January 05

How Do I Take Care of My Teeth During Pregnancy?

Preventative dentistry is especially important when you’re expecting. Pregnancy causes you to be at greater risk of developing serious health problems with your teeth and gums.

Tooth Erosion: One of the most common health issues for expecting mothers is tooth erosion due to morning sickness, the stomach acid that comes into contact with your teeth can cause an irreversible loss of structure due to chemical dissolution. It is important to rinse your mouth out with water and wait 30 minutes after experiencing morning sickness to brush your teeth. With regular visits to your dentist, tooth erosion is something that can be dedicated and likely prevented early on.

December 09

Think colas are the only enemy drinks?

The fact that carbonated, sugary drinks are bad for teeth won’t be revelatory for most. Dental and pediatric orthodontist Edmonton have been railing against pop, energy drinks, and flavoured sodas almost since their invention. Cavities, tooth decay, plaque buildup, and discolouration are only some examples of the havoc they can wreak.

November 25

Reasons Why Adults Prefer Invisalign

When you first put in your new aligners, you will [...]

You’re a busy person on the go. You’ve got places to be, things to do, and delicious food to eat. You don’t have time to give metal brackets the thorough cleaning they require. But if you choose metal brackets, you’ll have to.

invisalign cost edmonton consists of clear aligners that are completely removable. Approximately every week, you’ll swap out your aligner for the next model as you work on your teeth alignment. Invisalign fits into your mouth much like a retainer. It's clear and nearly undetectable. The true beauty in Invisalign is that the aligners only need to be in your mouth for 22 hours a day, which means you can easily take them out to eat and brush your teeth. Invisalign Edmonton can be costly, so it may not be a good option if your budget doesn’t allow.

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November 04

How much Does Invisalign Cost For A Child?

With the advances in technology moving forward eve [...]

With the advances in technology moving forward every day, the options for braces treatment are seemingly endless. So how do you know that the treatment proposed by your orthodontist is the best option? This article explains why patients shouldn't be afraid to seek a second opinion.

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Most people associate orthodontic treatment with the traditional metal braces that have been around for years. Some kids can be turned off to that idea especially older ones! Luckily, now more than ever patients seeking a healthy smile have options. Invisalign’s clear retainers offer a virtually invisible appearance on the outside while straightening your teeth on the inside, just like traditional braces. When your child opts to go through treatment with Invisalign, they benefit in ways that are not possible with any other kind of orthodontic treatment. Here are seven ways your child can benefit from Invisalign Edmonton dentist!

October 28

How Invisalign Can Help to Treat Orthodontic Problems

We’ve all been there – coming back from a dental p [...]

Metallic braces have been in use since long for teeth straightening and did do a fair job. But the pain patients have to undergo and the long duration for which they have to wear braces has surfaced as a reason for people not wanting to opt for this treatment. Invisalign is an alternative dental treatment to the traditional braces, and aims at providing its users a hassle-free experience. These also come with numerous benefits in comparison with the braces, below mentioned are a few of them.

October 21

Braces vs. Clear Aligners - City Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

Dental braces and clear aligners are simply instru [...]

They are instruments placed in the teeth directly to help a person improve their dental health and align teeth properly. These metal instruments are bound to make you look different and unusual but it is for your own good.

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When it comes to teeth alignment for your children (as well as yourself!) there are variables to consider. Two of the most common approaches are traditional braces and Invisalign. While both will properly straighten teeth, the journey to get there is slightly different. Let’s take a look at some comparisons between braces and Invisalign.