March 27

What Remedial Building Services offer | Window Replacement | Remedial Building Services

New windows offer sound, acoustic and the advantag [...]


There are both aesthetic and functional reasons why you might be considering replacing the windows of your building.

  • To improve the aesthetics of the building, for example replacing old wooden windows with modern aluminium frames
  • To rectify window frames that have become distorted due to exposure to the elements or age
  • To cater for changes in the environment such as an increase in noise in the area
  • To improve wind and/or water ratings and prevent water and wind penetration (particularly for waterfront properties)

For over 40 years, we have undertaken window replacement work across commercial and residential properties. Working to the defined requirements, we work with leading manufacturers to ensure a superior solution every time.

January 28

3 Essential Tips To Hire The Best Window Repair Company

Replacing your windows may be a costly investment. [...]

  1. When it comes to hiring an agency for window repair services, you should look for a reputed and reliable company. A reputable company would have a team of skilled window repair professionals and the right tools that can help them deliver the best services matching your exact requirements. 

July 15

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Santa Barbara

We offers a great variety of Commercial Refrigerat [...]



Having the proper refrigeration equipment is essential for any business in the food service industry. A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Barbara, CA offers a great variety of commercial refrigeration equipment at competitive prices.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is required for most restaurant kitchens and is necessary for many other businesses that deal with food, as it helps keep food cold and reduces the risk of bacteria growth and food poisoning.

Businesses that may need commercial refrigeration solutions include, but are not limited to:

Manufacturing companies

Finding the right type of commercial refrigeration equipment for your business can be hard, but the professionals at A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We have many different styles and sizes of equipment available, so whether you need a reach-in freezer, a walk-in cooler, or a refrigerated display case, we have the equipment that you’re looking for.

Call A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Barbara, CA today to learn more about our commercial refrigeration options.

January 04

Best Meal Replacement Shake

Shop Tripact Protein from Nutrology. It is the bes [...]

meal replacement powder

March 19

Birkenstock sandal repair - Model Shoe Renew

If you think that your favorite Birkenstock sandal [...]

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