February 23

How to Fix Crowded or Crooked Teeth?

Many patients, upon learning that they should undergo orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth, are understandably nervous. It’s a lot to take in, regardless of age. One of the main concerns patients have regarding crooked teeth treatment is the amount of time they will have to wear braces.

February 11

What To Do When You Have a Dental Emergency While Travelling

If your child’s tooth is knocked out, acting quickly is important. With the right precautions, the tooth can be saved and re-implanted (though dentists rarely re-implant a baby tooth). The most successful re-implant cases usually happen within an hour of the tooth coming out, so take your child to an emergency dentist right away.

When picking up the tooth, avoid touching the roots. Only handle it by the crown, and gently rinse off the tooth with water. Keep the tooth wet during transportation, either in milk or saliva for a young child, or by keeping it in an older child’s cheek.

December 28

How To Help A Child Not Brushing Teeth

By building a story around the act, you’re both making it more interesting and giving them a reason to brush. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either—“We have to brush away the sugar bugs, so they don’t make holes in our teeth!” Try incorporating tooth brushing into bedtime stories, too. Knowing their favourite hero makes sure to brush before bed is a big incentive to do the same.

December 03

Invisalign vs Braces: How to Choose the Right One

Traditional metal braces are metal wires connected to brackets that are adhered to your teeth. Your orthodontist will use tightening procedures with this wire to help guide your teeth into their appropriate shape and location.

November 27

4 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists

Frequent visits to the dentist are a great way for your child to overcome their fear, bringing them to regularly scheduled cleanings will expose them to the environment and over time help them understand there is no reason to be afraid.