February 22

The Zika Virus Is Still A Risk In Certain Regions

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front [...]

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front pages of our newspapers a recent World Health Organization report has not only highlighted the ongoing risks of Zika but also that it has spread extensively across South East Asia, and now affects key tourist destinations including Thailand and Indonesia. At Explore Secure we actively encourage all Travel Risk Management, be they business groups, students or vacationers, to always carefully plan and prepare for the trip abroad in order to not only understand any risks – but also how best to mitigate them so as to best enjoy a rewarding trip. To that end we urge all those heading overseas to understand Zika, where it is prevalent and the best measures to take to reduce exposure.

February 15

How Can Female Travelers Reduce The Risk Of Being Targeted By Criminals?

Female travelers can adapt and minimize the chance [...]

Female travelers can adapt and minimize the chances of encountering threats. Business Travel Security This is the underlying principle of travel safety. Identify the threat or danger early and prepare accordingly so as to minimize the risk. The trick is not to avoid travel, but simply to prepare and adapt to traveling as a female to maximize safety.

December 14

Explore Secure - Elearning Travel Security & Safety Training

Driving in an unfamiliar country can be stressful [...]

Driving in an unfamiliar country can be stressful for many people, navigating around a busy town or city to find your hotel or meeting point, then trying to find parking is added pressure you don’t need Travel Security Training. It also increases your risk significantly, not only due to the overarching threat of getting lost and taking a wrong turn into a dangerous area, or being involved in an accident, but also because of what may happen if stopped by the police. If you don’t speak the language and you can’t communicate, it’s quite possible a simple situation could escalate in the wrong direction quite quickly.

November 09

How To Travel Alone Safely As A Woman

Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the safet [...]

Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the safety and security of all travelers. Our objective is to educate, inform, train and drive thought processes that contribute to making Travel Safety Elearning for all. The Explore Secure travel safety Elearning briefings were designed exactly for this purpose. They are an efficient method of delivering a high standard of travel safety training to any number of personnel in an affordable, user-friendly method. Our innovative delivery platform allows managers to monitor progress and be notified on traveler completion - assisting with meeting duty of care requirements.

August 24

ELearning Travel Security & Safety Training | Explore Secure

Visit ExploreSecure to learn more about improving [...]

Visit Explore Secure to learn more about improving your travel risk management Business Travel Safety. Our eLearning travel safeties are designed by security professionals with extensive experience in personal safety and surviving in challenging environments. An organization sending employees, students, or volunteers abroad has a legal and moral duty of care for their personal safety. Transporting employees through ride sharing companies and/or unregulated taxis increases the level of risk for the employees and heightens the corporate liability of employers.

August 17

Zika Cases Increase Across SE Asia

Zika infections are “highly likely” to keep spread [...]

Zika infections are “highly likely” to keep spreading in Asia Travel security training, the World Health Organization has warned. Hundreds of cases of the virus have been reported in Singapore while two cases of Zika-linked micro cephalic have already been confirmed in Thailand. Across the region increased numbers of cases have been reported many including pregnant women. Thailand and Singapore have reported the most cases – but Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines have also reported cases. The US Communicable Disease Center now advises that: “Zika virus has been present in areas of Southeast Asia for many years, and several countries have reported occasional cases or small outbreaks of Zika virus infections.

July 27

Top 10 Tips For Water Safety - Explore Secure

How cold is the water you are entering? As with a [...]

 How cold is the water you are entering? As with alcohol Travel Safety Training, the cold can seriously affect your ability to think rationally, it can sap your strength extremely quickly and you lose your fine and gross motor skills. A recent study has suggested that with the water temperature at 32.5 F/0.3C, an average person will only remain conscious for 15 minutes. The water may not be too cold initially; however the duration that you are in that water for can still sap body heat over a period of time. Think about how long you will be in the water for.

April 30

Identifying and assessing suspicious objects or activity

Security experts and officials use a number of terms and descriptors when referring to IEDs. Understanding what these mean can help you understand the nature of the incident you may be involved in: If you see an item such as a backpack or box discarded in a position that is deemed suspicious immediately remove yourself from the immediate location and call the emergency services trying to provide exact information on its location and description. >> Travel safety training