May 30

How To Capture The Glimpse Of The Heaven With A St Lucia Sightseeing Tour?

When you think of Eastern Caribbean Islands you wi [...]

When you think of Eastern Caribbean Islands you will be reminded of its natural beauty, nightlife, adventure activities, and history. St Lucia sightseeing tours will provide you with all this. It is very difficult to select which one to visit and which to leave out. For sure, fun and excitement will be in abundance.  Let’s see here some of the most important places to visit during your tours in St Lucia which will leave you with an everlasting memory.                           

·         St Lucia is mainly famous for its drive-through Volcano which is found only here in the entire world. Though the Mt Soufriere volcano is still active, the tourists can drive-in to have a glimpse of its interiors. However, it is quite safe. The smell of sulphur must be disturbing but no other danger there. Tourists can also indulge in sulphur spring mud bath which is good for your health. A nominal admission fee is collected for half an hour visit to the volcano’s crater as well as to the sulphur pools.                              

·         For those who are interested in historical places, St Lucia sightseeing tours will take you to the old Plantation houses where you will discover many historical structures as well as sites that were built during the sugar plantation era. One of the must visit place rich in history is the Fond d’Or Nature Historic Park. By visiting this place, you will get to know the major history of the island. 

·         While you are on tours in St Lucia, don’t miss out on scuba diving or snorkeling where you will be mesmerized by the underwater life and the natural coral formations. Apart from that, you will also see turtles, seahorses as well as other sea creatures very closely. 

·         If you want to go on an adventure tours St Lucia then you must go for Canopy tour where you will be taken through the zip line which is some 75 feet high from the ground and you will enjoy the luxuriant rainforest while zipping away. This will really get your adrenaline pumped and you will for sure get refreshed and rejuvenated. 

·         Yet another adventure tours St Lucia is to go for the deep sea fishing. You will be taught as to how to catch various fishes such as marlin, mackerel, and barracuda. All these are commonly found in St Lucia and you will very easily find them. Apart from that, you can also go for a whale watch or can swim with the dolphins. 

If you cover all of the above during your tour to St Lucia, no doubt you will feel as you have captured the glimpse of the heaven.

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May 30

Your Guide To St Lucia Private Tour For A Reliable Sightseeing On Your Next Trip

Let’s make some guide for your St Lucia private to [...]

Are you planning to visit St Lucia for the second time?  The Caribbean island is stunning and a holiday to this island means to stay in the paradise. You might have missed something on your first visit to St Lucia which you don’t want to miss it including the spectacular beaches. Let’s make some guide for your St Lucia private tours and note down the important places to visit.                      

Stunning Scenery                                          

Not only the beaches, the island have several other attractions also which make it ideal for the St Lucia tours. Pitons, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must see and you can easily access it if you are staying on the East Winds. The one who wants to go for an adventure can hike to the top of the Pitons. Also, visit Pigeon Island National Park during your St Lucia tours excursions which are the best for exploring and hiking. It is home to Fort Rodney and dates back to the 18th century.

Exciting Attractions 

Yet another astounding natural attraction of this island is the Soufriere Volcano. It is the only drive through a volcano in the world. You can drive into it and can see its activity up-close and personal. You will also see the boiling mud as well as steam vents. It is also ideal to take a dip in the therapeutic waters.

Fun Activities 

During your St Lucia sightseeing tours, you can indulge in a whole lot of fun activities right from the sunbath. You can go for diving, trekking, etc. You can visit Waiwinette Freighter which is a wreck dive and also Anse La Raya – a drift dive which is full of boulders as well as interesting formations.  Also, don’t miss the Anse Chastanet – a reef dive. Trekking is also quite popular here and done on inland and have incredible landscapes for you to explore. If you visit from May to November, you can go for the Whale watching tours.

Historic Towns 

The historic towns like Castries and Gros Islet can also be visited. In Castries, you will find Fort Charlotte, City Library, The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and Vigie Beach as well as Choc Beach.

No doubt, St Lucia will provide you a perfect holiday package. You will for sure enjoy your stay in this marvelous island and take back memories home.

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