September 30

PEB Manufacturing in Chandigarh | Faith PEB

Leading Pre-Engineered Building manufacturer in Ch [...]

Leading Pre-Engineered Building manufacturer in Chandigarh, India. Manufacturer of quality Pre-Engineered Building.

Prefabricated Industrial shed, Factory manufacturer in India. Faith group is leading in warehouse, shed, godown, factory shed.

PEB Manufacturing in Chandigarh, India Faith PEB Engineers is a pioneer & leader in manufacturing of quality pre – engineered steel building industry in Chandigarh, India.

April 21

Basic Dyes – Manufacturer & Exporter

Darshan Industries is Basic Dyes manufacturer & ex [...]

Darshan Industries is Basic Dyes manufacturer & exporter. Basic dyes are used for dyeing of acrylic fibres, jute, wool, textiles and papers.

Darshan Industries is a leading manufacturer of basic dyes. We offer our expertise, to two major sectors, the paper and the Ink industry. Though we are a manufacturing company for basic dyes in India our services are not only limited to our country but revolve around several places. USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are the witnesses to the global exports of this basic dye manufacturer. Amongst other basic violet 28 dyes manufacturers in India, we manufacture high quality basic violet 10 dyes for Food, Ink, Leather, Basic dyes for dyeing of acrylic fibres, Basic dyes for jute, Basic dyes for textiles, Basic dyes for papers and Paint Dyestuffs.


Methyl Violet Liquid CAS No 84434-47-9

Victoria Blue B CAS No 2580-56-5

Chrysodine Y CAS No 532-82-1

Malachite Green Liquid

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Malachite Green Liquid cas no 41272-40-6

Malachite Green Liquid cas no 41272-40-6

April 11

Best CNC turned components

Due to high accuracy in an activity, CNC turned components are famous. Tamboli Engineers are the best CNC turned components because we focus on efficiency.

March 31

Krishna Polymers - poultry equipment manufacturers in india

Krishna Polymers is Poultry Equipment Manufacturer [...]

Our product offering consists of a wide range of watering, feeding, and climate control systems designed from semi-automatic to fully automatic functioning to suit your particular requirements.


Research & Development; combined with excellent business ethics; has been the cornerstone of evolution and growth of Krishna Polymers. The company enjoys national leadership in it's business, being the largest producer of drinking and feeding system in India, and has collaborations with leading international companies and also exports its products to many countries. We, at Krishna Polymers, ensure that our customers always receive the latest and reliable technology in the market. We offer customized solutions, catering to your specific needs from open houses to sophisticated E.C. Houses.


The promoters of the organization bring in their skills in manufacturing world class products for the poultry. Farmers keeping upgraded with the latest technologies and needs of the farmers. We take pride in satisfying the farmer’s need with superior quality products and services.Krishna Polymers also an approved supplier for major research institutes and poultry colleges.Our company offers practical, economical solutions to the farmers.


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January 16

About Digital Instrument and Cons & Pros

The Digital Instrument which speaks to the measure [...]

About Digital Instrument and Cons & Pros

The DigitalInstrument which speaks to the measured esteem as the computerized number is known as the advanced instruments. It takes a shot at the rule of quantization. The quantization is the way toward changing over the consistent info signal into a countable yield signal.

The development of the advanced Digital Instrument is perplexing, and their expense is likewise exceptionally high. The computerized instruments expend less force when contrasted with simple instruments. The advanced millimeter, computerized voltmeter, advanced recurrence meter, and so on are the instances of the advanced instruments.

Pros of Digital Instrument

·       The Digital Instruments show the perusing in the numeric structure which diminishes the blunder.

·       The advanced yield is gotten by the instrument which goes about as a contribution for the significant gadgets like floppy, recorder, and printer and so on.

·       The force utilization is less in the advanced instruments.

Cons of Digital Instruments

·       Coming up next are the burdens of the advanced hardware.

·       The over-burdening limit of the instrument is low.

·       It is a temperature touchy device. The Digital Instrument is made by the exceptionally fragile component which is effectively influenced by the climatic condition.

·       The impact of clamor is more on computerized gadgets when contrasted with the Digital Instruments.

June 15

Sanitary Ware Manufacturers - DueGi

The DueGi Company has been established 29-years' market-driving washroom learning and skill. Regardless of whether as far as consistency, solidness or structure; our private and business sanitary ware manufacturers will meet and surpass the majority of your structure prerequisites. Our complete range bowls, urinals, brassware, and showers are ensured to give you the privilege sanitaryware items for your undertaking, offering worth, execution, and plan. For more information call us on +3903221901732.

May 31

Fitness Equipment Manufacturers – Shogun Sports

Are you looking for the best quality equipment for your home training or gym? You can find all the training equipment of your concern at Shogun Sports - a hub of more extensive varieties of higher-quality products for the fitness world! Visit their website to know more.

February 01

Magicrete Building Solutions - AAC Blocks Manufacturer and Supplier

Magicrete Building Solutions is India's frontline [...]

February 01

Magicrete Building Solutions - Leading AAC Blocks Manufacturers in India

The Magicrete Building Solutions is a leading AAC [...]