March 27

Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification - An Inclusive Guide

Sales Cloud is one of the premium CRMs on the mark [...]

Sales Cloud is one of the premium CRMs on the market that is constantly gaining popularity and increasing its customer base. As a result, the need for certified Sales Cloud consultants who are expert in addressing customers’ business issues with CRM’s functionality is on the rise. Here, is a complete guide on Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification and how certified Salesforce administrators and developers help both employees and the companies they work for.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification

The certification for Salesforce Sales Cloud is a credential developed for professionals working on the Salesforce platform. The Salesforce professionals who have experience in Sales Cloud solutions and want to authenticate their expertise can acquire this certification. To gain Salesforce Sales Cloud certification, professionals are required to have working experience of the product in particular. This is important because this certification has been designed especially for the professionals who design and develop a solution for a particular customer scenario. It sets a standard that recognizes the skills, expertise, and real-world know-how of today’s cloud professionals.

Salesforce Sales Cloud certification Cost

Professionals who are willing to avail Salesforce Sales Cloud certification need to pay around $200 for the first attempt of the exam and for the next attempt, they need to pay $100. One gets three chances to take the same certification exam (first attempt and two retakes) within one release cycle. Apart from the certification cost, you may also need to pay the applicable taxes. However, the taxes are charged depending on the country that one selects in their profile while registering for the exam.

Span of Sales Cloud certification validity

Salesforce updates Sales Cloud certification exam three times a year (in winter, spring and summer), therefore, it is valid up to the next release. In order to keep the certification valid, its owner should update it by passing Trailhead maintenance modules.

Benefits of having the Sales Cloud certification

Salesforce professionals having Sales Cloud certification have various benefits to enjoy and they are equally beneficial for the employees as well as the company they work for. Certified Sales Cloud professionals working for the IT service companies have the capability to serve their customers’ needs in a much better way, as they are able to deliver Sales Cloud services by taking into account a customer’s business and industry specifics.

A certified consultant ensures to provide exceptional value to customers, effective CRM use and provides timely guidance to their customers on the CRM’s ongoing development. Again, in an IT service company, to have a particular number ofcertified consultant-level Salesforce experts, is a necessary condition in order to gain a particular Partnership Value Score and being given one of the partner tiers. For instance, an IT company to get a Registered Salesforce Partner tier, it should have at least two certified consultant-level employees. The benefits that an IT company enjoys from the registered partner tier include free online training from Salesforce, 15%-discount on instructor-led Salesforce training, two consulting certification exam vouchers, and more.

And for the employees with the Sales Cloud consultant certification are open to more job opportunities, accelerated career growth, and guaranteed substantial pay rise.

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March 23

Top 10 Tips To Hire A Professional Salesforce Developer

To keep a record of a company’s employees and its [...]

To keep a record of a company’s employees and its customers as well is quite difficult. Here, a trusted Salesforce development company can help you with effective solution. However, when deciding to approach a trusted company for the same solution, you need to follow certain considerations.

Here are the Top 10 Tips that Help You Find a Professional from a Trusted Salesforce Development Company:

1.      Check the company’s profile: To check the company’s profile that is providing salesforce consulting will help you to know about the products and services that it offers. If the company without an effective and responsive website indicates that,it isn’t serious about its brand image. Whereas, a good company providing salesforce professionals put its best foot forward with an impressive website.

2.      Know the company’s professionals: A company offering Salesforce consulting services has the best salesforce developer since; it is the professionals who run the company. So, it is important to do a thorough research on the professionals of the company.

3.      Get in touch with previous clients of the company: Always get in touch with the previous clients and ask them about their experience with the company from which you are planning to hire salesforce developer. You should also ask them about the products and services delivered.

4.      Check the budget: Before hiring the salesforce professionals, it is important for you to know the cost of hiring. You should get the price quotes beforehand and negotiate with it so that you can avail the service within your budget.

5.      Choose the company that suits your requirements. You should hire the company that caters to your requirement. Also check whether it has worked or delivered a similar solution as of yours to any past client. 

6.      Check the market value of the company: Before opting any trusted company, you should check its market value and solution delivery services. Thus, you will be able to hire the experts for your work. 

7.      Skill of experts: You should be sure about the experts’ skills and experience in terms of developing needful software for your business entity. Make sure that the professionals are efficient.

8.      Timely delivery of projects: Before you hire salesforce developer, you should ensure the company delivers its projects within the defined deadlines.

9.      Portfolio of the company: Checking the portfolio of the company will let you know its credibility, efficiency, and expertise. Thus, you can avail the needful development solutions. 

10.  Check previous clients' feedback and reviews: The reviews and feedback of the past clients’ will help you to be sure about the reputation of the company.

These are the Top 10 Tips that Help You Find a Professional from a Trusted Salesforce Development Company.

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August 01

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Development Company?

Do you wish to deliver unparalleled customer servi [...]

How to Choose the Best Salesforce Development Company?

Do you wish to deliver unparalleled customer services which may increase your business’s bottom line? This is an important thing that a business can achieve when it has access to the right Salesforce Development Company. Hiring the right company, you can build apps faster and can sell your products sooner as well as can follow up with your clients better. This will transform all your infrastructural needs, automate all the regular processes and upgrading them to cloud. All this can be easily done and fulfilled with one perfect salesforce consulting company.

Now the question is, how would you know that the company which you are choosing is appropriate? How can you choose the best among various salesforce companies? 

Here is the comprehensive list of a few questions which you should necessarily ask or deliberate upon before choosing a salesforce company:

1.      Is their team certified?

2.      What is their previous experience?

3.      What is their implementation methodology?

4.      What are their after-service support facilities?

5.      What is their pricing method?

These are some important questions that one should ask before hiring the salesforce development services. First of all, always make sure that the development company you are hiring is certified and must be well organized. This will help in implementing the maintainable and sustainable cloud solutions which are advantageous in the long term. The company you are hiring should be experienced and able to understand the business logic to resolve the complicated business problems. They must be able to automate the process in such a manner where it maintains a smooth flow and achieves proper solutions for all divisions.

Dean Infotech is a leading salesforce company offering the best salesforce development services in India. The company is certified and experienced to manage different kinds of projects. Salesforce is one of the best cloud-based software effectively used to manage all the interactions with customers. 

April 08

Salesforce Lightning Certification Training

Salesforce Lightning Certification Training

Salesforce Lightning Certification Training