February 16

Payment Facilitation And SAAS Platforms: The Perfect Fit?

If you live in the United States or Canada, you’ve [...]

If you live in the United States or Canada, you’ve probably seen charity commercials asking for donations through text messages. Managed Payment Facilitation Implementing SMS Payment Solutions For Charity allows mobile phone users to make donations simply by texting a key code to an SMS short code (a short number that is easier to remember than a full telephone number), and then receive a payment confirmation text message.

PCI Compliance: Payments by Text |SMS is not typically a PCI compliant route. Instead, send tractable links to custom micro sites to securely collect credit card details via Smartphone browsers delivering your customers a secure, rich, branded and PCI compliant experience.

February 03

7 Places That You Can Find Why All Health Care Organizations Need SMS Payments

Doctors’ offices can also send out text reminders [...]

Doctors’ offices can also send out text reminders for an upcoming appointment, helping reduce the cost of missed appointments (which can really add up over time!). An automated reminder sent via text message is more likely to get a response from a patient than a voice message or e-mail.

Implementing SMS IVR Payment Solutions for Health Care offers major benefits for the business AND customers: Customers don’t need to remember any passwords or usernames like sites such as PayPal. Payments by text are very simple for customers. After the initial setup, there is no need to have a payment method on hand – it is already saved in our secure environment. Text payment reminders are efficient and simply retrieved.

Customers may come and go, but you still need to be respectful of their decision Electronic Funds Transfer Canada. Make sure you tell them how much is owed, and when their billing cycle will end. Never bill them after they’ve canceled. And, ask if they still want to receive emails from you periodically – again, respect their decision, whether they accept or decline. Leaving a good impression is always a good thing; sometimes, customers may decide to come back, if you leave that good of an impact on them.