September 17

Amazon DSP: Leverage Advertising To Gain More Customers - 2019

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Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a part of the Amazon Advertising program, which allows agencies and advertisers to reach diverse audiences throughout the web programmatically.

From HTML offerings to placing banners on the home page, Amazon DSP is one of the most sorted premium advertising available within the Amazon Vendor Services. The Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a software, which provides centralized, automated media buying from various sources.

  • Rather than selling ad products via three different advertising services —AMG (Amazon Media Group), AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform), and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), — Amazon has consolidated everything into a single marketplace known as Amazon Advertising.
  • Now, the Amazon Advertising Platform is renamed to Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform).
  • The Headline Search Ads are renamed to Sponsored Brands.
  • The AMS Console is renamed to Advertising Console.
  • Currently, Amazon Advertising includes all ad products such as Amazon DSP, display ads, video ads, stores, sponsored brands, sponsored products, and Amazon measurement solutions.
August 28

Supple - Best Digital Marketing Agency

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March 24

Best PPC Software to Manage Your PPC Campaigns

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Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has developed to a potent advertising channel on Amazon. Running Amazon PPC advertisements enables sellers and sellers to 'purchase' visibility to their goods. The amount of vendors continues to rise year over year. Consequently, if you do not possess a defined PPC plan in place, it might become hard to reach your marketing goals.

July 28

Pay-Per-Click PPC Optimisation | Three Piece Marketing

Is paid advertising better than organic reach? Lea [...]

Benefits of PPC Optimisation

Great website? Check.

Social media calendar and regular posting? Check.

Salesforce on point and seeing clients? Check

Regular blogging on relevant subject matter utilising relevant keywords? Check.

Optimised Paid media including PPC? hmmmm

No matter your industry, no matter how large your business, what we have anecdotally seen time and again, is that businesses are willing to put time and effort into lead generation activities which they understand. But when it comes to paid advertising such as remarketing, Google Ads or Facebook marketing, then they are less inclined to spend extra money on ensuring it is set up correctly, and/or optimised regularly.

But let’s step it back a bit first and understand PPC a bit better. PPC (pay-per-click) is a mode of marketing that effectively buys digital real estate to drive visits to your website. Basically, an advertiser pays a fee whenever an ad they placed on a site or in search is clicked by a visitor. This is very different than trying to get attention from visitors organically or without having to resort to paid advertising.

Today, search engines and social media platforms remain the main platform where PPC advertising is conducted, where the advertiser basically bids for a placement in the search engine’s sponsored links—the area that comes right before the organic search results. Of course, the majority of the world’s PPC happens on Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, mainly because Google still tops as the search engine of choice by the global audience and the plethora of widely-visited properties that Google owns such as YouTube, Blogger .com, Google Play, and Gmail that also show ads from businesses who are willing to pay.

So how does PPC advertising work?

To put it simply, let’s say, you are a caravan rental shop. When someone searches for “caravan for hire in Sydney” and you want your company to be easily seen by the prospects and to appear in the topmost results of Google SERP, you can bid for that exact keyword phrase or similar words. The algorithm works that when Google (or other engines as relevant) deem your key words match the intent of the search your ads will show up. Every time a visitor clicks on your ad and goes to your website, you pay for that particular click.

You have to keep in mind, however, that building a PPC campaign is not an automatic process or that when you bid for a keyword, it’s guaranteed that your ad gets shown to a potential customer. It doesn’t work that way. Google actually runs an auction to ensure that what consumers see on their Google search is relevant to what they’re looking for. This is the heart of contextual search!

While more expensive than organic online marketing, search engine marketing can benefit just about any business. There are very few advertising strategies that allow you to reach your target audience at nearly any stage of the buying process. The key is to understand your audience, know your marketing, and bid on contextually relevant searches whilst minimising your spend. This is known as optimisation. Here at Three Piece Marketing, we’ve compiled some of the top PPC optimisation benefits to guide you if you’ve been missing out.

PPC optimisation drives immediate results

Organic marketing is a long process. And it has to be. It is about generating content that will exist ad infinitum and thus can be found by search engines for that long. You generate the content that will interest a sub-set of your audience and then you wait for it to generate traffic. In short, you employ SEO strategies where you cannot expect to get results instantaneously. You have to invest in good content, industry partnerships and link building, in various relevant and timely articles, and other organic methods and wait until you have built good PageRank and Domain Authority scores.

Conversely, PPC marketing is almost instant. Once you’ve done research into keywords, written the ads and set up the campaigns you are ready to go. Simply bidding for a keyword (if well optimised and selected), should mean your target market are exposed to your ad and learn about your offering and even buy from you right there and then. With PPC advertising, you can advertise to thousands of people searching for your business and provide immediate results to your prospective customers. No wonder marketers and business owners love PPC marketing because of its expediency.

PPC optimisation dramatically boosts website traffic

PPC advertising can enhance your website traffic significantly and drive hundreds and thousands of clicks to your website. But the best part is that the people who are clicking on your ads are people who are genuinely interested in your business.

Let’s go back to our caravan rental shop example. When you bid for the keyword “caravan for hire in Sydney”, you may have also set up a specific landing page where the user lands when he/she clicks your ad. This landing page is usually optimised for conversions, which could be your motorhome models page, your caravan booking page, or even your enquiry page, or basically any webpage that will complete your goal (enquiries, sales, or site visits).

It increases revenue, sales, and leads

Understandably, out of all the benefits of PPC advertising, improved leads and sales seems to be the one that resonates best with business owners. As long as your campaign is well-crafted — good keywords, attractive yet honest copy, and compelling calls to action —it will likely drive conversions that will help push your business’ success.

PPC efforts help improve brand recall

These days, the overwhelming number of companies offering the similar (if not the same) products and services, has made it difficult to get develop brand recognition as a start-up or a small business owner. Sure, you might have invested in SEO and have brought in tons of traffic organically, but truth be told, more views can be generated than you may receive from branded searches. Your business may be ranked well in search and get plenty of traffic but very few will remember you. Yet, if you use compelling visuals, great copy and are clever with your spend across multiple ad formats, you can deliver your message more effectively, and increase the number of eyeballs to your brand, thereby creating a significant increase brand impressions, and then ultimately, drive traffic and people to your brand.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here really, as there are plenty of benefits that you can reap by taking advantage of pay-per-click ads. If you are ready to level up your lead generation and sales game, speak to our PPC management experts and see the difference we can make.

July 16

4Horsemen SEO India Offers Pay Per Click services

Want to improve conversion rate of your website? 4 [...]

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