Monitoring Services Chile. We also assist with the movement of valuable assets over ground and project management of complex operations and crisis risk management. ETS has a full range of non-armored vehicles and low profile armored vehicles to suit our clients’ requirements.  ETS Risk Management secure transportation network consists of English speaking security drivers, well-maintained vehicles, and local experienced protectors to support even the most complex of travel itineraries.

June 23

Road Traffic Crashes | ETS Risk Management

Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) are identified as the n [...]

Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) are identified as the number one cause of death for travelers worldwide and it’s becoming a global health concern Executive Protection Services Mexico. The vast majority of Rideshare driving are part-time drivers, not professional, nor trained. The majority just jump in the car on their way home from work and do a few extra hours to supplement income. This also significantly increases the risk of fatigued driving, which is a major risk factor and a cause of multiple accidents.