March 29

DA Moving NYC

Moving is a process. And a complex one. That is wh [...]

DA Moving NYC - looking for moving professionals NYC? Give us a call!
Movers NYC based are spread throughout all five boroughs. While there may be plenty of moving companies parading around New York City, there are not as many as reputable and trustworthy as DA Moving NYC. With six years worth of experience, our customers know that, when they choose us, they are in for a treat. Our team of moving professionals NYC expertly solves all moving problems and readily surpasses all and any obstacles. For the premier moving experience, give us a call!

January 25

Dynamic Movers NYC

Dynamic Movers NYC - the most professional long di [...]

Are you preparing for a long distance move? Compared to moving locally, this can be quite a challenge. More than in any other situation - you’ll need professional help from some of the best movers New York City can give you. And trust us - at these kind of distances, you definitely need to pay more attention to everything. But if you hire a moving company like Dynamic Movers NYC - you won’t need to worry about anything! Our moving professionals have done these kinds of long distance relocations more times than they can count; and each of them without mistakes. We know this kind of moving process quite well; from the planning, to the logistics on moving day. So why not let us take care of this for you, and let go of all stress and worries? As you’ll see, we’ve got some of the finest experts in long distance relocations employed right here. And with our wide variety of moving services, we’re guaranteed to cover all the bases when it comes to your long distance move. The entire way to your new home, you’ll have experts at your side - and everything will go according to plan! So if you want to make sure your relocation is problem-free; you know who to call right away! We’ll help make your move smooth sailing all the way; which is why Dynamic Movers NYC is the right choice for your moving services!

Address: 447 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA 

Phone:  888-224-6264

If you are a proud owner of the fine art collection, you sure need experts to move it safely. Whether you are moving paintings, sculptures, antiques or some other collectible items, we are here to help. Those items are valuable and extremely fragile, and they require special treatment. The last thing you want is to some of your pieces get damaged or even broken in the transport. Therefore, Capital City Movers came up with idea of White Glove Service, special service for moving delicate items. Our crew of dedicated and specially trained experts will handle packing, in-home delivery of your fine art, assembly and removal of all packing materials. We are here to provide you with special tailor made packing supplies for delicate items. Capital City Movers have latest technology equipment, specialized to protect and safely relocate your valuables. Our experts use special cushioning and motion-control methods during the transport. Upper East Side movers are here to make sure that the only thing that is going to change about your possessions is their location. Are you moving your piano? Do not worry, we are up to that challenge as well. Piano Movers NYC will safely and with biggest care pack, protect, transfer and deliver your piano to your new address. And if you need a place to store your collection, we can offer you a climate-controlled storage unit. And remember, we are ready to hear all your special requirements and to do our best to meet your expectations.