November 29

The Advantages of Carbon Fibre | Remedial Building Services

If you are caught out looking for a solution which [...]


Over our many years of business we have seen time and time again (most recently at the Governor Hotel in Macquarie Park) a situation arise where a slab which was designed to be adequate for one intended use, is now no longer adequate for a new activity. As often as not, this change may be driven by a change in tenants (supermarkets moving into a building often cause issues for building managers who need to increase the capacity of the slab), a building upgrade such as more floors being added or a change in use. 
Unlike the construction process, however, adding more steel to the concrete is not a viable solution. What is however, is the application of carbon fibre to the underside of the area. 
Working with our qualified structural engineers to determine the ratio of carbon fibre strips needed, we have successfully applied this solution to countless structures - from bridges, to commercial facilities, to carparks and more. 
If you are caught out looking for a solution which can add strength to your existing slab, the advantages of Carbon Fibre have been well documented for many years and we have many case studies which we will be happy to discuss with you.
Give us a call and we can walk you through it.

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November 29

AWA Tower, Sydney | Remedial Building Services

Located on York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the AWA to [...]


Located on York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the AWA tower was once the city’s tallest structure and home to a large radio tower (still visible today). The fifteen storey building, built in 1939, is a classic example of the Art Deco design era and is decorated with symbols of communication, many of which are now heritage listed.

A combination of failing structural components and extended exposure to the elements meant that extensive restoration work was required in order to preserve this iconic building. Remedial Building Services was called in to provide our expert restoration services. The list of issues to be rectified included:

  • A faulty roof membrane
  • Damaged flashings
  • Brick growth due to lintel corrosion
  • Mortar replacement to restore a heritage listed Pegasus decoration

The Rectification Process

The rectification of this building presented several specific challenges, the first of which was the fact that the lifts were too small to transport building materials to the top of the building. The Remedial team overcame this issue by carrying all materials and equipment through the internal fire stairs.

Initial reports had identified brick growth due to corroded lintels on the building’s façade. However, upon further investigation by the Remedial team, it was discovered that in fact, a number of bricks had delaminated to the extent that they needed to be replaced and new brick ties also needed. Remedial brought these latent issues to the attention of the building’s engineers who gave approval to carry out the required works. The team worked efficiently and without incident to install new lintels and brick ties and replace delaminated bricks with new bricks which had been specially sourced to match the existing façade. The final element to be addressed was the Pegasus feature which was fastidiously restored to its former glory.

The Roof Membrane

The roof of this historic building contained a bitumen membrane which, after years of exposure to sun, wind and rain, had begun to fail, causing water leakage throughout the building. With five different roof elevations, the removal of the original roofing was a complicated task which required a combination of jackhammers, scrapers and hand chisels, with multiple teams working simultaneously to speed up the process. Once the roofing had been removed, the team worked to replace the damaged flashings before installing a waterproof torch-on membrane to the roof. The platform under the tower proved to be the most challenging element, requiring the Remedial team to maintain a delicate balance between protecting the historically significant foot of the tower while also ensuring the roofing membrane was applied seamlessly.

All work was completed without incident, within the promised timeframe and with minimal impact on residents. The AWA tower is now structurally sound and completely compliant while still retaining its historic integrity.

November 28

Solar panel Maintenance: Get the help when you need the most

The underlying expense of solar-powered is extensi [...]

The underlying expense of solar-powered is extensively higher than the customary energy source. Arise Solar, solar panel maintenance can give the best you want for your solar panels.

November 06

What Are The Top Oil And Gas Companies

The success of this round, involving companies suc [...]

CEO of Stegron Inc, said. “Crown is the latest Chemicals addition to our growing portfolio of high grade targets in the UK, Italy, and offshore Jamaica that are at various stages of development and monetization.” The news was well received in the stock market, as London-listed United Oil & Gas were up 3pc in afternoon trading on Thursday.

November 02

Ways The Oil And Gas Industry Is Making Better Use

Commenting on the numbers, Scottish energy minister, Paul Wheelhouse, said: “These figures show that confidence is continuing to return to the sector after a number of challenging years. Scotland’s oil and gasindustry has a bright future, and it is encouraging to see this continued increase in production which has risen by a total of 25 per cent over the last two years.

August 27

What is Crack Stitching and how can it Help your Building | Remedial Building Services

Despite being widely used, Bricks are not perfect. [...]
Building Trends; they come, and they go, but one trend that has stood the test of time is high quality brickwork. In fact, bricks remain one of the most interesting and beautiful building materials today. Seen in a variety of heritage buildings and even high-end residential and commercial structures, masonry showcases a timeless aesthetic appeal and has durability that’s hard to beat. Because of its low maintenance and its ability to withstand even the most severe of everyday weather, brick continues to be a clear choice of property managers and building owners.
August 27

Macleay Street Apartments, Potts Point | Remedial Building Services

Located at the top of Potts Point, this majestic b [...]



With sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Potts point and the Sydney CBD, the Macleay Regis apartments are quite the prestiguous address. 
With architecture representative of a bygone era we were presented with the task of not only repairing the underlying structural issues plaguing the building, but with the requirement of ensuring that all works undertaken were done in such a way as to maintain the aesthetic character of the facade of the apartment building. 

July 15

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Santa Barbara

We offers a great variety of Commercial Refrigerat [...]



Having the proper refrigeration equipment is essential for any business in the food service industry. A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Barbara, CA offers a great variety of commercial refrigeration equipment at competitive prices.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is required for most restaurant kitchens and is necessary for many other businesses that deal with food, as it helps keep food cold and reduces the risk of bacteria growth and food poisoning.

Businesses that may need commercial refrigeration solutions include, but are not limited to:

Manufacturing companies

Finding the right type of commercial refrigeration equipment for your business can be hard, but the professionals at A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We have many different styles and sizes of equipment available, so whether you need a reach-in freezer, a walk-in cooler, or a refrigerated display case, we have the equipment that you’re looking for.

Call A+ Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Barbara, CA today to learn more about our commercial refrigeration options.

July 04

Façade Repair | Remedial Building Services

Repairing damaged or dated facades can drastically [...]
July 04

Balustrade Replacement | Remedial Building Services

Improve the safety and aesthetics of you building [...]


Old or damaged balustrades not only make your building look dated, but they could potentially also represent a safety hazard. A balustrade constructed from the newest materials – from frameless glass through to powder coated aluminium – can modernise your building, allowing you to comply with safety standards while also significantly improving the appearance of the building.

Remedial offers a wide range of balustrading options including:

  • Glass balustrades
  • Stainless steel balustrades
  • Powder coated aluminium and glass balustrades
  • Straight powder coated baluster
  • Frameless or semi frameless balustrades
  • Galvanised balustrades

You can rest assured that your new balustrade will strictly comply with the current Australian standards and BCA requirements.

July 04

Building Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades | Remedial Building Services

From rectification of structural issues to aesthet [...]


Irrespective whether we are looking at a large high-density residential block, a commercial tower or a warehouse, exposure to the elements, poor construction and general wear can all play contributing parts to structural and aesthetic issues with your building.  And while a fresh coat of paint can give your building an instant makeover, it does not hide underlying structural issues which need greater attention.  In fact, the simple act of covering over problems can lead to larger, more  complex issues which end up costing more in repair.

Remedial has been providing integrated building maintenance and rectification services for over 45 years, working with engineers, strata managers and owners’ corporations to understand exactly what is required and to offer a solution that addresses both the issues you can see, and those you cannot. Our range of building maintenance, rectification and upgrade services include:

Building Upgrades

Much like structural repair, a fresh coat of paint can lift the features of your building, but closer inspection will reveal aged materials which can reduce its value.
Rather, if you are looking to modernise your building to improve its value and aesthetics, why not consider the benefits of a building upgrade.

Upgrades can consist of a complete overhaul or a simple upgrade of select features, ranging from the purely aesthetic; such as replacing old iron balustrades with modern frameless glass, to upgrades that address both structural issues and building appearance, such as the installation of new weather rated windows. Additionally, if building owners wish to completely revamp the outward appearance of their building, they may opt for a façade repair and upgrade.

We have  experience refurbishing the external facades of some of Sydney and New South Wales’s more prominent buildings – such as the UTS building on Broadway, or the Myer Building in Brisbane – and we can work with you to turn your existing building into something more contemporary and current. 

From the removal of old iron balustrades and replacement with frameless glass ones, or the installation of new weather rated windows, through to replacement of delaminating bricks, replacement of structural reinforcing or building rendering, speak to the Remedial team about how we can help.

June 26

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Westlake Village - Gold Coast Pool & Spa

Gold Coast Pool & Spa for all types of pool servic [...]

Looking for the best pool maintenance services in Westlake Village? Contact Gold Coast Pool & Spa for all types of pool services, ranging from cleaning to remodeling and maintenance at your affordability.

June 26

Pool Cleaning and Leak Repair Service Thousand Oaks

Transform the look of your old swimming pool with [...]

Transform the look of your old swimming pool with pool repair services from Gold Coast Pool & Spa. They offer equipment upgrades and all types of pool service in Thousand Oaks. Call today!

June 26

Pool Remodeling Service Sherman Oaks - Gold Coast Pool & Spa

Gold Coast Pool & Spa provides pool remodeling, re [...]

Gold Coast Pool & Spa provides pool remodeling, repair, maintenance services in Sherman Oaks. Contact them to keep your pool clean, healthy, and safe.

June 26

Pool Repair Service Woodland Hills

Gold Coast Pool & Spa offers a wide range of pool [...]

Gold Coast Pool & Spa offers a wide range of pool services including cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, and upgrades in Woodland Hills. Their pool cleaning services help maintain your swimming pool in all weather. Call today for more details.