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Underutilized features of ecommerce platforms

The features and technology of an eCommerce platfo [...]


14 Ways You Are Underutilizing Your eCommerce Platform

As an eCommerce store owner, your biggest asset is your website. You’ve invested thousands, if not millions, of dollars, with the primary goal of turning your eCommerce platform into your number one salesperson.

However, if you’re not correctly utilizing all of its features, you’re not fully harnessing the power of your platform, and you’re missing out on opportunities to gain a competitive edge, and ultimately, losing out on sales. 

The good news is, just like the theory of marginal gains states, if you make small incremental improvements to how you use your platform then when added together they will have a significant impact on your business, your revenue, and your customer retention.

In other words, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it’s imperative you properly utilize the features on your platform. Trust us, the effect on your website’s revenue, profit, order value,

customer satisfaction, and so on, will be compelling. 

Read on to discover the 14 least utilized features on Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. You’ll learn how these features benefit your store and, more importantly, get some helpful tips to get started. 

1.Two core reasons why multilingual sites are important


You can use a multilingual theme, translate your theme via Shopify admin, or more easily use a multilingual app. 


The Stencil Framework enables you to customize the look of dynamic storefronts and then, using a predefined schema, define multiple translations for each theme.


On Magento, Store Views (store instances) can be used to create multilingual versions of a website. For example, if you need a French and English site, you can simply create two separate store views — one for English and one for French. 

2.Rule-Based Product Recommendations 

Based on a predefined set of rules, product recommendation engines sort and filter your store’s products by using:

  • Product and traffic data (the number of views, saves, sales, reviews, etc.) to present the most popular and valuable products to the website user;

  • User data (customer view pages, product, categories, etc.) to present offers and products that are most relevant to the user. 


Recommendation algorithms use sales data and product descriptions to show a mix of products that are similar or often bought together on the product page. If your product recommendation needs are more complex (e.g., to show hand-picked recommendations or in-cart recommendations), there are plenty of Shopify apps that supercharge this feature. 


By default, your product pages on BigCommerce automatically display five items with similar names and descriptions near the bottom of the page. However, the related products are selected based simply on name and description, or are selected by you. 


Magento offers the most robust and customizable rules-based product recommendation engine. Magento uses aggregated visitor data to provide product suggestions, resulting in a relevant, highly personalized user experience.

3. Product Alerts Notification

Another underutilized eCommerce feature is Magento’s Product Alerts Notification.

Customers can subscribe to two types of email alerts: price change and in-stock alerts. For each alert, you can determine if customers can subscribe, select the email template that is used, and identify the sender of the email. These benefit you by saving you time and eliminating the need to send manual stock alerts. They also improve user experience and encourage return visits.

4.Custom Configure Site Search

Remarkably, the price isn’t always the main reason people leave your site. Visitors will also leave if they cannot easily find the product they are searching for. But it’s not just your bounce rate that’s affected. Studies have found that visitors who use your site search function are 3 to 5 times more likely to become a customer. Also, the average order value is up to 50% higher when a site search is used.

Therefore, improving your website’s search capability is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate.

Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce

By default, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce all have a site search feature. Each platform uses its algorithm; however, generally, it leaves much to be desired, rarely allowing for a good result. If you’re keen to supercharge your site search, we recommend using Elasticsearch (which is compatible with all three platforms) as your catalog search solution.

We recommend Elasticsearch as it has the following core benefits: 

  • Quick and advanced searches on products in the catalog

You can manage a huge amount of data and return a search query within 10 ms.


  • Support for multiple languages 

It supports 13 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Danish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. 

  • Synonym and stop word interpretation, and fuzzy searching 

It enables stores to interpret customer queries by taking textual queries and interpreting them based on more than just 1-to-1 word comparisons.  

5.Tier Pricing

Tier pricing allows you to offer discounts to customers who buy more items from you; the more they buy, the cheaper the price. Customers get more choice and cheaper prices, while sellers can add products and pricing strategies that increase sales and profit.

Tiered pricing is one of the best ways to increase your average order value and boost profits. Essentially, what you’re doing is defining the product’s price per unit within a range.


Shopify is the only CMS that doesn’t offer tiered pricing as standard. However, it’s easy to implement using the Bold Quantity Breaks app. The app allows you to set price tiers for products that are dependent on the number of units (or its variants) that a customer purchases. 


BigCommerce offers Price Lists, which provide variant level pricing dependent on customer groups. However, you do need to have an Enterprise Plan and a Stencil theme to use Price Lists, however. 


Magento offers tiered pricing as standard. You can offer a discount based on quantity to a specific customer group that you know buys in bulk. The tiered price is displayed on your product and catalog pages, and the merchant has the flexibility to present this as needed

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June 22

Hire Shopify Experts, developers, designers and freelancers

Are you planning to set up a Shopify store for you [...]
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Are you planning to set up a Shopify store for your eCommerce venture? Shopify expert stands the best chance to deliver an eCommerce store of dreams, which looks great, performs right and has state of the art navigation and features.

What makes Shopify experts trustworthy?

When you hire Shopify experts, you know your venture is in safe hands because Shopify experts are certified by Shopify. They know their trade in and out and with their relevant work experience, they deliver the best possible results for clients.

The nature of the problem that you are facing with your Shopify store is of no relevance. Shopify experts will be easily able to resolve your issues in the finest of ways in minimum turnaround times. They have in-depth knowledge about ways to make the best use of the Shopify platform for creating eCommerce stores.

It does not matter if you want to do migration your store from another platform to Shopify or create a new Shopify store from scratch. A Shopify expert will be able to do it for you.

Hiring Shopify experts

When you hire Shopify expert, it is important to make sure that the Shopify expert is an expert in the kind of work that you want him to do, be it design, development, or migration.

So the right way to hire Shopify experts is to first go through the expert’s profile and portfolio. This will give you a fair idea about the kind of work the Shopify expert delivers and you can accordingly make a pick.

You are not required to go and contact a Shopify expert personally. Instead, you can hire Shopify expert online.

All Shopify experts do not do all things

A few Shopify experts specialize in multiple departments. Others specialize in one or two alone. Shopify experts are divided into five areas of specialization. They are store design, store setup, development, marketing, and photography.

There is also an additional section that is dedicated to smaller tasks, such as adding products to your store via CSV file and setting up Facebook Pixel for tracking conversions.

To know more about a Shopify Experts’ areas of specialization, a client should run through their profile. This will give one an overview of areas such as links to Shopify expert’s portfolio of Shopify stores, the services offered, minimum project budget, and testimonials.

Project budget

The project budget is frequently subject to the complexity of the project, and the amount of prior experience that a Shopify expert has.


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April 14

Best Shopify themes to create a conversion-friendly store in 2020

Interested in finding the best Shopify themes for [...]

The number of e-commerce stores over the internet has reached a proportion that was once unimaginable. In such circumstances, it is important to prime one’s online store for success.

This starts with choosing the right platform for building one’s e-commerce store. Shopify has been the preferred platform for building e-commerce stores upon, ever since its release. As of present, over 600,000 online stores run over Shopify.


Shopify is the most comprehensive among all E-commerce platforms and brings ease to managing an online store. It has good SEO performance, insightful reports, and prime marketing features. Shopify apps meet a host of purposes and the stores created over this sophisticated platform stores are highly secure.

Cyblance is Shopify experts with specialization across Shopify theme development and uses custom Shopify themes for your store. We are also a seasoned Shopify theme editor and come up with a Shopify custom theme that matches your requirements in the finest of ways. A Shopify design that we create is a perfect match for your customer’s preferences. We are also the best in the class Shopify web designer. Contact us today to create Shopify store that is aesthetic, has a flawless functionality, a good SEO performance and delivers measurable returns.


Wokiee is a theme characterized by its versatility. They just got 16 all-new themes and several new blocks. This can create an e-commerce theme that is exactly like what you have been planning. Wokiee can be used to create several atmospheres for e-commerce, sophisticated or fun.

As a sustainable theme, WOKIEE is sure to deliver high performance for your store across the years to come. Cyblance is the preferred Shopify experts for working over WOKIEE.

2. Basel

Basel version 3.0, which is the recently updated version for Basel, is now out. Basel is characteristically a multipurpose theme for Shopify. A range of storefront styling can be achieved with Basel, for vendors across domains such as food and drink, electronics and fashion.

On can customize the color scheme or use the drag and drop page builder. Moreover, Basel has compatibility with the Nitro Apps range – Including Cartify, Stockify and Nitro live Coupon. We are your preferred Shopify developer for working over Basel.

3. Shella

Shella is the ultimate Shopify theme and we are the best Shopify experts for working upon Shella. The theme has a performance like nothing else. It starts delivering a high performance right from the initial fast upload of the store.

Shella comes with advance features such detailed, easy to use and powerful search functionality. They also have a banner builder and an advanced MegaMenu builder. Skins are added and updated frequently.

4. Ella

The catchiest feature about Ella is its regular updates. The store gets better and better with each passing day. Moreover, they keep adding new, attractive skins to their collection by the day. It allows one to easily use the best among the available alternatives for festive or holiday seasons or shopping offers.

Ella is among the most comprehensive of Shopify themes and with Shopify experts like Cyblance, one finds maximum value for money with Ella.

5. Boutique

Boutique is a theme with an attitude and is characterized by its raw finesse. Boutique initially started as a fashion theme, but with its clean lines, several e-commerce stores can be set up using Boutique.

An advantage that comes with Boutique is that it is highly affordable. The hundreds of options available let one come up with just the kind of store that he is looking out for. With Shopify experts like Cyblance, the functionality of Boutique is matchless.


An engaging and professional design comes by as the first step for growing a business and getting more sales. A visitor is likely to judge your web store based upon the first impression. If one does not like the look, one may choose to move on altogether. Alternately when one finds sync with the look, it reflects overview times, sales, CTRs, and customer retention rates. The theme used garners credibility for the store, and Cyblance is the top Shopify experts to get it just right for your online mall.

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April 07

The Procedure for Hiring a Talented Shopify Expert | Cyblance

Need to hire a Shopify expert? Designer, developer [...]

The Procedure for Hiring a Talented Shopify Expert

Is there a requirement of a Shopify developer for your store? Do you need a Shopify expert for setup, development, design or marketing purposes? The choices at a business’s disposal are going for a Shopify expert or a Shopify plus expert.

For the success of an online mall, the web store should be outstanding and be characterized by matchless accessibility. The competition levels are high, with many entities selling their goods online.

Requirements of most merchants are basic

A majority of merchants are looking for a certain degree of customization for their stores. This should be combined with high and varied functionality. It is here that the role of a Shopify expert becomes indispensable.

Setting up a Shopify store is indeed easy. But it comes by as a time-taking task, which may not be possible for a business owner. To counter the issue, Shopify has cultivated Shopify Experts, which is a community of e-commerce specialists.

Where do I hire an official Shopify expert?



In the primary Shopify domain, one comes across a microsite that has Shopify Experts’ list. One can figure out a Shopify expert by typing in the name or the relevant keywords in the search box. This helps find an expert based upon his niche of expertise.

Key things to consider when hiring a Shopify expert

What’s the issue?

Identifying the problem is the first step to consider when you hire Shopify expert of any kind, Shopify developer or a Shopify designer. He would be able to present a flawless Shopify website design or create a Shopify store for your business.

So what is it that you are planning to do? Develop a new Shopify website or looking for a Shopify design that is the best match for your requirements?


Location is ideally of no relevance. Shopify experts seldom meet their clients face to face. This allows businesses to collaborate with Shopify experts from all across the world.

Most of the experts use tools such as Invision and Sketch for prototyping. The need to meet face to face is hence done away with. One also has a choice at finding only a Shopify web designer who is nearby his location. But then, a business would be paying up to 100% more for accessing Shopify help by meeting a Shopify expert face-to-face.


Pricing is one of the key defining factors for the selection of a Shopify Expert. Before one finalizes a deal, one should ask an expert about the price he is going to charge. An experienced Shopify expert would be in a position to quote a reasonable price with an instant effect. This is also subject to the changes you want for your store. A business is likely to come across Shopify experts who undertake the project at a reasonable price.

Check portfolios

Checking portfolios is the best way to figure out a Shopify expert who is ideal for your brand, based upon your requirements. One must go through the projects that an expert has completed in the past. This goes to show that the expert has relevant experience in a particular field. There may be cases wherein a project created by a Shopify expert links to his website.

Should I hire a developer who is not an official Shopify expert?

No, as this would reflect over the quality of work. Alternately, hiring an official Shopify expert ensures peace of mind for a business owner.

Shopify experts program has stringent requirements for inclusion for experts across all genres, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers.



Are all Shopify experts capable of design, setup, and development?

No. They are subdivided into 5 categories.

Shopify designers  Primarily concerned with visuals and a website’s presentation. They take care of user-interface and design elements.

Shopify Developers – They work on apps and back-end.

Setup Experts – They have expertise over store configuration and setup.

Marketing Experts – Marketing experts deliver a competitive edge for your store. They bring in even more customers with the use of digital marketing strategies, such as SEO.

Photography Experts – Photography experts use strategic positioning and photography to draw attention to your products.

A few of the Shopify experts are listed under one category alone, owing to the specialization of their services. Others are listed under multiple categories and provide an all-round package for their clients. If a business owner is sure of his business requirements, he can avail of the services of a single Shopify expert and make sure that the services are seamless. A few of the Shopify experts deal with the Shopify Plus platform. A business owner can hire Shopify plus experts as well.

Need to hire a Shopify expert?

Cyblance is a premium choice for Shopify customization, development and design. We are official setup and marketing experts, developers and designers for Shopify. It is almost daily that we work with Shopify plus. Each of the aspects of eCommerce is our niche. Our skills help your business grow and succeed.



Cyblance is an all-round expert for your Shopify related requirements and has a commendable portfolio of delighted clients. Their services are the simplest way to ensure sustainable success for your Shopify store.

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