February 22

Secure Transportation, VIP Protection, And Special Event Security In Italy

ETS has a comprehensive service capability within [...]

ETS has a comprehensive service capability within Italy. We are the trusted provider of secure transportation to a range of Fortune 10, 100, and 500 Companies, VIPs, NGOs and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) traveling in the region. Over the past five years, we have provided security solutions for our clients through a range of services. This includes the coordination, development, and logistical planning of numerous VIP travel itineraries, multiple secure airport transfers for business and executive travelers, including optional services for meetings and corporate events and special event security.  Look At This Site

February 18

ETS Security Overview In Indonesia

There is a high threat of terrorism in Indonesia. [...]

There is a high threat of terrorism in Indonesia. Terrorist groups have the capacity to plan attacks and carry out attacks across the region. Extremist groups have proven that they can strike anywhere ranging from government buildings, security officers, bars and restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, and tourist destinations. One such example was the 2002 Bali bombing which caused widespread fatalities amongst foreign nationals and locals. Despite Indonesia’s security authorities employing tight enforcement of extremist groups the threat of an attack still remains high in Indonesia.  In addition, travelers should exercise caution when traveling to Aceh, Central Sulawesi Province, Maluku Province, Papua and West Papua Province due to the potential for violence or violent conflict.     More Info….

February 08

How Crime Trends Influence Business Traveling

From the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, El Salvador [...]

From the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, Secure Transportation El Salvador suffered political and economic instability and the succession of authoritarian rulers through revolts and coups. The Salvadoran Civil War from 1979 to 1992, fought between the military and left-wing guerrilla groups devastated the country’s economy, thus increasing social inequality. The outcome was the establishment of a multiparty constitutional republic, which remains in place to this day.

El Salvador’s economy has historically been dominated by agriculture since the 16th century and the Spanish colonization. In the early 20th century, its dependence on the exportation of coffee began diversifying its economy by expanding the manufacturing sector, trade, and financial links. The colon, official currency since 1892, was replaced by the United States dollar in 2001.

January 19

10 Ways To Introduce Personal Security Tips For Travelers To Ghana

On arrival at the hotel familiarize yourself with [...]

On arrival at the hotel familiarize yourself with emergency exits, fire system and local emergency contacts for first responders; this is a safety and security precaution to reduce risks in case of a critical incident Secure Transportation Ghana; Consult with security experts to assess the situation in the specific area you intend to visit and adopt safety and security precautions;

Exchange currency through your bank or a money exchange office at the departing airport. Always carry a small sum of local currency and be cautious, there may be someone watching you; It is also recommended to travel with a prepaid credit card to limit losses in case of theft;

January 12

5 Reasons Why People Like Best Security Companies For Executive Protection

A good warning sign is photos of them in suits car [...]

A good warning sign is photos of them in suits carrying firearms, flexing or overly focused on the hard-skills such as range time, or posting politically charged comments. If they do that on social media what will they do around your entourage, crew, or associates? Also Secure Transportation Colombia, with some strategic research, you can see if there are any recent or historic incidents associated with the company or its leadership. Multiple large, and established security companies (still in business) have been involved in client incidents, have bribery allegations against them, ongoing court battles, and have shown negligence on tasks that have been publicly identified in the media.

January 05

How To Improve Your Journey Risk Management

Business travel in El Salvador can be conducted sa [...]

Business travel in Secure Transportation El Salvador can be conducted safely, but it’s important to introduce basic safety measures to avoid compromising your personal security. As with all travel risk management, it would be wise to liaise with a security professional to learn the ground truth at your destination. Most of the time an airport transfer in Accra, El Salvador, will only require a security trained driver and vehicle, however, if the threat increases it’s important to know your security team can be agile and adaptive to ensure your safety.

December 15

The 5 Reasons Tourists Love Technology In Corporate Travel Risk Management

Scenario two identifies that even with a cell-phon [...]

Scenario two identifies that even with a cell-phone App and a GSOC with 24/7 Analysts on-call, an over-reliance, or false sense of security from an App can lead to indecision, delay, or incorrect decision when an actual incident occurs Secure Transportation El Salvador. An analyst trained to assess geopolitical and social issues and report accordingly is unlikely trained or experienced to triage an emergency and offer subject matter advice in a timely and relevant fashion. How many GSOCS have trained security professional’s on-call 24/7 able to provide diligent, timely, and relevant advice during an incident? The majority of GSOCS have at best intelligence analysts, or more likely call-center type personnel with flow chart response protocol.

November 23

Safety Training For Travelers In ETS Risk Management

I did a research to check the regulations in force [...]

I did a research to check the regulations in force in Italy in order not to run into problems that could interrupt the trip. Secure Transportation Colombia There are still countries that impose a 14-day quarantine on arrival and others that require the completion of a form to ascertain the origin and state of health of the traveler. In this case, I recommend filling out the form before leaving to speed up the control procedures, reducing delays and risks. If you are unsure about a country’s regulations, you can visit the government’s official page in the travel section or consult a security expert.

November 20

What happens if…? - ETS Risk Management

Preparation for higher risks includes the possibil [...]

Preparation for higher risks includes the possibility of such risks materializing despite the measures taken. Secure Transportation Venezuela This is the moment when alertness and constant monitoring of the situation help answer the fateful question: What if? For example, “what happens if the person on duty at the hotel reception who sees me go out every morning is linked to a criminal organization?”; “What if my driver suddenly deviates from the route saying he has to pick up a friend?”; “What if a vehicle suddenly comes up behind me and two men run to meet me?”. The simple act of asking these questions helps prepare for various eventualities and plan a reaction that allows you to react and survive the threat.

November 03

Low-Probability And High-Impact Risks

While these travel situations generally don’t happ [...]

While these travel situations generally don’t happen every day Secure Ground Transportation Uruguay, it’s important to be prepared by working with a well-resourced security and emergency response company, or leverage your organization’s security departments. Either will be prepared to respond rapidly and efficiently working to avoid you becoming stranded and unable to leave the country. Let’s look at a more common scenario that business travelers may find themselves facing. A small regional airport in the Bahamas is staffed and equipped to handle 200 travelers flying out each day.

October 26

Secure Transportation And Personal Safety In Cape Town

Townships are underdeveloped segregated urban area [...]

Townships are underdeveloped segregated urban areas with high levels of unemployment and poverty Secure Transportation Colombia. Gang crime and violence is a daily occurrence in these areas, and where a high percentage of the city’s murders take place.  Mostly, this is a result of turf wars and gang on gang violence; however, being targeted as a foreign traveler is very likely if you were to find yourself passing through these locations accidentally.

Most business travel in Cape Town is conducted with a security driver and SUV, often (but not always) accompanied by an armed Executive Protection Officer due to the high risk. Having a team of local specialists to facilitate movements throughout the city will ensure high-risk areas are avoided and personal safety is maintained.

October 20

Top Executive Protection Companies | ETS Risk Management

What we do know however is, that it is vital to se [...]

What we do know however is Vip Protection Companies, that it is vital to see and not just look, attention to detail, powers of observation and preempting danger are vital in our roles as protectors. If suicide bomber indicative behaviors are noted early then further interest can be paid to the potential threat, preemptive measures can be taken. It is by no means an exact science but security professionals must constantly add skills to their protective arsenal, using everything in their means to offer the best level of protection to the client.

October 13

Advantages Of Travelling Abroad During Covid-19 – A Personal Experience And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

COVID-19 has been the topic of conversation across [...]

COVID-19 has been the topic of conversation across the globe for several months Secure Transportation Ghana. No matter where in the world you are located, you will know about the virus and the destructive path it is leaving behind. Many countries now appear to be maintaining, or at least have mitigation measures in place to reduce the risk to their communities. However, are these measures enough to reassure the population, especially when it comes to thinking about travelling again?

This article aims to provide information from a recent travel experience to Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is mainly focusing on the safety measures implemented for travelling abroad and their effectiveness. From a personal perspective, I felt the COVID-19 response measures from both the UK and Italy’s travel industry were well managed and at no point did I think my safety was compromised. However, airports are likely to be less busy, and flights are not at full capacity yet, which makes social distancing and crowd management more achievable.

October 06

The Dangers Of Public Transportation In Colombia

Trains are prone to delays and are often affected [...]

Trains are prone to delays and are often affected by deficient signaling Secure Transportation Colombia, ageing infrastructure, and poor maintenance. Derailments and overcrowding can occur, increasing the risk of becoming a victim of criminal activity, including petty crime and assault. Local buses in Colombia are equally as dangerous. Overcrowding, poorly maintained vehicles and driving at excessive speeds have resulted in multiple road traffic incidents in recent years. Public transportation anywhere in Colombia is not recommended due to the increased risk to personal security.

September 28

Security And Safety On-Arrival | ETS Risk Management

The Host could have in the vehicle an ‘Emergency” [...]

The Host could have in the vehicle an ‘Emergency” Abaya-cover Insider Threat Consultancy, in case the female traveler has to leave the vehicle before arriving at the hotel (Upon Request). After arrival, and at Immigration: All new Visa arrivals will be subjected to Bio metrics (Finger Printing and Digital Portrait), and there is a special lane for that. It has also happened in the past that external drives/USB memory devices have been temporarily confiscated and checked, so it is also important that all software/content installed on laptops or devices is licensed proprietary software.