February 13

LED Transparent Screen Selection Reference Analysis For Shopping Mall - Technology News Shopping LED parts

With the development of the economy, it is common [...]

With the development of the economy, it is common to install LED displays in shopping malls. LED power supply in shopping malls are generally used for brand promotion and product promotion, creating a good shopping atmosphere and mobilizing the atmosphere. The emergence of a new type of advertising media tool, the transparent LED display, provides more choices for shopping malls: transparent, cool, stylish, and full of technology.

Generally speaking, the LED display screen in conventional shopping malls weighs more than 30kg / ㎡, which requires high load-bearing capacity of the original building structure. It requires a large-scale steel frame structure during construction, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Bright is a dark piece, affecting the beautiful appearance of the mall building, blocking sunlight and sight, and affecting daylighting.

The transparent LED display is thin and beautiful, and has relatively low requirements for building load bearing. When it is not lit, it does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the building; high permeability ensures the lighting requirements of lighting structures such as floors between malls, glass facades, windows, etc. At the same time, it has good heat dissipation function and is easy to install and maintain. When playing advertisements, when designing the advertisement content screen, remove the unnecessary background color and replace it with black. You only need to display the expressed content, and the appropriate part does not emit light during playback, which is a transparent effect. This playback method is extremely Greatly reduce light pollution, can also reduce energy consumption LED Display, can achieve more than 30% energy saving than conventional LED display.

According to the characteristics of the mall and the actual needs of customers, the following is a reference for the selection of LED transparent screens in malls given by Orida:

  • Indoor use, protection grade IP43, no waterproof required, high protection grade can be customized for special places;     
  • The fixed installation method does not affect the original wall structure;   
  • High permeability, does not affect the shielding effect;
  • Consistent with the image of the mall center, remote control and operation can be realized.
  • The viewing distance is short, the display is required to be clear, and the pixel pitch is within 5mm.

The advertising content on the LED transparent screen can be changed at any time, displaying different advertisements around the clock;

High-efficiency optical fiber LED transmission system is adopted to effectively reduce the signal delay caused by long transmission distance and ensure the consistency of picture playback.

Shopping mall LED transparent screens are generally personalized according to the shopping mall environment and are coordinated with the installation environment. The front-maintained LED full-color transparent screens are selected for various modeling designs. The products with small LED cabinet sizes and ultra-thin, Surface-mount LED transparent screen with a dot pitch of about 10mm.

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February 13

Evaluation of Micro-Pitch LED Show Technology

The display with density above P2 generally uses 1515, 2020, and 3528 lights, and the NovaPro UHD Jr shape adopts J or L package. Side welding pins, the welding area will be reflective, the ink effect is poor, it is necessary to add a mask to improve the contrast. The density is further increased, and the L or J package cannot meet the application requirements. A QFN package must be used. The characteristics of this process are no lateral welding pins and no reflection in the welding area, which makes the color rendering effect very good.

February 11

Outdoor & Indoor LED Display Products

The production process of the PLCC stent mainly includes the steps of die cutting, plating, PPA (polyphthalamide) injection molding, bending, repair, and five-sided three-dimensional inkjet. Among them, plating, metal substrates, plastic materials, etc. occupy the main cost of the bracket. This design not only saves the packaging cost, but also improves the reliability of the product. It has been widely used in NovaPro UHD Jr.

February 07

Personalized Product By Advertising In Shopping Mall

Shopping mall LED transparent screens are generally personalized according to the shopping mall environment and are coordinated with the installation environment. The front-maintained LED full-color transparent screens are selected for various modeling designs. The products with small LED cabinet sizes and ultra-thin, Surface-mount LED transparent screen with a dot pitch of about 10mm.

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January 30

Great Development Prospect of LED Display

LED displays have great development prospects due to their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long life. So the right temperature is crucial for LED displays. The quality of the brand will affect the product quality of the LED display, and the brand is high. Whether it is an indoor LED display or an outdoor LED module shop, heat is generated during operation, and the heat generated will cause the temperature of the LED display to rise.

January 21

MRV300 Receiving Card Specifications - NovaStar

ledscreenparts.com has 15 years of glorious history in the field of communication and media industry. From the beginning since 2001 company is adopting changing scenario of communication industries. MRV300  is  the  standard  model  of  Nova  receiving  card. Our company is CE certified and ROHS Compliant. Our prices are very competitive based on mass production sales due to our OEM service, thus we have the honor to work for hundreds of customers in over 400 cities of 33 provinces in China, and we also have built long-term business relationship with the customers in USA, Germany, China and so on. View More >> Sending Box

January 20

Linsn RV901T Receiver card | LEDSCREENPARTS

RV901H/921H/931H is upgraded from the 8th generati [...]

RV901H/921H/931H is upgraded from the 8th generation system RV801. Compared with RV801, RV901 has all functions of RV801 and can replace RV801, besides, RV901 is added the following functionality. Once the receiving card has been mounted, plug the IDC breakout board in to the receiver card. Make sure that it's plugged in oriented as shown above. To Get More Info >> Linsn

January 17

LED Screen Controller SC-4 LED Sending Box

Linsn LED Sending Box Support 4 pcs LED Sending Card Installed. Standard 19 inch case design, can be installed in the cabinet directly. Drawer design: 4 led sending card can be installed without openning the case. Compatible with most sending cards like linsn ts802d and sd801d sending card available on the market; mainly used for mosaic of ultra-large LED display. Uniform power supply: convenient for sending card's installation and management and it also offers  backup in application.

January 17

Watch LED Display Screen Tech Video | LED Screen Parts

LED tech video provide all kinds of videos related with LED screens but not limited to software operations, hardware repair, new products release etc. LED displays are more and more used in various fields, such as advertising, trafficetc. Since  it  has  a  large quantity  and  is  widely  distributed,  updating LED  display contents  becomes  a  very  heavy  work. Internet  remote  control  solution  will  solvethis  problem  easily. What  user  needs  to  do  is  to  operate  in front  of  computer  to update play contents of LED display even across regions. View More >> LED Control Card

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January 16

How To Use Colorlight LED Controller : LED Card Shop and LED Controller

Colorlight C4 LED Display Media Player Controller, C&Light C4 can connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight Cloud Server, C4 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screen. Colorlight C4 LED Media Player Controller can connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight LED Controller, C4 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screens and multi-services across regions. Read More >> Novastar VX4S

January 16

Linsn EB901 Replace EB701 LED Display Control System Splitter

LINSN Control System EB701 HUB Sender is designed specifically multi-display or large screen. The EB701 card has two input ports and eight output ports. Support 1 input 8 output or double 2 input 4 output, support automatic switching function. When used as a 1 input 8 output module, support multi-card cascade, Max 8 cards can be cascaded up, means 1 input 64 output. Used as one spliting to eight.

January 16

Buy Linsn RV801 Led Receiving Card Fullcolor LED Display

Linsn RV801 led receiving card work with TS801 led sending card,Rv801D led receiver to receive the data from led sending card. The A and B two ports of receiving card can be used to input or output, can be used for two computers to control a screen at the same time, when one computer have problems, another one automatically replace it, also can be used for one computer with double cable control, when one cable have problems, another one automatically take it over, making the normal work of screen to get maximum security.

January 15

Novastar MFN300-B LED Screen Multi Function Box

Novastar MFN300-B Multifunction Box with a variety of auxiliary functions. Supporting 2-way light sensor connected to achieve automatic brightness adjustment. This is a multifunctional box with a variety of auxiliary functions such as RS232 serial or Gigabit Ethernet port communication, connection between two receiving cards, timer function, distribution box temperature and humidity detection, 4-way light sensor connection, and 8-way power switch control.

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January 13

Novastar | Video Processor | LED Screen Parts

All of Novastar products like Asynchronous controller, receiving card, Single Color USB Control Card, Serial Port Control Card, LED Sender Card, Multi-Function Card, Fiber Converter, Single Mode Fiber Converter. Novastar Products also contain more specification. With the continued development of LED displays, our industry has already entered the generation of 4K displays. So what kind of 4K solution can NovaStar provide? For stage events, Colorlight LED Controller is definitely the complete NovaStar solution for you, which is the perfect pair for live stage and broadcasting.