October 09

What is the test pressure? | DARTT Technologies

Pressure Test Result Prediction with Average Allowable Rate of change The DARTT Recorder samples data over a few seconds, removing motion induced pressure noise (vessel or rig heave causing water hammer) and displaying psi/min.

ROC displayed during a test can tell the operator not to “bump” pressure when the ROC has been met and the predicted end test pressure will not be below the minimum test pressure. Alternatively, if you have not met the ROC, and the test is not showing an “Improving Trend”, then the test is not going to pass as things stand. Most likely caused by a leak somewhere in the system that needs rectifying, so prolonging the hold period is wasting time.

August 08

Downhole Tubing Hanger Connections

A new and popular feature of the DARTT Recorder is the Subsea oil pressure guage and Temperature Sensor capable of water depths to 4000 m without the requirement of a 1-atmosphere housing. This makes the system very easy to fit to ROV systems and with a small footprint.