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AWA Tower, Sydney | Remedial Building Services

Located on York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the AWA to [...]

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Why Dycem Floors Are a Better Choice for Your Facility | Remedial Building Services

Here’s a little know fact, but one which can have [...]

February 21

The Most Common Concrete Cancer Causes | Remedial Building Services

Buildings built near a form of water are more pron [...]

January 24

Beak & Johnston | Remedial Building Services

Beak and Johnston are a major supplier of retail f [...]

Once our recommended flooring solution and quote were approved, we started the project immediately, working closely with the appointed building team. We expertly applied Ucrete polyurethane flooring in order to create a floor that was safe, hygienic and resistant to the physical and chemical strain to which it would be exposed.

To enhance the longevity and quality of the flooring we included a bauxite broadcast aggregate in place of the more commonly used, but less effective silica sand.

January 24

Falls on Flat Surfaces: A Commonly Overlooked Work Hazard | Remedial Building Services

In the past Workplace safety was something people [...]

In the past Workplace safety was something people saw as a necessary evil. Today however, Workplace safety is one of the many aspects that business owners as well as facility managers have started to prioritise, recognising that a safe workforce is more motivated and less of a financial burden. In fact, workplace safety is not only a requirement by Australian law, but it also has a proven effect in boosting productivity, employee retention and end product quality.

The importance of getting flooring right

In our dealings with clients we often get asked about workplace claims and while trends in serious rates of claims is going down, (according to the Key Work Health and Safety, 2015 report), Falls from the same height (including slips and trips on floor surfaces) is still the 3rd most serious cause of injury in Australia, representing 14% of all claims.  A serious claim is defined as a claim where the individual is away from work for one or more weeks. 

There are our variety of stories that highlight the damage and burden a workplace injury can cause, both for the individual involved and the business (lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, fines and penalties, business reputation, to name but a few). And it is frustrating as flooring specialists, that the issues causing businesses and employees so much angst  can be avoided, simply by getting your flooring solution right from the start

January 24

What Remedial Building Services offer | What we Do | Remedial Building Services

If you want to know why you need more than a handy [...]

The dizzying array of flooring options can often be confusing. and all too often clients are unsure of which flooring type is the most appropriate for their building.

Our advice is simple: when it comes to industrial and commercial flooring, resilience and versatility should always be prioritised over aesthetic considerations.

While many of our clients have been drawn to flooring options such as ceramic tiles or a polished concrete floor because of their visual appeal, after listening to their requirements, we advise them to steer clear of these flooring solutions. In the same way that a nice hat cannot offer the same protection as a good quality helmet, a vinyl or concrete floor cannot offer the same protection, resilience and versatility as polyurethane, epoxy or MMA flooring solutions.

In fact, our composite flooring solutions offer numerous advantages over otherfloor coverings including:

  • The ability to be prepared and installed overnight, limiting the down time for businesses and causing minimal –if any- loss of trade.
  • Customisation of the colour, the non-slip co-efficient and the level of resistance to traffic, machinery, chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • A range of available finishes; from a showroom quality finish to a hard-wearing factory floor
  • Seamless floors with no grout or welds and therefore no opportunity for bacteria to grow in the cracks.

We have solutions to suit commercial flooring and industrial flooring requirements, be they restaurants, food production, pharmaceutical, showroom or workshop.
Contact our team to learn more about the advantages of our composite flooring solutions

January 08

What are your Building Issues? Remedial Building can help! | Remedial Building Services

We know that not everyone understands the building [...]
While you can recognise that there is an issue with your property, unless you are a structural engineer or a builder, you might find it hard to articulate exactly what it is.

To help we have simplified some of the more common building problems and provided examples of what you should look for.
December 05

About Us | Remedial Building Services

Remedial Building Services was founded in 1969, to [...]

Remedial Building Services was founded in 1969, to provide specialist building repair and upgrade services to commercial and large residential buildings.

Since we first started opened our doors we have grown in stature and in terms of the services we offer. Today, we offer clients services including:


At Remedial we hold strongly to the belief that attention to detail should not be the domain of luxury items only. Our team – from the Directors, through to the project manager and staff on site – all work tirelessly to ensure that the products we use on site, the training our staff have and the solutions we recommend all combine to ensure that the services we provide to you are unequivocally, the best they can be.


As leaders within the industry we are constantly seeking to develop and to use best-practice. We aspire to only use the best staff and certified methodologies and products in completing our work. At all times, across all areas we service, we work closely with product suppliers, engineers and industry bodies, so you can be assured that our recommendations and our workmanship are outstanding.

Priding ourselves on our level of expertise and our commitment to providing only the best building solutions, we have obtained a number of professional accreditations including:

  • ISO9001:2000 accreditation
  • ISO14001:2004 accreditation
  • ACRA membership
  • ISTM membership
  • HIA membership
December 05

Waratah Avenue, Randwick | Remedial Building Services

Not all facades require render and paint to look g [...]


Randwick has a rich cultural history, from being the home to the largest Aboriginal community in Sydney at one point, to being a hub of prosperity and architectural significance with significant houses constructed such as Ventnor overlooking Coogee Beach.. 
It is no surprise then, that Randwick counts several red brick buildings which are well known for their architectural signficance. 
On the corner of Waratah Ave and Belmore Road, is such an example. With arched windows and detailed brick fascias there is a strong neo-gothic architectural style to this bulding which makes it very memorable. Having withstood the elements, human impacts and polution for a number of decades, the building had come into a state of ill-repair when Remedial Building Services were contacted to help restore it to its former beauty. 


With the scope of works defined by Alan Wright engineers, the Remedial team got to work on restoring the structural and aesthetic elements of the building. Over a 9 month period we:

  • Replaced and installed new heleties
  • Removed all windows and replaced them with windows which were in keeping with the facaded, yet which offered superior noise and thermal protection
  • Painted
  • Sourced like-for-like bricks and re-layed large sections of the brickwork which had delaminated or become unsound
  • Repointed the entire building
  • Installed new cappings
  • Put in place new ties to the awnings to improve the structural strength
Through continual communication with the Body Corporate and the residents, work was completed with minimal disruption for residents. Residents were given multiple options for times which would suit for window replacement so that they could plan their lives around it with minimal impact on their day-to-day. 
December 05

Carbon Fibre Strength and Flooring Work in Sydney | Remedial Building Services

Macquarie Park in Sydney has for the last two to t [...]



Services:Flooring SolutionsCarbon Fibre Strengthening

Macquarie Park in Sydney has for the last two to three years, been the scene of major upgrades in terms of both infrastructure and commercial development. From new housing to commercial preceicnst and infrastructure the area looks nothing like it did before work began.
Recently were were appointed by The Governor Hotel ito provide services to help get them ready to launch to the public.


With the slab ready to go, the Remedial team were called in to turn a simple concrete surface into a durable, non-slip flooring surface across their public bars, back of house and kitchen areas. 
The owners recognised that whlst concrete flooring is durable for most wear and tear, hygiene factors, Workplace safety and ease in cleaning meant that a surface such as an epoxy were needed. Our team worked to apply a two coat epoxy solution in the clients chosen colours, helping to make the surface safe and ready for business. 


The Governor hotel makes great use of outdloor spaces with BBQ and alfresco dining on the second level. What the client had learned however, was that the 110mm existing slab was insufficiently strengthened to bear the load. 
Our team recommended the installation of carbon fibre strips which act as a flexible, yet very strong enhancer of the concrete surface. Not only do these fit snuggly onto the existing surface making them hard to see, but they offer a very cost effective solution in adding load-bearing strength to the slab. 

November 12

What are your Building Issues? Remedial Building can help! | Remedial Building Services

We know that not everyone understands the building [...]


So you have a water leak that is a pain when it rains, or maybe you have rust stains on the façade of your building that look ugly, or maybe it is brickwork or render that is bulging, fretting or cracking. What you may consider to be a minor inconvenience could actually be a warning sign that you have a larger structural issue in your structure.

Rectifying the issue early has been proven to save money as the issue is not as widespread as it will develop to be. This is because once a structure has a leak, or concrete cancer, more water will reach the affected (and other) area causing more rusting, displacement of concrete and cracking.

Some of the tell-tale signs you have structural issues include:

  • Rust stains on the edge of your building that originate at random
  • Cracks which appear either on internal or external walls and go up or down the building in a step-like manner
  • Water leaks which cannot be tracked to an exact area above the leak
  • Brick growth/expansion which causes displacement and/or windows and doors to not fit as soundly as before
  • Lintels and arch bars (above doors and windows) show signs of rust and cracking of the brickwork
  • Balconies which are cracking and leaking
  • Large pieces of concrete are falling from the structure


Whether it is due to the age of your building, exposure to the elements or poor workmanship and materials during construction, there are a number of factors which could be the cause of your structural problems. Many of the common issues which lead to large problems include:

  • Poor workmanship during construction. Often builders will leave reinforcing too close to the surface allowing surface moisture to seep far enough into the surface. This leaches the concrete and causes a chemical reaction on the steel below it
  • Use of incompatible materials in close proximity to each other. These cause a chemical reaction which causes rusting
  • Mechanical wear and tear
  • Damaged concrete slabs which allow water to penetrate through to the reinforcing below
  • Installation of new equipment – often on rooves – such as air conditioning units or anchor points. These are often drilled through water proof membranes and are not sealed properly after thus allowing water to ingress to the metal below.
  • Inadequate flashings. Where flashings are installed poorly, or not high enough into the cavity, water can penetrate through to the cavity. Even if they were installed well, if drains are not cleared properly then during heavy rains, water can rise above the flashing, thus leaking into the cavity


Whether the issue is caused by water leak, age or construction flaw, the base fact is, what was or is a small problem may develop into a larger underlying issue which affects the structural integrity of your building. The earlier you take steps to the correct the latent issue – not just treat the obvious signs – the less advanced the issue becomes.

Many people often think that patching the issue will solve it, but once rust has started to affect steel, it will continue to expand, leading to further fracturing and ongoing issues. The issue will also continue to affect new areas, whether it is more areas starting to rust, or worsening leaks. Ideally, as soon as you notice an area with an issue as described above, you should call us in to investigate the issue and advise how wide-spread or otherwise it really is. Doing so could save you tens of thousands of dollars into the future and rectification works which are finished much faster.

If you have concerns about your structure, contact us today.

October 31

Why Remedial | Remedial Building Services

Providing specialist structural building repairs t [...]


In the 45 plus years we have been in business, we have established ourselves as the pre-eminent supplier of specialist building services encompassing structural repair, Home Owners Warranty claim repairs and commercial flooring services.

Where we’ve watched competitors come and go, we have stayed strong, which we attribute to three core principles:

  • Intimate understanding of the factors which lead to structural and safety concerns;
  • The recommendation and application of solutions which eradicate the underlying problem and renew it to a desired state; and
  • Transparency in our communication with clients.

 Whilst our experience has seen us travel across Australia on odd occasion we are predominantly focussed on providing the best services for NSW. Today, our service strengths include commercial floor coatings, concrete repair, structural repair and Home Owners Warranty insurance claims.

Over the years our business has grown and with it our staff has expanded. Today, our senior management have amassed close to 200 years collective experience, which makes us confident in our ability to provide to you the best specialist solutions possible.

For more information on Remedial Building Services, please contact our offices, or feel free to download our brochures.

October 31

Waterproofing Services | Remedial Building Services

Water ingress and ponding can cause structural iss [...]

As often as not, the obvious signs of concrete cancer, and other structural issues are the tip of the iceberg. What we often find upon investigation is that the issues are all too often caused by water ingress into the concrete slab where it reacts with the reinforcing steel.

Once the steel can be treated or removed and replaced, the slab needs to be protected to prevent the issue occurring again. This is where correct waterproofing technique is of paramount importance.

With extensive experience across residential, commercial and industrial properties, we are often regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and professional companies in the waterproofing field.


Having identified the original issues, we will take the time to ensure they do not occur again. We will undertake extensive substrate investigation, analysis of flashings and other elements around the slab to determine what measures to take and the most effective and viable waterproofing system for the particular job at hand.

The waterproofing systems we offer include:

  • Liquid membranes
  • Torch on membranes
  • Loose layered sheet membranes
  • Hypalon bandages
  • Tanking membranes
  • "Negative waterproofing" through injection
  • Applied chemical solutions
  • Polyurethane sealants

No job is too demanding, nor too large. We have applied our water proof membranes to a number of large and complex jobs around Australia including the Department of Education Building and Reserve Bank of Australia.

September 26

DIY Tips for Your Flooring Surface | Remedial Building Services

As with all your investments, your floor requires [...]


5 Tips for maintaining your flooring surface

Whether or not you see it this way, the truth is, the floor in your warehouse, or your delicatessen, or your cool room, lab or food preparation area is an asset to your business. The rationale for this statement is simple: IF your floor breaks down, is unsafe or unhygienic, then you will need to shut down to to bring the floor back to a working condition and ensure your floor complies with relevant legal and OHS requirements. Worse still, if you are forced to shut down till the floor is fixed, you start to experience loss of revenue and this is where your floor starts costing you big money.

As with all your investments, your floor requires a bit of TLC. We've put together a list of things you can do to ensure your floor's lifespan is extended as long as it can be before you need to consider new flooring options.

DIY Tips for Your Flooring Surface

Clean the floor regularly

If you have an expensive piece of machinery, or a company car, you will undertake to service it regularly to ensure it operates at its optimum for as long as possible. Failure to do that will mean break downs and increased bills to fix it.

The same goes for your floor. If you don't clean it, grit, acids, chemicals and other debris will build up and damage your surface making it either unsafe or unhygienic (and smelly more often than not) or both.  You will then be required to undertake wider repairs or replacement of the floor.

Our tip is to clean the floor regularly (you will know better than we will what that means based on the nature of your business). Make sure you don't use abrasive chemicals which were not recommended for cleaning. If you do, your floor will suffer.

Teach your staff what is acceptable and not acceptable on your floor

If your floor is a showroom then it is unlikely you will want pallet racking on the surface, and similarly, if your floor is in use in a kitchen you will not want a forklift in the kitchen. Make sure you and your staff all know what is acceptable and not acceptable on your floor. Don't put your floor under undue stress and it will thank you.

Conduct regular inspections of your floor

You check the oil in your car, you monitor the quality of the products you produce, so you should check the floor on which your business is literally built. If you identify the floor is dirty you can clean it, or if you see signs of damage you can address them before they become more widespread. Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

Don't DIY flooring fixes for specialised surfaces

It may seem appealing or even easy to repair a flooring issue you have identified during a check. However, failure to prepare the area correctly prior to implementing a solution can result in you causing more damage than you think.   

If you fail to clean the surface, or prepare it properly your 'fix' may trap bacteria and moisture below the surface, causing the surface to bubble and crack very quickly (not to mention become unhygienic). Similarly if you use the wrong preparation to fix the surface, then you will likely just be creating a band aid solution which needs fixing sooner than you could think possible.

If you use machinery, ensure that your surface is resilient to that type of traffic

Seems obvious, right? Sadly a lot of people don't stop to think about this. They have a beautiful vinyl floor but need to take delivery of a large pallet of materials. So they let the driver use the forklift to offload the materials. Sadly, the twisting and turning of the tyres will rip the vinyl up.

Tiles are similarly prone to damage under heavy traffic. Our advice, make sure you think about the surface prior to conducting what may seem to be routine procedures. If you need to use forklifts for example, an epoxy floor trowelled to the right thickness is going to be required. In the same way it's horses for courses, different industries and business require different flooring solutions.


If you have any questions regarding your flooring maintenance, call Remedial today, or leave a comment below with your details and we will come back to you.

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August 27

Understanding Concrete Repair Terms | Remedial Building Services | Remedial Building Services

Concrete repair and building in general can be a c [...]
Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the western world. Not only does it simulate the properties of rock but it is easy to use, readily available and relatively cheap. It is a blend of aggregates combined and bound together. Generally, the key components include natural sand and gravel or crushed rock bound together by a hydraulic binder such as Portland cement. The components remain relatively inert until they are activated by water forming a dense semi homogenous mass.