June 04

Useful Information on Food and Beverage Concept Development

Food and beverage concept development is a crucial aspect of business development for the foodservice industry. Consultancy firms offer this key service to help restaurant, hotel, and commercial food service providers maximize the potential of their hotel kitchen and dining facility, signature restaurant, bistro, café, delicatessen, all-day dining hub, concept bar, or perhaps even shopping center food retail area to enjoy sustainable profitability.

June 04

Reasons to Hire a Food and Beverage Audit Consultant

When running any food and beverage business, it makes sense to ensure that it is able to serve high-quality and delicious offerings, and that it is capable of providing the best customer service. However, it can be difficult to verify those things without a third-party letting you know what needs to be improved or what aspects of your business are doing great. 

June 04

Know All About Food and Beverage Consulting Companies

Working with a food and beverage consulting firm is something that you should seriously consider if you want to maximize your business’ potential in the foodservice industry. These professionals act as expert advisors who can advocate for your goals by designing and implementing systems that cater to the very needs of your business and your own clients. 

June 04

Hospitality Consultant – A Perfect Guide to Grow Your Business

Running a hospitality business can be challenging, especially when you consider the tough competition in the industry. However, there are ways that you can stay ahead of your competitors, such as by hiring an experienced hospitality consultant. 

February 28

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July 18

Coople: Tech-Staff

Coople, which focuses mainly on the following indu [...]

The idea is simple. A staffing app which allows employers to advertise work at an hourly rate — whether that be for a few hours cleaning, for security stewarding work, or for a catering job. Workers sign up, complete the work, and get paid through the app. Once that part is complete, both the employer and the employee provide an Uber-style rating for each other.