August 11

Art & Yoga - A Retreat Experience that will Change Your Life!

I invite you to join me for an Art Yoga Retreat combining Kundalini healing yoga with painting at the easel. Yoga technology and creativity release resistance & activates your 5th dimensional mind. You will learn how to be more creative. Perfect for the beginner or advanced student.

August 11

Kundalini Healing Meditation - Art & Healing Sanctuary

You can heal the body through meditation and experience how to be happy and more creative when you find a mentor such as Michelle who can teach you the wisdom and technology that will change you life.

August 11

Energy Healing has the Power to Positively Change Your Life — Art & Healing Sanctuary

Energy Healing Therapy seeks to release the resistance that is the root cause of your suffering. Michelle is a conduit for Sacred Space energy to flow from Source to you. During a session you will experience relief and receive information so you can heal.

August 11

Energy Healing Sessions | Art and Healing Sanctuary

Michelle is a healer specializing in energy healing, meditation and mantra and healing and finding happiness through creativity. Call Michelle at (619) 846-3116 for more details.

August 11

Spiritual Retreats & Kundalini Awakening | Art and Healing Sanctuary

Art and Healing Sanctuary specializes in energy healing, retreats, healing art, learning to paint, healing the body through meditation. Call Michelle at (619) 846-3116 for more details.

August 10

Best 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Delhi

Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Delhi gives you the foundation for teaching yoga safely, confidently, & knowledgeably. Our yoga teacher training  is inclusive of Ashtanga and Vinyasa style, and provides a great way to start your journey. We also offer 200 hours yoga teacher training program in Faridabad, 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in India, yoga and meditation retreats in Switzerland Europe, yoga teacher training program in India, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program in Delhi, yoga course in rishikesh, Contentedness Meditation, 200 hours yoga teacher training program in India etc.

August 08

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy in Toronto

Top chiropractor in Toronto with expertise in preg [...]

June 07

Anytime Doctor

Anytime Doctor offers a convenient and secure onli [...]

Anytime Doctor offers online doctor, online pharmacy, which is CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered and has licensed GMC-registered doctors. After a consultation with a doctor, a patient can buy prescription medicines including fungal nail treatment, antimalarials, Propecia and erectile dysfunction medicines.

May 16

News Feed – Elite Surgical

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April 29

Best cancer care services in Southlake

Patients need a clinic that offers a warm and calm environment and find a center that will treat them like family with care and compassion.

April 29

Common Cancer Care Services in Texas

Cancer centers offer more than just cancer treatment services.  Many offer comprehensive cancer care services to ensure optimal wellbeing of the patients and caregivers.

April 29

Patients and Doctors Proven to Have a Drastic Difference of Opinion over Prognosis

A study recently conducted in the United States has proven that there is a distinct lack of proper communication between doctors and patients.

April 29

Cancer Care in North Texas: The Possible Treatment Options

Proper support is essential, as well as a good doctor-patient relationship, to help during your cancer treatment. Make sure you discuss all your options with your physician to get the best possible cancer care in North Texas.

April 29

Colon Surgery in Southlake

Colon surgery in Southlake usually doesn’t cause complications even in older people. Age shouldn’t restrict you from having a bowel resection if needed.

April 17

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sydney

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sydney

Herbal medicine is becoming more recognised and validated by scientific investigations. Many commonly used drugs today have been based on or derived from the chemicals found in the healing properties of certain plants.