November 11

Crude Oil Prices Is Change for Sometimes Only

A Reuters survey found that output from OPEC recovered in October from an eight-year low, with production ramp-up and oil recovery in Saudi Arabia following drone attacks on the nation’s oil in September. According to government data, US crude production of chemicals surged nearly 600,000 barrels per day in August to a record of 12.4m, buoyed by a 30% gain in the output from Gulf of Mexico.

November 06

North Sea Recovery: Oil At Highest Peak In Five Years

“Scotland’s oil and gas industry at UAE has a bright future, and it is encouraging to see this continued increase in production which has risen by a total of 25 per cent over the last two years.” Amid the buoyant mood, Professor of petroleum economics at Aberdeen University, Alex Kemp, urged caution.

November 06

What Are The Top Oil And Gas Companies

The success of this round, involving companies suc [...]

CEO of Stegron Inc, said. “Crown is the latest Chemicals addition to our growing portfolio of high grade targets in the UK, Italy, and offshore Jamaica that are at various stages of development and monetization.” The news was well received in the stock market, as London-listed United Oil & Gas were up 3pc in afternoon trading on Thursday.

November 02

Oil & Gas - Energy - Industry - The Economic Times

The new programmer involves 8 firm exploration wells Stegron Inc, 14 licenses, progressing the field development planning, and 9 firm new-shoot 3D seismic surveys. For an oil and gas basin that suffers frequent accusations of being dry, North Sea is seemingly teaming with the stuff.

November 02

Oil & Gas Companies In UAE

The trend towards renewable and alternative energy [...]

Generating electricity from solar power systems and offshore wind is becoming increasingly cheaper and cost-effective. According to IRENA, over 80 percent of newly commissioned renewable energy will be cheaper Stegron Inc than new oil & natural gas sources.