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Looking For Best Interior Designer in Singapore? – SHE Interior Design Pte Ltd

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May 23

Vastu Shatra Consultant in Pune

Being a renowned Vastu Consultant In Pune, we help [...]

Vastu is mainly based on both the positive and negative forces which are constantly interacting with each other on the land. Whenever a new  structure is erected on a vacant land in order to maintain a balance it is required to disturb these forces. 

At Dream studio interiors we offer the best Vastu consultation that will help in retaining more positive energies inside any space be it a commercial space, residence o wellness center which will help to keep the occupants healthy, wealthy and peaceful.

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St Albans Interior Design Services

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Interior Design in Bishops Stortford

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Interior Design services by Dream Studio

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Dream studio is a designing and contracting firm which is dedicated to building design solutions. The firm was initiated by Mr. Shreyas Mehta and Mr. Sai Babu in 2005. We have established ourselves over the years as one of the best interior designing firms in Pune. We have the expertise and skills to infuse creativity and innovation in the various challenging portfolio like health, institutional, wellness, museum, etc. We are driven by excellence and provide the best services to our clients with regards to creativity, time, and value for money, quality, and professionalism

We aspire to create and modify and have a strong client base which includes leading health spas like the Riders Spinning Studio, Fab Gym Deccan, and educational institutions like Global School of management and Grape Board Assoc; Wellness Centre like Lakme Salon, Shraddha Test Tube Baby Centre; Residential flats, bungalows, villas and farm houses.

December 16

Our Portfolio of Interior Design Services | Traci Connell Interiors

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Traci Connell Interiors is committed to achieving the highest level of design with a “turn-key” approach through its services offered. Discover our portfolio of commercial and residential interior design projects.

December 07

Things To Look For In While Choosing An Interior Designer

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Things To Look For In While Choosing An Interior Designer

Shortlisting innovative but feasible interior designers in UAE is a behemoth task in itself. Narrowing down to one to finally take over the task is a whole other story. In UAE, architecture and interior has to be unique, by protocol. Meeting the acceptable standards prescribed by the government, along with time and budget constraints, might make things even more overwhelming for homeowners and developers.

For beginners, word of caution: you need to check certain parameters before you select an interior designer for your dream haven. Once you know what you’re looking for, you will find all your endeavors in decorating your home become much simpler.

Seek Credentials

Interior designing is not a layman’s job. It requires extensive study of the floor plan and knowledge and good aesthetic sense of what goes with what and how. Naturally, such a nuanced job requires proofs of credibility or some sort of validation. While searching for the right interior decorator in Dubai, you can look for credibilityin the form of licensing, awards, or professional organization membership. Multiple accreditations like such are an indicator of the excellence and experience of a firm.

Seek Experience

While trying on for size any anterior designer in Dubai, you must always examine the level of experience that they have in the sector. Try and find out the kind of projects they have worked on before, and make sure your development is not a new venture for them, i.e., they have worked on projects similar to yours before. Look for stints in coveted or established companies.

Seek Sustainability

Sustainable building is the future of construction. Every sector has the scope to go green. Interior designing is no different. Water wise landscaping, adding permeable paving, energy efficiency, water use, materials and waste reduction are just few of the trends in sustainable interior designing. 

Keeping a future scenario in mind, when each construction will be designed in a way so as to maximize energy efficiency, it is a good idea to look for designers who have ample experience in this area.

Examine Offered Services

The credibility and authenticity of a design firm can be gauged by the services it offers. A credible and established firm always tries to retain customer satisfaction and its own brand name in the market by offering all related services to its clients such as creating construction documents, adhering to building codes, specification writing, specifying all aspects of the interior spaces, procurement, and installation, and more.