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July 21

Dispatch Console Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Global dispatch console market is expected to reac [...]

The global dispatch console market is expected to reach US$ 2,645.4 Mn by 2024. The market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2024. Due to the growing concern about safety aspect of human beings, assets, infrastructure, and others, the dispatch console market is expected to grow over the forecast period.

As numerous players from small scale startups to large scale established players are engaged in dispatch console systems, the dispatch console market is inclined towards perfect competition market structure. However, this market is anticipated to move towards organized one as many companies are investing in technology and acquisitions. Moreover, there is rise of concern among businesses for critical and emergency communications to improve overall productivity. Furthermore, industry pacing towards achieving competitive advantage over its co-players is also a factor for rise in communication applications.

This study of global dispatch console market is bifurcated into government & defense, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, transportation, utility, and others. Besides, transportation segment is further bifurcated into rail, air, road & water. Public safety sub-segment under the application segment is expected to grow at a faster rate during the forecast period. One of the noteworthy business trends during this forecast period is that business operations around the globe are realizing the need of timely communications of information to avoid delay and ineffectiveness in business operations. The dispatch consoles deployed for public safety emergency communication are facilitated with multichannel interaction, pre-recorded messages, real-time access over historical data, open standard network architectures, cloud computing, etc. Extreme weather probe areas always demand a quick and speedy public safety agency to aid the local inhabitants in critical rescuing process. Dispatch console systems allow the public safety agencies to communicate necessary information quickly to the concerned officials.

Another promising segment for the dispatch console market is the government & defense sub-segment. The dispatch console providers furnishes enhanced functionality and interoperability with two way radio communication networks. One of the key business trend in transportation segment is that more fleet operators are getting involved in technology based operations and dispatch console systems allow and effective channel of communication at emergency situations. Moreover, the transportation operators has to cross other communication network access less areas too. At such times, radio frequency network based dispatch consoles prove effective to the transportation personnel.

Furthermore, the government & defense segment is followed by the transportation segment in terms of growth anticipated in the forecast period. The worldwide business is facilitated with speedy and safe delivery of goods and people with the help of transportation management. With huge amount of people and goods on transit from one place to another, it becomes necessary to depend on technology equipment such as dispatch console, its accessories, software and systems for effective critical communication.

The study is segmented on the basis of regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Accordingly Asia Pacific region stands high in terms of growth during the forecast period. This is witnessed due to the growing concern of effective and critical emergency communication in the Asia Pacific region. The Asia Pacific region is followed by the Middle East & Africa region to show substantial growth in dispatch console market due to the unpredictable socio-political issues faced in the region. South America region is yet another promising region to showcase growth in dispatch console market in the aforesaid period owing to emerging countries such as Brazil and Argentina. Brazil is witnessing substantial investment in security and safety aspects and also the involvement in Olympic Games recently. These engagements allow Brazil to deploy radio communication devices such as dispatch console, software, etc. The North America and Europe region is expected to witness a sluggish growth in the dispatch console market in the forecast period.

Key players profiled in the global dispatch console market include Airbus DS Communications, Inc., Avtec, Inc., Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., EF Johnson Technologies, Evans Consoles, Harris Corporation, InterTalk Critical Information Systems, Motorola Solutions, Inc., Omnitronics, Inc., Siemens Convergence Creators GmbH, Xybix Systems, Inc., and Watson Consoles. From these Airbus DS Communications, Inc., Siemens Convergence Creators GmbH, Harris Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc, etc. are some established players in dispatch console market.

Insight Slice adopts a research methodology which is highly meticulous and comprehensive, yielding accurate research results. Our research methodology utilizes data triangulation model which helps in the precise collection and validation of information. Our set processes for problem solving and paid primary tools guarantee that any client requirement is met with utmost diligence and accuracy. Some of the primary components that are consequential to our research approach are: Secondary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Past Published Research
  • Official Statistics
  • Media Publications
  • Government Reports
  • Web Information
  • Historical Data and Information
Primary Sources include but are not limited to: Insight Slice also leverages three types of data triangulation approaches as follows:
July 21

Field Service Management Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

global field service management software market ca [...]

Field Service Management Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Report code : IS150 | Industry : IT & Telecommunications | Published On : May 2018 | Pages : 180 pages
Formats :

Field service management is referred to as the management of organizations resources en route to the property of clients. It belongs to a type of software products that assist organizations to manage off-site workers and other resources required to perform their tasks efficiently. This software can be retrieved through a mobile device, and it offers field workers the ability to view as well as make changes to things such as customer account information, inventory, schedules, work orders, and invoices.

The global field service management software market can be classified based on solution, service, deployment type, user type, industry vertical, and region. On the basis of solution, the global market is divided into schedule and dispatch, work order management, and mobile field execution. Based on service, the global market is subdivided into implementation, consulting and training. Depending upon deployment type, the global field service management software can be divided into cloud and on-premises. By user type, the global market is sub divided into small enterprise, medium enterprise and large enterprise. By industry vertical, the global field service management software market can be divided into manufacturing, construction & real estate, transportation & logistics, healthcare, energy & utilities, telecom & IT, financial services, and others.

The field service management software provides features such as setting of discounts for various customers, friendly payment reminders via SMS or email, online payment gateway, easy and quick creation of invoices, tax calculations, and recording of all business expenses. Factors such as the expansion of numerous field operations across varied end-user industries such as construction, oil & gas, telecom, and energy & utilities. Also, the large adoption rate of field service management solutions by various small & medium enterprises is also anticipated to propel the market growth over the future period.

Based on regions, the global field management software is divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. The North American region holds the maximum share in the market. However, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the largest growing market over the future period followed by Europe. Factors such as increase in the number of end-user industries coupled with the rising demand for optimized workflow as well as improved productivity in Asia-Pacific region are expected to propel the demand for this software in this region.

However, the swift development of the healthcare and oil & gas industries across the globe is expected to fuel the demand for this software solution. The global market is expected to register a high adoption rate of field service management solutions in the regions of APAC, MEA, and Latin America owing to an rise in IT investment and digital workplace transformation initiatives.

The market is characterized by moderate competition owing to the presence of few major global players and other small vendors that are engaged in the provision of field service management solutions. The major companies that provide field service management solutions include ClickSoftware Technologies, Accenture, Trimble Navigation Limited, SAP SE, Infor, Comarch SA, Klugo Group, Astea International, Inc., and Tech Mahindra Limited, among others.

Insight Slice adopts a research methodology which is highly meticulous and comprehensive, yielding accurate research results. Our research methodology utilizes data triangulation model which helps in the precise collection and validation of information. Our set processes for problem solving and paid primary tools guarantee that any client requirement is met with utmost diligence and accuracy. Some of the primary components that are consequential to our research approach are: Secondary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Past Published Research
  • Official Statistics
  • Media Publications
  • Government Reports
  • Web Information
  • Historical Data and Information
Primary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Case Studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Action Research
Insight Slice also leverages three types of data triangulation approaches as follows:
July 21

Forensic Technologies and Services Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Factor driving the growth for forensic technologie [...]

Forensic Technologies and Services Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Report code : IS153 | Industry : IT & Telecommunications | Published On : May 2018 | Pages : 195 pages
Formats :

In recent years, advanced technologies in forensics science is of considerable importance. Some instances of such technological advancements include improved fingerprint recovery from metal objects such as gun cartridges as well as varied metal ammunition, task of chemistry to recognize the chemical as well as biological weapons, and incorporation of a variety of technologies that can improve the discovery of diverse drugs and explosives materials at security checkpoints. The other such advancements in human crimes include portable DNA profiling technology used at crime scenes, that offers high accuracy in predicting the age of an individual linked to crime, and scanner developments.

These rampant technological innovations have aided the market with limited costs in practical applications that augment the affordability of forensic applications in several fields and thus, increase their penetration of market. The large scale use of DNA profiling and other fingerprint techniques have demonstrated high visibility to forensic testing. Annually, The U.S. occupies the top spot with several crimes happening in the region. This has resulted in a rise in the number of forensic laboratories situated in the U.S. which perfume forensic research has grown from 490 in the year 2000 to over 550 in 2010. The annual aggregate budget of such labs that are publicly funded forensic crime labs comes to about $360 million. These laboratories investigate hundreds of thousands of samples in an year.

In recent years, various technological advancements in forensics are of significant importance. The major examples of these advancements include better fingerprint recovery from metals, such as gun cartridges, usage of the chemistry of color in order to find out chemical as well as biological weapons, and sensing techniques that are improving the drugs as well as explosives detection at security checkpoints. The other advancements include portable DNA profiling techniques utilized at crime scenes, higher accuracy in determining the age at victims death, and scanning developments.

Though the forensic analyses and related products market is smaller than the market for varied biotechnological as well as pharmaceutical products, crime laboratory analyses provide vital function and the forensics sector will increase significantly in the future period. Technological advancements linked to forensics, such as enhanced fingerprints extraction from metals as in fragments and gun cartridges, portable usage of color chemistry in detection of biological as well as chemical weapons, DNA-profiling techniques, and sensing techniques, which are intended at improving identification of explosives as well as drugs at several security checkpoints, among others, played their role in escalating the market prospects for forensic technologies and services over the future years. Owing to the emergence of internet into a ever-present communication vehicle, and transfer as well as storage of sensitive data, there has been an upsurge in internet related crimes, and abuse of corporate and government information assets.

Factor driving the growth for forensic technologies and services market is the growing importance of DNA testing. Also, the rise in crime clearance rate has been directly recognized to the successful use of DNA technology. Forensic DNA diagnostics products and testing/analysis services are anticipated to obtain benefit from several government and federal level funding measures taken to improve the infrastructure of aging crime lab. The government’s special hub on increasing the usage of DNA technology for advancing the cause of justice will help to derive profit in this space.

The major players included in the report are Agilent Technologies, Inc., Creative Forensic Services, eDirect Impact, LLC, Capsicum Group LLC, Computer Forensic, Inc, Illumina, Inc, and BAE Systems plc.

Insight Slice adopts a research methodology which is highly meticulous and comprehensive, yielding accurate research results. Our research methodology utilizes data triangulation model which helps in the precise collection and validation of information. Our set processes for problem solving and paid primary tools guarantee that any client requirement is met with utmost diligence and accuracy. Some of the primary components that are consequential to our research approach are: Secondary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Past Published Research
  • Official Statistics
  • Media Publications
  • Government Reports
  • Web Information
  • Historical Data and Information
Primary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Case Studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Action Research
Insight Slice also leverages three types of data triangulation approaches as follows:
June 27

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Pharmacy Delivery App?

An app works out to be an ideal digital option as the new age users are more technologically inclined to make their purchases. The app can have all the required features to run a pharmacy business successfully. It brings convenience and saves time for your customers. They can search for products better and buy faster any time. This is easy to manage as there are no long queues at the counter anymore!

May 06

love problem solution baba ji

pandit p.k. shastri can solve all problem black ma [...]

May 04

Best Covid Faceshield Protectors in USA - Ripclear

We have developed the Best Covid Faceshield Protec [...]

We have developed the Best Covid Faceshield Protectors in USA that will help you block covid — 19 virus. Our Full Visor will protect you from droplet Infection and is scratch resistant, anti-glare,water repelling, easy cleaning, anti-fingerprint and clear clarity.
Buy today Best Covid Faceshield Protectors in USA from Ripclear. For more information visit us today.

March 10

Transforming HVAC Service Delivery With Technology

Learn more about how Mobisoft’s on-demand technolo [...]


HWisel, a home appliance repair service company wanted to automate operations and make their services available through a one-stop mobile app. They decided to launch an on-demand home appliance repair services app that included the following features:

  • Geo-location tagging of service personnel
  • Secure payment integration
  • Appliance service history records
  • Intelligent reminders for service recall
  • Smart home appliance integration
  • User-friendly UI design with minimal booking steps

HWisel has leveraged the latest mobile tech to build an app that changes the way HVAC services are requested, sourced and delivered to the customers in this era of on-demand everything.


Keeping client’s objectives in mind and analyzing the technology requirements, Mobisoft partnered with HWisel to build a cutting-edge on-demand HVAC repair service application that connects service seekers with service providers in a minimal timeframe and streamlines their appliance repair service delivery. Mobisoft’s app development team developed a cloud-based solution across mobile, tablet, and web platforms that successfully completed these key implementations.

Read More About HVAC Service.

March 10

Park and Ride System: Is It Defining Better Future for Urban Commuters?

The credit behind the pressing need to have a tech [...]

Parking in developed and populated urban areas is often a point of concern and quite time-consuming. There is a range of options available to solve parking problems. Talking about the most effective solutions to minimize the traffic volume and reduce the congestion in parking areas, park and ride service is a technology-driven system that should be mentioned. 

The main objective here is to facilitate parking lots where private transport users park their own vehicles and commute via public transportation mode. As a result, usage of public transport increases, traffic congestion and air pollution decrease, mobility around a city improves and the commuters can reach their destinations in a stress-free way. City authorities around most parts of the world have already started offering this intermodal urban mobility solution and improving the efficiency of transit.

Does your city also need this system? Today’s post will give you the answer.  This post is all about making you understand the importance of the park and ride system for seamless intermodal urban public transportation.

Key Components and Objectives of Park and Ride Service

A properly planned park and ride system provides solutions to meet transport needs in a sustainable way. The main reason to implement a park and ride system is to minimize on-street parking while striking a balance between profit and maintenance costs. This measure comprises of three major components, which are:

  • The launching of a new park and ride solution along with improving the existing ones.
  • Making public transport connections better.
  • Developing an electronic system that can help people in advance booking of parking spaces.

Implementation of Park and Ride Facility 

However, the basic concept of the park and ride is pretty simple. But without proper planning, implementation, and maintenance it cannot be done perfectly. Hence, here are some of the best practices that you should keep in mind to make the most of these facilities:

  • Choose an area that is easily accessible to you. Park and ride facilities can be successfully offered when the parking spot is peripheral, an outer area away from the regular traffic congestion. The location should also provide direct access to the public transport system. Therefore, identify ideal locations and select the best out of those. 
  • Reanalyze the transit frequency. Offering this facility does not mean that you should stop analyzing transport patterns regularly. You should closely monitor transit activity, at least once in a quarter.
  • Keep planning new strategies to make sure the service keeps evolving with time. Implement the new ones along with the existing ones. 
  • Never forget to collect and channelize support of the public and stakeholders to educate commuters about the incredible benefits of Park and Ride solution.
  • Read More About Park and Ride System.
March 10

How Can A White Label Mobile App Transform Your Taxi Business?

While you know how great Uber and Lyft can be as a [...]

While you know how great Uber and Lyft can be as a business, have you thought about investing in a similar taxi app of your own? With new niche markets waiting to be explored, the potential is tremendous.

Users today depend on smartphones to call rides right from the comfort of their home. However, with Uber’s arrival, small competitors are biting the dust.

Why Do You Need a Taxi App?

To put it in simple words, white label apps are readymade solutions sold by app development companies. Other companies then can purchase or subscribe to the solution and sell it as their own.

In case of taxi industry, many companies sell white label or customized taxi booking apps which have already been tested as viable products and used by others in the market. The taxi operator can put in their own branding like logos, taglines and also personalize any aspect they want.

The white label taxi app will have some of the basic features prebuilt for ease and functionality. The taxi operators can then go for all the customizations they want to meet the specific needs of their business and fleet.

Ways to Develop White Label Taxi Apps

Generally there are two ways to create white label mobile apps-

  • The backend code is reused for all customers while the frontend is customized to give the app a complete new look and feel.
  • The developers can also go for a multi-tenant app which features the same app instance for all cases. But each customer can add a set of different features for greater experience and customization.

Generally, the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model uses this approach though it can be a bit complex to develop and maintain.

Now let us head over to the benefits of white label taxi app development.

Advantages of White Label Taxi App

How you use your white label taxi application can make a good difference. Here are a few ways you stand to benefit.

Most taxi fleets in different countries have already adopted taxi booking apps to remain in business and survive the competition.

This has caused trouble to the independent taxi operators and small cab companies who cannot afford to launch their own taxi app development. It is a costly proposition and not all taxi operators have the capital or budget to develop an app from scratch.

Also, it can be a time taking process which involves months of brainstorming, designing, deciding on the features and comprehensive testing to make sure everything is alright. What should the taxi operators do in such a scenario?

The answer lies in white label taxi app development!

March 03

RMS Installs - Home Automation - Smart Home Devices Installation Atlanta, GA

We at RMS Installs deals in Home Theater Installa [...]


RMS Installs professionals TV Installation Service  found through the right organization will do everything they can to accommodate your needs these days, home theater systems provide you with the best alternative of going to the cinema and watching a movie. RMS Installs, a media solutions company, based in Atlanta GA.

RMS installs provide services in regard to smart home system which includes wireless Security camera installation as well.


February 06

Intermodal Routing: A Step towards Building Smart Urban Public Transportation System

Make urban public transit seamless with intermodal [...]

Commuting in today’s fast-paced world has become more accessible to everyone because of smart transportation technologies. On-demand transport platforms like ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and shuttle services, autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and other highly-effective digital urban public transit solutions have rapidly changed the way people commute on a daily basis. 

The Routing Race begins here…

Although many transport technologies have been introduced worldwide, finding the most suitable combination of modes can be a time-consuming task. Commuters have to rely on multiple routing channels – apps that provide information for the entire journey. They have to shift from one app to another to drive more information, and that’s frustrating. Furthermore, many routing apps provide insufficient information about transit data, traffic, vehicle arrivals, or delays. Switching multiple apps for booking different means of transport is also annoying. Therefore, presenting a powerful routing service, in the form of “Intermodal Routing” will enable commuters to choose the best suitable transport mode for the journey on a single platform.

Let us understand ‘Intermodal Routing’

The term indicates the combination of multiple transportation modes for a better mobility experience. It makes the journey attractive by including more than one form of transportation such as walking, bikes, buses, trains, private cars, ferries, trams, and much more. It integrates different transport modes into a single transport network in such a way that the entire ecosystem creates organized, coordinated, and efficiently planned routes for a seamless journey.

Intermodal Routing requires,

  • Integration and Interconnection of all the multiple transport modes 
  • Placement of conveniently located transport stations or connections
  • Improved coordination in the transport system
  • Proper management of E-ticketing system for all the routes
  • The adequate distribution system of all the transport modes
  • Implementation of different transportation technologies
  • Strict adherence to government policies 

The main objective of implementing intermodal routing most productively for the transportation industry is to minimize the travel time and emission of CO2. Because the bustling transportation industry is expanding at a superior level along with urbanization and, so are the complexities people face in urban areas related to traffic congestion, higher fuel consumption, increase in commuting time, and lot more. This results in CO2 and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, which causes climate change on the earth’s surface, making the atmosphere warm. Hence, integrating other powerful routing technologies in the market will provide commuters a reliable and safe travel experience.

Read More About Intermodal Routing.

February 04

Hire Flutter Developers

Hire a team of developers by Flutter to create cro [...]

Flutter Development Services

Our domain experts will guide you to develop a technologically advanced customer-centric mobile apps using Flutter framework.

Cross-Platform Apps

Work with well-skilled programmers to build cross-platform apps that run seamlessly on different platforms.

Widget-Rich Apps

With the option of customization, our developers build a cross-platform app containing innovative widgets.

Advanced UI/ UX

Build an engaging user interface that offers an exciting and highly responsive application with its codebase.

Server-Side Mobile APIs

Team of developers builds server-side APIs that help apps run better in this competitive market scenario.

Fast Development

Work with the professionals who successfully experiment with the customized features as per customer demand.

Android Apps

Hire our android developers to build a highly in-demand android app.

iOS Apps

Team of efficient programmers that are skilled to build user-friendly and interactive iOS apps.

Flutter Consulting

Our experts will guide you competently for the betterment of the project and develop custom solutions.

Instant Support & Maintenance

Flutter backend team help by offering workaround & bug-fixes of mobile application and keep it updated.

Partner Benefits

01- Dedicated Team

An effective team of developers with an experienced project manager for each client.

02- Effective Communication

Regular demos and on-time reporting to the client after the deployment of every module.

03- Account Manager

A dedicated account manager for each client.

04- Budget-Friendly Services

Affordable plans and pricing to suit your needs and provide best-in-industry services.

05- Team Accessibility

Easily accessible team with quality service - anytime, anywhere.

Read More About Flutter Developers.

January 31

How Can An Educational Transport Software Solution Improve A School’s Transportation Efficiency?

A child’s safety is a major concern for the par [...]

Adults are always keen on their child’s safety in schools, and often find it challenging to keep a track of their commute, food habits, etc. On the other hand, factors like polite and well-trained teaching staff, education, and a safe and secure transportation facility is a challenge for the educational institutes as well. An educational transportation software solution helps with efficient transport management, thereby ensuring the safety of both children and drivers. 

How is Technology Impacting the Education Industry?

Technology in and out of the classroom is functioning as a vital tool by streamlining education, assessment, operations, and transportation. Here are a few ways in which technology is revolutionizing the education industry. Interactive learning experience

Technology promotes engagement by providing interactive means for learning. For example, students can study geography by using software programs such as Google Earth or Maps, instead of learning from a static paper. 

  • Modeling and Simulation

    Specific simulation tools enable visual representations of planetary movements, tornado development, dinosaur world simulation, etc. These interactive models enhance the learning experience and help get rid of static models. 

  • E-learning

    E-learning is a multi-billion dollar industry, thanks to the consistent technological advancements. Now, teachers and students can interact remotely without being physically present in a classroom, which saves time and additional costs. 

Educational Apps for Schools and Institutions

Technology is revolutionizing the way schools function by facilitating the solutions that help schools run more efficiently. The right software can help you improvise and automate several time-consuming activities, thus, enhancing the work-flow of teachers and administration. Here are a few educational software programs every school, college, or institute should keep an eye on. 

i Registration Software

A school organizes activities and programs throughout the year, in which hundreds and thousands of children participate. Many schools still use the traditional form distribution method, which is not only less productive but prone to human errors as well. A school registration software offers several school management solutions that help speed up the process by providing online registration and access to all the required information. It allows parents to enroll their children in various school programs from the comfort of their own devices. Some widely-used registration software programs are:

  • Enrollware
  • Enrole
  • BeAKid
  • Connect
  • EvenHQ
ii Centralized Student Information (CSI) Software

With hundreds of students studying in a school, it is essential to have a solution that integrates all the student software, along with providing parental access to the data. A CSI software automates the transfer of student information to the school database, making it easy for the admins to access and update the desired information during mid-year, new session, or school change. Some of the best-centralized student information software programs are:

  • PCR Educator’s
  • MasterSoft
  • Vidyalaya
  • Orbund
  • Ellucian SIS 
  • Key Features Of The Solution
  • With so many educational transportation software solutions out there, you can get a variety of features depending upon your requirements. Here are a few standard features every school bus tracking app offers. 

    1 GPS Technology

    GPS technology allows school authorities to enhance student safety and transportation efficiency. Educational transport solutions enable you to optimize route management, along with efficiently managing student pick up & drops along with the maintenance tasks.

    2 Notifications

    Timely notifications about the updates, and offers are sent to the users. This helps to keep the user engaged to the app as well as benefits them in terms of discounts and savings. It also notifies them in case of unlikely events, surge prices, and service interruptions.