February 24

The Best Payment Solutions Provider For Marketplace

Quick setup. Automated phone payments offer anothe [...]

Quick setup. Automated phone payments offer another payment channel. Marketplace Payment Solutions 24/7/365 Access. Increased customer satisfaction. No staffing considerations for human involvement on the organization’s side. Greatly reduce organizational man hours. Self-service efficiency; no waiting on hold. Multiple languages. Consumer convenience fees enablement to offset processing costs possible for many industries or organization types.

Let’s not forget about the legal consequences for not protecting sensitive bank data Instant Bank Account Verification. It would only take one individual to take on a company who hadn’t been protecting the bank account data and was compromised and fraudulently obtained funds from the real account holders. Moreover, there can be chargeback fines imposed when the real account holders go to their bank and complete an affidavit asserting that they did not authorize the fraudulent transactions debited from their bank account. We are also read for Relieving Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist.

Customers may come and go, but you still need to be respectful of their decision Electronic Funds Transfer Canada. Make sure you tell them how much is owed, and when their billing cycle will end. Never bill them after they’ve canceled. And, ask if they still want to receive emails from you periodically – again, respect their decision, whether they accept or decline. Leaving a good impression is always a good thing; sometimes, customers may decide to come back, if you leave that good of an impact on them.

January 01

Why You Should Not Go To Top 3 Things To Look For In An Ivr Payments Partner

Of course there’s other data that might be present [...]

Of course there’s other data that might be presented during an IVR call such as account numbers, names and amounts due Checking Account Verification Services. While these aren’t typically sensitive, those data points shouldn’t be available to being compromised. Two methods of data population exist for modern IVR systems; API integration and secure upload to cloud storage. Credit Card Payment Integration In either case the data is stored and called from a PCI compliant system and method.

If your organization has a need for IVR payments, reach out and contact us. We’ll listen to all your requirements and present solutions that we think will work best for you and your organization.