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Node JS Development Company in Chennai

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August 24

Supple - Guidelines About Mobile Seo Review

Hundreds of mobile SEO services near you, but in this article, Supple will share some professional guidelines about mobile SEO review that will help you to choose the best mobile SEO services for your business.

August 12

Ways To Upload Your IOS App To Testflight For Distribution/Beta

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July 17

What Is The Position Of Cross-Platform App Frameworks In 2020?

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May 26

What is Geofencing and Why is it Important in Taxi App Development?

With the advancements in technology, almost every [...]

The taxi booking industry has witnessed a lot of problems when it comes to safety concerns. The security of a passenger traveling in a taxi is of utmost importance and it demands continuous monitoring. The most advanced location-based technologies let the taxi business authorities to track their fleets constantly. Geofencing in taxi booking app development uses location data to track their cabs and showcase relevant notifications to their passengers.

What is Geofencing?

With the advancements in technology, almost every industry has integrated mobile solutions in their businesses in order to improve user experience. Smartphones are helping us with a great significance as an interactive technology medium in every routined activity. Apart from its other vital features, mobile apps come up with location-based services which have turned out to be an important resource for the companies to stand out from the competitors. It is one such prominent technology that helps users set the virtual geographical boundaries on the integrated maps. It also allows businesses to track their customer locations with the use of a GPS platform. This is a technology that sets virtual parameters on an actual geographic location. It is a location-based service that puts a virtual fence around the predefined region.

Geofencing integrated apps use RFID, GPS systems, or data networks to perform a pre-described action when a registered mobile device is located in that region. With its utilization, companies can set virtual borders around the actual locations and trigger immediate notifications if a user breaches into that virtually-fenced area. Those virtual borders can be around the stores, public transportation stations, shopping malls, restaurants or any other crowded place in the town.

There are two types of geofence virtual perimeters:

  • Active Geofencing

    Active geofencing uses location-based services like GPS and RFID systems to track the user’s location.

  • Passive Geofencing

    Passive geofencing basically works on network connections. It either uses cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi connectivity. It runs in the background when the phone’s Location setting is on.

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Mobile app development companies

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