December 01

Solar Street Light

Light is undoubtedly one of the most precious gifts by Nature to us but the natural source of
light (i.e. the sun) can always not be at our beck and call and so Thomas Edison once appeared
with his invention of the Electric Lamp. Switching on light is as simple as ABC when you live in a
developed or developing country as you have full access to electricity and variants of lights
to choose between. But with the alarming conditions of our environment, duty, and
responsibility to come to us to be sympathetic to Nature while we choose to enjoy
ourselves with millions of inventions and free gifts of Nature.
And what can be more eco-friendly than natural lighting from the sun? And from there
comes the idea of Solar Street Lights. The idea of Solar Street Lights is promising and it has
been getting adopted by the people of India really well. While we, the urban people keep getting
fascinated with CFL’s and LEDs, rural India has stretched its arms open and wide to
welcome solar energies be it in the form of solar pumps, solar street lights, or Solar rooftop