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Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai - UAE - HealthNHomeo - Dr.Ruchi

Dr.Ruchi - Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai.Healthn [...]

Dr.Ruchi - Best Homeopathy Clinic in Dubai.HealthnHomeo offers the best safe and effective homeopathic treatment & medicines for Hair loss ,Allergies,Tonsillitis,Asthma,Acne,Migraines,Gastric problems in Dubai UAE

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Advantage of Grinding Herbs into Fine Powder

Powdering herbs is one of the most common ways to [...]

Powdering herbs is one of the most common ways to take it. This method of taking is not only convenient, which is easy to add flavor to the food, but also the utilization efficiency of the medicine is improved. In general, herbs that are ground into fine powder have several advantages:

  • 1. Improve bioavailability. After ultrafine pulverization of herbs, the contact area with the solvent is greatly increased, the extraction time can be shortened, the active ingredient transfer rate can be improved, and the comprehensive utilization of raw materials can be improved.
  • 2. Improve the pharmacodynamic effect. After the pulverization treatment, the herb medicine has fine particle size and uniformity, the specific surface area and the porosity are increased, so that the medicine can be well dispersed, the utilization rate is improved, and the medicine effect is indirectly improved.
  • 3. Better retain the effective ingredients. For example, Ganoderma Lucidum is rich in trace elements of amino acids, and grinding into powder can make these substances play a better role. Therefore, for many precious Chinese herbal medicines, the choice of using herb micro-grinder can make the effect of the medicine better.


Conventional grinding has the characteristics of low processing efficiency, high processing cost, processing precision and unstable processing quality. Traditional herbal grinding relies mainly on labor. The automatic herbal grinder can effectively improve the traditional extraction process. It can grind herbs, spices, etc. into very fine powder in a short time, which improves the grinding level and ensures the precision and quality of the grinding process.

September 27

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