October 23

Solar Energy Installation & Products Bayside, Cheltenham, Melbourne

Grow Energy are your Bayside, Melbourne solar ener [...]

Grow Energy provides a total renewable energy package for your business

Grow Energy Solar Showroom and Sustainable Products


Join the solar revolution with residential renewable energy packages.

Embrace the future of renewable energy as it’s taking Melbourne and Victoria by storm. Whether you’re a homeowner or business, we have an extensive range of options for you to choose from.

Grow Energy is here to make your journey to green energy a breeze. Enjoy the ability to choose what is right for you with our flexible options.

Our local Solar and Home Storage Battery Showroom is full of friendly experts ready to take you through all the information one step at a time. Walk in, see, and touch all the products we offer while receiving the best advice on the renewable energy packages available to you.

We can fill you in on every detail to help you understand and make sense of everything. From the basics of how much you can save, to the nitty gritty specifics of the equipment involved.

Already embracing renewable energy? Learn more about our high quality electric bikes to advance your energy usage on the go too!


Grow Energy has teamed up with PayRight, ASM Money, Brighte, Juice Finance and Sustainable Melbourne Fund to offer quick, easy and affordable payment plans on e-bikes and both residential and commercial solar packages. Buy now and choose when you would like to make payments. Enquire and apply in-showroom today.

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September 27

Solar PV Technology – Mahindra Susten

Increased vegetation around a solar PV plant can cause many problems including a fire hence, Mahindra Susten states ways to control & get rid of these weeds using technology & traditional methods.


September 20

Photovoltaic Solar Panels – Mahindra Susten

Photovoltaic are devices that provide us with an easy method to harness the sun’s energy using this Mahindra Susten installed many photovoltaic solar panels throughout India.

September 16

Solar PV Technology – Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten makes use of technology to control the growth of vegetation in a solar pv plant which reduces overhead costs & damages.

September 13

Solar PV Modules – Mahindra Susten

By installing fans to the solar PV systems Mahindra Susten lowers the temperature of PV modules which increases generation potential.

September 12

Utility Scale Solar – Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten is the first to exercise India’s utility scale solar PV plant single axis tracker system. From the idea to design implementation Mahindra Susten sticks with the project through out.

September 11

Solar panel installation in India – Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten has carried out many installation of solar panel in India & with this experience they have come up with a training program which will help them in securing a better future.

August 30

Solar Engineering – Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten provides transformative solar engineering along with design to reinvent the relationship with the world.