August 01

Industrial Shed on Rent in Gujarat | Divya Estate Management

Convenient location will attract customers' attention to your logistics center. Convenient exits (left, right), both in the direction of Gujarat and in the direction of the region.
PEB structure manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Divya engineers are pioneers & leaders in manufacturing of quality. Pre- engineered steel building Industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.We have more than 8000 industries and 5000 warehouses in our database. We are specialists in industrial shed , warehouse ,  factory , land for rent or sale warehouse.

January 24

Application of a Durable, non-slip flooring surface | Remedial Building Services

The Remedial Flooring team were contracted to inst [...]
In 2018, the new Toyota Oakdale facility was nearing completion. During the end of the first half, our flooring team were called in to apply two flooring solutions to two key areas of the new complex. The requirement was that the surfaces offer durability to withstand heavy traffic and chemicals and also be non-slip. In the Mezannine level the solution also needed to be visually attractive. 


As the workhorse of the facility, we were requested to apply a coating which met several key critieria. Having understood the long term requirements of the area we specified the application of Sika 264T a two-component solvent free high-build epoxy coating which is perfect for heavy duty and even decorative finishes..

Measuring just over 3500sqm, we constructed bunds around the Battery Charge area before, preparing the newly poured slab with diamond grinders, vacuuming and cleaning it. Then we applied the first of the coats using rollers.
Once the first coat was dry we applied the second coating, including a fine gauge 60# mesh before painting on white gudie and safety lines around all operations areas. 


This 8300sqm area is a site to behold. The client requested that we prepare the new timber flooring with a product that would provide good non-slip qualities without compromising on aestehtics or durability. 
Our first task was to belt-sand the surface edges and use a fine paper to smooth the majority of it. We then applied Hychem E100 primer and two coats of Hychem SF20FG - a durable, chemical resistant epoxy resin with the second coat also incorporating a fine gauge 60# mesh. 
January 24

Beak & Johnston | Remedial Building Services

Beak and Johnston are a major supplier of retail f [...]

Once our recommended flooring solution and quote were approved, we started the project immediately, working closely with the appointed building team. We expertly applied Ucrete polyurethane flooring in order to create a floor that was safe, hygienic and resistant to the physical and chemical strain to which it would be exposed.

To enhance the longevity and quality of the flooring we included a bauxite broadcast aggregate in place of the more commonly used, but less effective silica sand.

January 24

Falls on Flat Surfaces: A Commonly Overlooked Work Hazard | Remedial Building Services

In the past Workplace safety was something people [...]

In the past Workplace safety was something people saw as a necessary evil. Today however, Workplace safety is one of the many aspects that business owners as well as facility managers have started to prioritise, recognising that a safe workforce is more motivated and less of a financial burden. In fact, workplace safety is not only a requirement by Australian law, but it also has a proven effect in boosting productivity, employee retention and end product quality.

The importance of getting flooring right

In our dealings with clients we often get asked about workplace claims and while trends in serious rates of claims is going down, (according to the Key Work Health and Safety, 2015 report), Falls from the same height (including slips and trips on floor surfaces) is still the 3rd most serious cause of injury in Australia, representing 14% of all claims.  A serious claim is defined as a claim where the individual is away from work for one or more weeks. 

There are our variety of stories that highlight the damage and burden a workplace injury can cause, both for the individual involved and the business (lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, fines and penalties, business reputation, to name but a few). And it is frustrating as flooring specialists, that the issues causing businesses and employees so much angst  can be avoided, simply by getting your flooring solution right from the start

January 24

What Remedial Building Services offer | What we Do | Remedial Building Services

If you want to know why you need more than a handy [...]

The dizzying array of flooring options can often be confusing. and all too often clients are unsure of which flooring type is the most appropriate for their building.

Our advice is simple: when it comes to industrial and commercial flooring, resilience and versatility should always be prioritised over aesthetic considerations.

While many of our clients have been drawn to flooring options such as ceramic tiles or a polished concrete floor because of their visual appeal, after listening to their requirements, we advise them to steer clear of these flooring solutions. In the same way that a nice hat cannot offer the same protection as a good quality helmet, a vinyl or concrete floor cannot offer the same protection, resilience and versatility as polyurethane, epoxy or MMA flooring solutions.

In fact, our composite flooring solutions offer numerous advantages over otherfloor coverings including:

  • The ability to be prepared and installed overnight, limiting the down time for businesses and causing minimal –if any- loss of trade.
  • Customisation of the colour, the non-slip co-efficient and the level of resistance to traffic, machinery, chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • A range of available finishes; from a showroom quality finish to a hard-wearing factory floor
  • Seamless floors with no grout or welds and therefore no opportunity for bacteria to grow in the cracks.

We have solutions to suit commercial flooring and industrial flooring requirements, be they restaurants, food production, pharmaceutical, showroom or workshop.
Contact our team to learn more about the advantages of our composite flooring solutions

January 16

About Digital Instrument and Cons & Pros

The Digital Instrument which speaks to the measure [...]

About Digital Instrument and Cons & Pros

The DigitalInstrument which speaks to the measured esteem as the computerized number is known as the advanced instruments. It takes a shot at the rule of quantization. The quantization is the way toward changing over the consistent info signal into a countable yield signal.

The development of the advanced Digital Instrument is perplexing, and their expense is likewise exceptionally high. The computerized instruments expend less force when contrasted with simple instruments. The advanced millimeter, computerized voltmeter, advanced recurrence meter, and so on are the instances of the advanced instruments.

Pros of Digital Instrument

·       The Digital Instruments show the perusing in the numeric structure which diminishes the blunder.

·       The advanced yield is gotten by the instrument which goes about as a contribution for the significant gadgets like floppy, recorder, and printer and so on.

·       The force utilization is less in the advanced instruments.

Cons of Digital Instruments

·       Coming up next are the burdens of the advanced hardware.

·       The over-burdening limit of the instrument is low.

·       It is a temperature touchy device. The Digital Instrument is made by the exceptionally fragile component which is effectively influenced by the climatic condition.

·       The impact of clamor is more on computerized gadgets when contrasted with the Digital Instruments.

November 06

What Are The Top Oil And Gas Companies

The success of this round, involving companies suc [...]

CEO of Stegron Inc, said. “Crown is the latest Chemicals addition to our growing portfolio of high grade targets in the UK, Italy, and offshore Jamaica that are at various stages of development and monetization.” The news was well received in the stock market, as London-listed United Oil & Gas were up 3pc in afternoon trading on Thursday.

October 31

Concrete Repair | Remedial Building Services

Don't let anyone fool you. Concrete repair is NOT [...]


In short, Concrete spalling is the technical term which describes concrete which has been put under stress and has started to crack. this stress is most often caused by structural factors such as building movement or rust within the structural reinforcing.  As steel rusts it expands within the concrete (it can expand up to 7 timees its original size) causing the concrete to swell and - given concrete is not flexible - crack. As it cracks it becomes brittle, allows moisture in which reacts with the steel further, accelerating the process.

Concrete spalling is also referred to as concrete cancer by many. The signs of spalling  include:

  • Crazing and cracking concrete
  • Rust stains which seem to leak out from within the concrete
  • Bubbling (also called Plating) of concrete render
  • Drummy concrete. Concrete which appears solid, but when tapped shows evidence of air trapped behind it meaning it has started to delaminate (split into layers) 
  • Leaks which appear in overhead concrete surfaces


Concrete spalling – especially on the outside of a building – not only looks terrible, but it is potentially dangerous too. Over time, and with increased exposure to the elements, untreated pieces of concrete may fall from your structure. The risk is it falling and damaging property, or even worse, hitting a person walking below.


Many people (incorrectly) believe that a coat of paint, or in "more extreme" circumstances, replacing the affected concrete will suffice to fix the issues described above. Truth is though, that concrete repair requires more than tese aesthetic approaches. Whilst these approaches fix the visible signs, all they are doing is masking the real issues underneath. It is the same as putting a band-aid on a gravel rash without removing the debris first. You have treated the signs of trouble, but you are allowing the wound to fester and cause ongoing complications which require even more work. 

Concrete repair requires a methodological approach to:

  • Identify the visible signs
  • Understand the underlying causes
  • Develop a repair methodology which treats the issues and which ensures compatibility with any existing systems or materials
  • Implementation of the repairs
  • Ongoing supervision
  • Guarantees as to the quality of work. 


Like anything, there are risks in not doing something correctly the first time. With concrete cancer it is essential that you make the correct decisions and undertake the correct procedures the first time, as if you don't there can be ramifications inclusive of:

  • ​Incompatible metals being used in close proximity to each other, thus causing a reaction which allows water into the slab

  • Ongoing structural damage inclusive of shifting walls, cracked bricks, plumbing issues, windows which crack, doors which are not plumb, and so on.
  • Increased costs associated with ongoing repair work
  • Increased costs in longer term due to deferred maintenance 
  • Damage to property or life from potential falling concrete


If you have concerns your property requries concerete repair, contact us. We specialise in the repair of concrete for residential and commercial strata buildings, commercial buildings, and industrial complexes. 

July 16

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Evolve Design Solutions with over 30 years experience offers world-class design services with industrial designers and product designers to successfully create and design exceptional products in Ottawa.

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