October 20

Digital Marketing Strategy: How can it save your business from falling during pandemic?

Business firms shouldn't be worried about selling [...]

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October 13

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October 13

Digital marketing agency in phoenix

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October 01

Excellent Social Media Marketing

Indeed, LLC provides outstanding digital marketing [...]

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October 01

Organic social media growth services

Social media growth? Vivid Ventures, LLC helps dev [...]

Social media growth? Vivid Ventures, LLC helps develop, implement, and manage social marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services.

August 24

Why Web Development and Digital Marketing Go Hand in Hand | Three Piece Marketing

It is no secret that marketers often feel they are [...]

It is no secret that marketers often feel they are attacked from all sides. CFOs and the accounting department, in general, are always looking to curtail budgets, the sales department are looking for more qualified leads and point to a failure in marketing if this is not the case and consumers in general often deride any marketing which they feel isn’t in-line with the brand as a whole.

So perhaps it is time that within the marketing department for more cohesion and less bickering between roles and functions. In this case, we are looking at developers and digital marketers.

While developers are focussed mostly on the code, UX and functionalities of a website, digital marketers are usually concerned with site optimization: how easy it is to find the site through search and other channels, Click Rate Optimisation, making the site sticky and ensuring (in-line with product teams) that people make multiple repeat purchases. Both roles are trying to achieve the same thing, but a failure in communication often means that because both professions prioritise different things, more often than not, it takes numerous exchanges between these two departments before a well-optimised website is ready for launch/the market.

So as we asserted above – it is time for the marketing department to function more cohesively and with joint purpose.


Stop looking for quick Wins

Once upon a time, it may have been enough to build a site with a view to a quick way to increase SEO rankings and online traffic. But those days are LONG gone. In fact, it is no longer enough to simply build a website, load it with keywords, get it up and running online, and keep your fingers crossed that your target market finds it. If you want people to actually visit your website, use it, and return to it regularly, you need to ensure that it is designed intuitively and optimised properly for search engines. But this is not about spammy use of keywords or hundreds of inbound links. Rather it is about adding value to the site visitor in such a way that they get more than a transaction from it.

Similarly, it is not a case of executing a gorgeous looking or highly functional site as part of your web development. You need to have the insight of the digital marketing professionals within the team (analysts, strategists, and those working to engage the customer) to be able to identify on-site optimisation activities, which your web development team can implement. This then needs to be mapped in a way which allows the site to be created efficiently and with a view to ensuring that the code base of the site allows the marketing team to draw down on the insights they need to make the right decisions moving forward (case in point: adding “no follow” and “no-index tags” and including a JSON script in the code that digital marketers know they need but are unsure how to implement).


Cooperation – everyone wins


Brand awareness is ultimately one of the most powerful indicators for a brand’s success. Early uptake will come from good marketing, but ongoing brand awareness (driven by the consumers themselves) will be what gives a business true advantage. When your broader digital marketing team is on the same page, it is easier for your business to develop and maintain a clear branding message and core promise. This clarity is what your consumers want – a clear understanding of what you stand for and what they will get through interacting with you.

Bringing it back to your website design, upfront there needs to be discussion and agreement on how the core brand message (your identity) will be implemented and designed into the site. With this agreed to and shared with all, mapping out how everyone can contribute and what the expectations are is the next important step. Your web development team will rely on the other team for creating a design that relays the vision of your business. But they need to also consider landing page design, heading use, and so forth, so that the promotional efforts of the others in the team are optimised from the getgo. This means the analysts and strategists need to work in-step with the developers and creative teams to think through the process so all assets and functionalities can be captured early and built-in as part of the scope.

In other words, it is important that everyone is aligned and cooperating right off the bat.


Improves Data Gathering for Analytics

It may be obvious to most, but if you are not analysing user behaviour on your website, then you are potentially missing out on key information that can improve your business. This data is essential for future decisions, but for a developer, this data is less exciting than knowing how fast a page loads. This is again where both teams need to work together to implement the tracking mechanisms in such a way that pulling live data as and when needed is easy, as knowing your audience will give you an advantage in terms of formulating ongoing development and digital marketing strategy.

That is why it is essential to Incorporate analytics in your website. While the marketers have the goals and metrics in hand, it will be the web developers who will insert the necessary tracking codes and pixels that will help generate data about your website’s performance and your actual audience. Having these in place will help you understand the customer journey, the abandonment possibilities, and the channels where your audience has reached your website, among others.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

When your web developers and marketing personnel are not coordinating with each other, costly mistakes are more likely to happen. Without proper communication, more time might be required on redesigning your website.

But perhaps worst of all, failure to plan will likely mean that there may be features missing and you might need to push back on your website launch and the content developed for the site may be low-quality which would not only hurt your SEO efforts but turn your potential customers away as well.


Web Developers Working Hand in Hand with Digital Marketers

Well-synchronized web development and digital marketing campaigns are one of the secrets to your business’ online success. The roles of a digital agency providing web development and design services as well as digital marketing are vital in building a strong website and making sure that you achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for an agency that understands the balance between web design, web development, and digital marketing, or if you are looking for an agency that can balance the make-up of your own in-house team, let’s have a chat, our experts are ready to help you.

August 21

La définition complète de l’inbound marketing

L’efficacité de la stratégie inbound marketing ne [...]

L’efficacité de la stratégie inbound marketing ne se constate pas du jour au lendemain, d’autant plus que son lancement n’est pas du tout aisé. Pour tirer parti des avantages de cette stratégie, il est conseillé de bien maîtriser les bonnes pratiques inbound marketing, qui consistent à.Pour réussir la mise en place d’une stratégie d’inbound marketing il faut maîtriser parfaitement les bonnes pratiques marketing, en plus de la détermination d’un objectif précis.Par le biais des contenus attractifs et de qualité, les visiteurs s’adressent spontanément à l’entreprise, en lui délivrant des informations pertinentes concernant leurs attentes ou leurs besoins (produits et/ou services). C’est ainsi que le trafic sur le site de l’entreprise permet de générer des leads (contacts commerciaux potentiels) qui seront convertis en clients.Qu’est-ce que l’inbound marketing? Cette stratégie marketing est connue pour ses avantages, d’où l’importance de mettre en place des actions et de choisir les bonnes pratiques.

August 09

Best Freelance Digitalmarketing services consultant Bangalore

Searching for best Freelancing Digitalmarketing se [...]

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July 25

Digital Marketing Expert in Kerala

Looking for a digital marketing expert in Kerala, [...]

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July 17

Pourquoi le SaaS est-il si populaire?

Le logiciel en tant que service (SaaS) évolue déso [...]

Le logiciel en tant que service en est encore à ses débuts et contribue même aujourd'hui au succès de la plupart des petites et moyennes entreprises (PME). Par rapport aux applications et technologies commerciales sur site ou traditionnelles, le enterprise saas présente de nombreux avantages; il est bon marché, facile à mettre en œuvre, a des taux d'adoption plus élevés par les utilisateurs, a une interface Web, une accessibilité globale, facile à utiliser sans fil, etc.

July 08

Online SEO Training In Chandigarh |Mohali |Panchkula

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July 02

Comment promouvoir mon blog?

Parmi les plusieurs moyens de se faire connaître s [...]

Si le blog d’entreprise est un outil très onéreux, il est nécessaire de savoir l’entretenir. Effectivement, la fréquentation de celui-ci dépend de la pertinence et aussi, très important, de la régularité des informations qui y sont publiés. Ainsi des rédacteurs créatifs et passionnés permettront de faire du blog une référence. Un blog actif est un expérience client blog qui attire, et de par le système d’algorithmes utilisé par Google, un blog actif, c’est aussi un blog visible.

En savoir plus sur:http://marque-pages.info/pourquoi-faire-un-blog-dentreprise/

July 01

Podiatry Marketing Pros

Podiatry Marketing Pros offers Websites & On-page [...]

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June 27

Quatre raisons pour lesquelles votre entreprise devrait envisager le modèle commercial SaaS

Afin de mieux comprendre le business model des app [...]

Et dans le domaine des logiciels, comment ne pas parler de Microsoft ? Nous le savons tous, Microsoft est le leader mondial incontestable. Surtout de Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Le logiciel de référence des relations clients. Il a en effet la capacité de traiter les données clients pour une meilleure performance de l’entreprise sur le web. Grâce à Microsoft Dynamics CRM, les utilisateurs fidélisent leurs clients. Son programme permet une étude comportementale complète afin que les entreprises puissent agir correctement avec chaque catégorie de clients. De ce fait, les secteurs du marketing, de la vente et du commerce en ligne surtout ont intérêt à utiliser Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

June 25

Understanding Your Market Through a Data Management Platform | Three Piece Marketing

As marketers, we all want to avoid wasting preciou [...]

Posted by 3PM Support

As marketers, we all want to avoid wasting precious dollars on campaigns that don’t work. If we have it our way, we’d like our strategies to be on point and to deliver results right away. But – and as much as we may like to believe it – it’s not all rainbows in the marketing world and we are bound to fall short numerous times before we get the right marketing recipe that will bring in money into our businesses. (Well unless you are using data management of some description…).

But fear of falling short should not render us impotent. Sometimes it is a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. But, the good news is, there are things that we can do to minimise our errors and create more meaningful and efficient campaigns that make our ROI worthwhile, these things can be achieved through a data management platform.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the role of data management platforms in data-driven marketing and how we can maximise one to make our work as marketers easier and more productive.

Leaning into Data-Driven Marketing

If you’re one of the marketers who rely on gut feeling, constantly telling yourself, I think this will work for my customers, then you are someone who needs to read on. Nowadays, it is hard to stand out as a brand by simply relying on your hunch, especially when there is so much data available for you to leverage. There’s no way you can predict what your target market will do or what their needs and behaviour will be except by analysing real customer information.

If you want to provide meaningful experiences and value to consumers (because let’s face it, this is what brings them back time and time again), beyond the obvious first sale, you need to invest in data-driven marketing which gives you useful insights into the preferences of your customers.

Why is data important in marketing?

We cannot emphasise enough the value and overlap between IT platform management and marketing, specifically, using customer data analysis from IT based initiatives. In fact, some of the most compelling benefits you can take away from shifting your marketing approach include.

  • Clearer understanding of the target audience
  • Better understanding of where they engage and when
  • More ways to develop personalised advertising messages
  • Engaging communication with your customers in the right channel

In short, solid analysis facilitated by a customer data platform manager, will enable you to target your customers at the right time and through the right promotional channel. Not only is this a more native experience and one which people engage with more, but it translates to more satisfied customers, increased revenue, and improved loyalty.  Who wouldn’t want that, right?

But how can you gather data to make your marketing efforts better and more targeted?

Types of Data

  • First-Party Data. This is first-hand data that you collect from your customers and prospects when they use your website, subscribe to your email list, engage in your social media posts, download your app, and other related actions they do within assets that you own.
  • Second-Party Data. This is information that you acquire from a partner company with whom you signed a data sharing agreement with.
  • Third-Party Data. This data is readily available for use by the public (you may need to buy it) and is usually collated by marketing research groups, website analysis companies, and analytics platforms.

In evaluating your market, your first-party data will provide the most useful information. However, to ensure accuracy in what you collate, we recommend you compare your own data with industry insights so that you can have a more intelligent approach to developing your branding and advertising strategy.

Tools You Can Use to Find Data

It is all good and well to tell you to use data-driven marketing but the catch is, , actually collecting data that matters. Top-level quantitative or qualitative data is not going to cut it. It is important you use the data-driven marketing tools – not only ones that allow you to collate information easily, but which allow you to leverage it for true insight. In our experience, there are a few key tools you should consider when gearing up.

  • Google Data Studio – This is an amazing platform that allows you to import data Analytics, Google Ads, BigQuery, and spreadsheets. You can also integrate other tools including SEMRush, Ahrefs, and the like. And the interface is easy to use
  • AnyRoad – If you want to gather data from live experiences to help improve your understanding of your customers’ buying behaviour, AnyRoad is a must for your business.
  • GetFeedback – Learning about how satisfied consumers are about your product or service is key to helping you modify your offering to further meet the needs of the people who need it. A tool like GetFeedback, which you can integrate with SalesForce, gives you valuable data straight from the customers who used your product or service.

Creating a Strategy Using Data

It’s hard to collect information when you don’t know what you’ll be using the results for. As such before you even attempt to gather data, you should first establish clear marketing goals and objectives and postulate what you may want to do. Look at the current performance of your product or service and your company and then identify areas of improvement that you can use as the basis for your objectives.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve been paying to show your ads on Facebook and the Google Display Network but you notice that your business is not getting enough traction. Despite the paid ads, you are not getting sufficient leads to make you profitable. The questions you might have include:

  • Are my ads not communicating well to my target audience?
  • Am I showing my ads in the right place?
  • Where are the majority of my target audience hanging out online?

First thing you should do, would be to develop some theories as to the causes of your business dilemma, and then counterbalance it with your end goal and of course, the data that you need to collect so that you can create a plan that will help you achieve your end goal.

This is when you can start collecting data from different sources. Remember to use a data IT management platform to organise the data and for you and your team to easily analyse the information collected later on.

At the start, use Google Data Studio or another simple to use insights tool that you find comfortable using as your data management platform. As you get more skilled, then look to change it up to a more powerful suite. But this should all come once you have proven it is working and have extra money as a result to spend on a better data management platform.

Once all of the data points you need are laid out properly, transform raw data into the metrics that you can use to devise a new data-driven strategy. You and your team can now brainstorm ways forward including campaigns you can launch as part of your experiential marketing plan.

But don’t treat it as a set and forget, make sure you are constantly monitoring and tweaking things to drive towards better performance.

A final thought on Data Management Platform

It may have once been the way to go, but today, it is not enough to expect that advertising alone will boost sales. You need to be more intentional and data-driven. By shifting to a data-driven approach, you can help reach your customers at the right time and you can craft more personalised messages that they will truly love.

If you are seeking help to make the shift to data management and analysis as part of your marketing strategy, consult us here at Three Piece Marketing today.