September 18

SB Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

Carpet cleaning is a Singapore based cleaning serv [...]

Carpet cleaning can be one of the challenging things to do for organizations and homes alike. Stains and accumulation of dust in the carpet can lead to various health hazards that you should choose to avoid. When you choose to use our carpet cleaning services periodically they would rid you of all these health risks that come along with a dirty carpet. We at SB cleaning offer not just carpet cleaning services but also a variety of other Cleaning Services in Singapore.


Some of our services include carpet installation, part-time office cleaners, carpet cleaning services, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, data center maintenance, floor cleaning, and maintenance services. 


Getting a Free Quote


Understanding our costs can be a very simple process before you choose to hire us. The best part is, we at SB cleaning offer you a free quote for the services that you choose to hire us for. By visiting our website, you can fill out a form and select the services that you wish to use. We will provide you with a free quote that can help you plan your finances accordingly.


Alternatively, you can choose to call us and find out our costs towards different cleaning services that we offer you.


Carpet Cleaning & Installation


This is one service that most people use us in Singapore. We specialize in both dry and wet cleaning of carpets without damaging them. We use special chemicals that can eliminate the bugs and other infestations from your carpets. We take special care to use chemicals that are friendly to humans and the materials of the carpet. This ensures that your carpet stays in its original shape after completing the process of cleaning it.


Our mattress cleaning process is also similar to carpet cleaning services that we offer. Removing bed bugs infestation is also something that we can carry out in your bedroom. 


Post Renovation Cleaning


There are many homes and offices which have renovation work performed at their premises. However, despite the renovation company doing the initial cleaning process, certain unsatisfied property owners are not happy with the results of cleaning. Therefore, they call us to perform post renovation cleaning at their homes or offices. We do an excellent job in post renovation cleaning which ensures all dust particles and other elements removing is complete. 


Data Center Maintenance


Cleaning of data centers can be critical to any business. Accumulation of dust and other particles can harm the computers, servers and other electronic equipment in the data center. Using our services would ensure we do professionally the cleaning process without disturbing the wires, cables and other equipment in the data center. 


Office Floor Cleaning & Maintenance


Many business owners hire our company to take care of the floors and maintain it in pristine shape at all times. This is when they hire our part-time cleaners who come regularly to your office and have the cleaning work done. Made of marbles, granites, parquet, or vinyl is irrelevant to us as we can handle any material your floor is made of. We can clean all surfaces with relevant ease and ensure that the place is well maintained as well.


Choosing to hire our services would help you bring down your costs towards maintenance and cleaning. Our experts are affordable to hire and excel in doing a good job for your office or homes with comprehensive cleaning services. 



SB Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

139 Bedok North Ave 3,

Singapore 460139


September 17

Ebos SG Cloud Accountant

If you are running a small business and do not hav [...]

The best thing about a cloud accounting software is that it will allow automatic workflow, so you can use the time somewhere else. For example, if you pay someone weekly or monthly, you can simply upload the vendor’s information to the system and set up the payment process that will pay the vendor automatically. 

September 13


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August 27

vial filling services

best vial filling services in india

The packaging is outlined as a means of providing presentation, protection, convenience, and compliance for a product throughout storage until consumed. Packaging should offer protection against biological, physical and chemical hazards and should be economical. The package should guarantee adequate stability throughout the time period. The package should offer adequate data associated with the contents together with legal necessities, route of administration, storage conditions, batch number, expiry date, manufactures name and address and product license number.

August 25

Vial Filling Services

best vial filling services in india

The packaging is outlined as a means of providing presentation, protection, convenience, and compliance for a product throughout storage until consumed. Packaging should offer protection against biological, physical and chemical hazards and should be economical. The package should guarantee adequate stability throughout the time period. The package should offer adequate data associated with the contents together with legal necessities, route of administration, storage conditions, batch number, expiry date, manufactures name and address and product license number.

August 24

AWA Tower, Sydney | Remedial Building Services

Located on York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the AWA to [...]

August 14

Torch-On Waterproof Membranes - Uses and Benefits | Remedial Building Services

When it comes to building waterproofing, torch-on [...]

August 11

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August 09

Best Freelance Digitalmarketing services consultant Bangalore

Searching for best Freelancing Digitalmarketing se [...]

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August 03

DFS Services

DFS Services

Need Home Security System India for Home and Office, Contact DFS Services. Buy High Quality Home Security Intruder Alarm System or Burglar Alarm System, Video Doorbell and Security Cameras (IP Camera). Dfs Services is the best company for Home Security Systems in India.

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home security system Bangalore

security alarm system
July 29

Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi | Best Visa Services in Abu Dhabi

Decode is one of the best immigration consultant c [...]

If you want to go abroad then contact decode immigration best visa services provider in Abu Dhabi. All visa services are available like tourist visa, study visa, work permit visa, etc. 

June 15

Car AC Shop Near Me

Hunting for the best car AC shop near you?

Hunting for the best car AC shop near you? Car air conditioning expert, Last Chance Auto Repair located over at 12052 S Naper Plainfield Rd Plainfield, IL 60585 has been servicing AC systems for Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville plus beyond since 1978. Call today to schedule a 100% FREE AC check. Visit:

June 05

How Email Marketing Can Benefit You in 2020 | Three Piece Marketing

Email marketing is one of the underrated means of [...]

Posted by Hamish

Most people hate receiving emails from businesses. I, for one, dislike it when I get too many messages from the same company, seemingly trying to shove their products and services down my throat. It just makes you want to click Unsubscribe as quickly as possible and never hear from them again. Yup email marketing can be polarising – especially if you are not reading your audience.

The truth is, people do not hit Unsubscribe because they don’t like the brand, they opt-out from the email list because the emails, instead of adding value to them, spam them with overly sales-sy messages or email them too often which is downright annoying.

But when planned out properly and sent out at the right moment, email marketing can prove to be a valuable supplement to your entire marketing efforts that will generate a high return.

Let’s find out when to use email marketing and how you can maximise them in your customer’s buying journey.

How you can benefit from email marketing

According to Statista, more than 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2019 alone, and that number is set to grow to 347.3 billion daily emails by 2022. Of that total, a large number are marketing emails:

Indeed, email marketing has become such a powerful tool for marketers because:

It helps with lead generation.

If done right, an email marketing campaign can produce valuable leads that give you a higher chance of getting a sale. Since subscribers are already familiar with your brand, reaching out to them is a warm(ish) lead and closing the deal that little bit easier.

It helps you build credibility.

Consumers these days are more connected than ever and this gives them more access to information than ever. With strong email marketing strategies in your arsenal, you’ll be able to build your company credibility and be more relevant in your industry.

It helps improve your communication with clients.

You know how important it is to build a strong relationship with your clients, but have you realised how important they are as a marketing tool themselves? Look after them, add value and be humble and they may just become advocates, helping to sell your brand and products above what you can do yourself.

It helps you determine what’s working and what’s not.

Email marketing services go a long way to helping you obtain the metrics you need to see how the rest of your marketing campaigns are performing. For instance, you can determine what type of content is mostly consumed by customers through your click-through rates. Do they like images? Videos? Content about super user tips? Learn from what they engage with and use it to improve your content to make it more effective.


 So, when should you use email marketing?

To build a good foundation for your email marketing strategies, you need to remember that an email is a personal experience for your consumer. Unlike advertisements that are targeted towards a general audience, an email campaign seeks to reach out to a consumer on a more personal level. It should be more targeted.

Think about it as sending that first message to a girl or guy you like.

  • You don’t go in too brash and bold, or they will think you are arrogant.
  • You don’t tell them why you are amazing, you let them find out slowly.
  • You don’t shout at them or make them feel pressured, you give them the power to decide.
  • You make sure your reputation matches what you are trying to say.
  • It comes down to tone, what you have to say and being interesting.

Keep this in mind for your emails as well. With that in mind, here are some scenarios where email marketing is a smart strategy to employ:

To Inform your consumers about a new product, service, or promotion.

Send a short yet compelling email message that offers a sneak peek of a new offering. Tease at it, show the benefits, but let them be in control. Let them drive interest in your product and choose to visit your website or give you a call.

Keep in touch with your customers.

These people already know your brand and they’ve probably tried your product before. But the truth is, you can’t rely on your consumers’ memory to keep them loyal to your brand. After all, (as we said above) they are digitally connected and trying something new is simple. Sending emails is a smart way to keep in touch with customers where you can deliver timely and relevant information to them. Alluding to a “Soon-to-be-released” offer means you can then ask them to register interest/or give you a reason to contact them (see above).

Reach out to prospects who are not active on social media.

Although social media is used by almost everyone these days, you can’t pass up the opportunity to reach out to consumers who are not as active on these platforms.

With email marketing, you have the power to reach out to a demographic on a more personal level to give your audience useful content, and not just focus on sales.

Plus, you can use email to augment what you are saying across other channels.


What are some of the best practices in email marketing that you can adapt?

Email marketing should never be used to bombard your consumers and prospects with emails that don’t add any value to them. Here are some key points that you should remember when creating an email people want to engage with:

Have purpose.

Remember, your customers are receiving potentially hundreds of emails every day. Don’t be just another email.  Have a clear purpose for what your email is about and make the relevant. It could be to introduce a new product, to request feedback, or to offer a discount or promotion to your consumer.


Personalise your content.

Creating personas which group people is a good start to personalising email, BUT if you have the tools to embed insights truly relevant to each recipient (EG if they have visited your site and not transacted), then use them to make the emails you send truly valuable.

Stick to a schedule.

When it comes to email marketing, you need to distribute regularly but not too often or too little. It’s best to stick to a schedule so consumers can anticipate your content and make it part of their reading routine.

Keep an eye on your metrics.

Open rates and click-through rates are very important metrics that will allow you to know if your email marketing campaign is effective or not. You should keep an eye on these numbers to make the necessary adjustments to your strategies and create content that is not only readable but also shareable. This is already easy with all the modern email analytics tools available today.


The Bottomline

If done right, email marketing can do wonders for your business. As long as you know what your goals are and how you can implement them properly, you’ll get the benefits out of your email marketing campaign.

If you need help in developing a good email marketing strategy for your brand, we are here to help – drop us a line and one of the Three Piece Marketing team will get back to you.



April 04

Auto Electrical Repairs Glen Waverly

Glen Waverly Auto Care has been providing  Mechanics Glen Waverley car repairs and maintenance services with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We have a passionate team of mechanics who work hard to serve our customers across Glen Waverly, Mount Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Burwood East, Wantirna South and other surrounding suburbs. 

March 27

What Remedial Building Services offer | What we Do | Remedial Building Services

If you want to know why you need more than a handy [...]


Have you ever paid attention to your Annual Fire Safety Statement – otherwise known as your AFSS and do you know what it is?

Your AFSS is a legal document all commercial and residential buildings are required to have on display in a public place such as the entry lobby. This document lists all the essential fire services within the building and the standards they were installed to.

By law, owners of a building are required to ensure all occupants within the building are safe, thus, keeping your AFSS up to date is essential. However, The BCA is constantly upgraded, meaning over a period of time, most, if not all buildings will be served with a council fire upgrade notice, which will identify the current standards which your building fails to comply with.

At Remedial, we have a team of qualified experts whowill work with you to ensure your building is compliant. Furthermore, we can work with you to ensure that any council served upgrade orders are resolved to the highest possible standard.

Our range of upgrade services includes fire penetrations, fire doors, thin film intumescents as well as safety audits.