December 25

Roof Restorations, Repairs and Services

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If you are looking for the most professional, result-orientated, proven and reliable roof restoration company that Sydney has to offer, you are in the right place. Our many years of experience combined with our expertise and the ability to offer the best solution to you whether it is "off the shelf" or customized to suit your exact needs is what sets us apart from the rest. Our attention to detail and safety along with taking pride in our work over the years has allowed us to grow with this beautiful city of Sydney that we call home to be the highly regarded and successful roof restoration and roof cleaning company that we are today. 

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July 10

Remedial Building Services offer | Window Replacement

New windows offer sound, acoustic and terhmal adva [...]

June 02

Garage Door Maintenance Service Melbourne

If you are experiencing a garage door spring failu [...]

Since so many people are not aware of how to maintain the old and worn-out door springs, they get more wear and tear and end up having to replace them before it is too late. Keep reading to learn more about how to take care of your old and worn-out door springs. Garage door maintenance, you should install a lubricant in your garage door to make sure that it functions properly. This can be anything from oil or grease. Use the lubricant every time you take the door out and use it until the lubricant comes off from the door. This will prevent the springs from getting worn out.

January 08

Waterproofing issues: What to look for and what to do | Rectification Services | Remedial Building Services | Remedial Building Services

Don't let waterproofing issues become an issue for [...]


Since 1969, our team of experts have been providing inspection and rectification services across building remediation, inclusive of waterproofing and water damage services. What many people fail to realise is that structural issues often arise as a result of water ingress and waterproofing failure. 

Whilst waterproofing issues are almost to be expected in older buildings, we are undertaking an increasing amount of work in newer buildings where, during the initial building process the builders and/or their contractors have overlooked specific structural requirements (or taken shortcuts) that have caused ongoing issues. Across the greater Sydney area we are seeing issues with
  • Drainage and water run off leading to ponding and permanent immersion which can lead to water ingress through points of failure 
  • Poor flashing protocols leading to water ingress
  • Poorly treated re-bars leading to rusting and cracking
  • Plantabox failure 
  • Structural failure

How to identify waterproofing issues

To the untrained eye, a seemingly small issue could be masking a larger issue. That said, whilst the following list can be an indication of a larger issue, it is not always the case. What we can recommend is taking the time to investigate, or getting someone to come look for you.
Warning signs to look out for include:
  • Blistering or peeling paint
  • Bubbles in the paint that hold water 
  • Mould, mildew and vegetative growth
  • Rust Stains on the concrete facade
  • Efflorescence (the white drip stains that can be seen on the edge of balconies and stairs)
  • Cracked walls
  • Internal and rising damp

Areas to Monitor for Waterproofing Issues

Waterproofing failure can happen almost anywhere on a building - especially if construction processes were skipped or rushed. However, key areas to consistently have your building manager or strata committee check include the following. 

Roof’s/Top floor

If you are in an apartment or commercial building, flat roof surfaces bare the brunt of the bad weather. When you next have significant rainfall, access the roof to look for areas where the water is ponding, see if there are blocked drains and or identify areas where you can see water getting into spots it should not.
It is also worthwhile looking at internal areas underneath to see if there is a seepage issue through ceiling spaces.

Drains, Plumbing and Irrigation

Faulty plumbing such as leaky drains, water pipes or irrigation can be difficult to spot, that’s why regular checks need to be made. Look for blockages, drips or leaks, no matter how small and rectify the issue promptly.

Window and Door Seals

Windows and doors have seals which are designed to keep water out, and as such, need to be regularly checked to ensure they remain impervious to the elements, day in day out.
We recommend checking to make sure the seals aren’t cracked. If you find they are damaged in some way prompt attention is important to ensure there are no secondary issues which become apparent.

Take Charge

At the end of the day, your building needs regular attention. Regular checks of the building to ensure integrity is a good way to ensure you catch any waterproofing issues early. Doing so can end up saving you thousands of dollars - both in terms of damage and repair costs.
If you have any concerns or want some advice on what to do. get in touch with us today. 
January 08

What are your Building Issues? Remedial Building can help! | Remedial Building Services

We know that not everyone understands the building [...]
While you can recognise that there is an issue with your property, unless you are a structural engineer or a builder, you might find it hard to articulate exactly what it is.

To help we have simplified some of the more common building problems and provided examples of what you should look for.
January 08

What Remedial Building Services offer | Planter Box Repair | Remedial Building Services

If you want to know why you need more than a handy [...]


Too often it seems that out of sight, is out of mind when it comes to adequate planter-box waterproofing. Time and again we have seen poorly implemented or absent membranes, resulting in boxes which look fine at first glance but which eventually begin to cause serious issues.

While these boxes will function perfectly well in the beginning, over time the effects of heavy rains or overwatering will begin to cause water penetration. As planter boxes are commonly located either adjacent to, or above habitable areas, water ingress caused by a leaking planter box can result in serious issues. Remedial is experienced in rectifying this situation and will typically take the following steps:

  • Remove existing plants and soil and safely relocate them for the duration of the works
  • Remove any water systems which may be in place
  • Remove current waterproof lining (if applicable)
  • Thoroughly clean drains
  • Install a new waterproof membrane
  • Thoroughly test the integrity of the new membrane
  • Install filter fabric
  • Install drainage cell
  • Install corflute from edge to edge
  • Either reinstall plants or leave this for a horticulturalist as stipulated by the owner
August 27

Macleay Street Apartments, Potts Point | Remedial Building Services

Located at the top of Potts Point, this majestic b [...]



With sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Potts point and the Sydney CBD, the Macleay Regis apartments are quite the prestiguous address. 
With architecture representative of a bygone era we were presented with the task of not only repairing the underlying structural issues plaguing the building, but with the requirement of ensuring that all works undertaken were done in such a way as to maintain the aesthetic character of the facade of the apartment building. 

August 27

Home Warranty Claims | Remedial Building Services

Home warranty insurance protects residential build [...]


Home warranty insurance protects residential building owners in cases where there has been defective workmanship during the construction of the building. When a claim is filed by a policy holder, the insurer will provide a high quality contractor to rectify the building’s defects. Remedial works collaboratively with the insurance provider as well as a consulting engineer or building consultant to carry out rectification works with minimal fuss. We pay strict attention to every last detail to ensure that both building owners and insurers are completely satisfied with the end result of the rectification works.Our services encompass both structural and aesthetic issues, including common claims such as faulty waterproofing, defective window installationstructural issues and concrete spalling.

July 22

10 Misinterpreted Structural Repair Terms | Concrete Repair | Remedial Building Services Australia | Remedial Building Services

Remedial has compiled the ten most common terms th [...]


Structural repair is hardly a new industry nor new concept, but in recent years, the phrase “structural repair” has become almost commonplace. From apartment owners, to strata management through to commercial building managers, when people want something repaired as often as not they label it as a structural repair item and not general maintenance.
Strictly speaking, structural repair is a technical term used in construction and engineering. It is generally incorrect to use it as a synonym for terms like renovations or home improvements. However, due to the fact this activity involves repairs of all sorts, people almost immediately assume that it means the same thing. It is, after all, making changes to a building, apartment, or any property to align its construction and condition to existing health and safety standards.
But what does the term structural repair really cover? To help people understand what terms to use and when, we have put together this rough guide on what various terms mean.