April 22

Food processing in India

Jam Jam Group is one of the leading Food Processin [...]

Why Choose Us !

 On me market reachability

 Transparent escalation matrix

 Real me inventory control

 High Hygenic Environment

 State of art facilities

 Latest Technology

 High performance and quality machinery

 24x7 Security

 Award winning customer support

Flexible solution to match any client requirement 2 TPH - 25 TPH Processing capacity to choose from

REDUCE LOGISTIC BURDEN As our processing units and storage units are in close proximity across Hyderabad.


12 LOCATIONS in Hyderabad and Raipur.

March 16

Kuća Zdravlja Srbija

Prirodni preparati za čišćenje organizma koje smo [...]


Paket hrane za čišćenje organizma

„Zato sam dugotrajnim istraživanjem literature o bilju i lečenju biljem – od Gintera, Brojsa, Kušija i mnogih drugih, došao do sopstvenog načina najpre svog izlečenja, a onda oporavka i izlečenja drugih ljudi. Zato spremam pakete zdrave hrane na bazi raznih biljaka – mahunarki, žitarica, semena, koštunjavog voća, koje se dobijaju organskom proizvodnjom, bez pesticida, aditiva i druge hemije. To je paket za čišćenje organizma, pre svega krvi koja kada je zdrava, pročišćava organe isvuda gde prolazi.“
„Milovan Milošević“

O nama

Dr Mr Milovan Milošević je leta 1994. odlučio da glasne i užurbane ulice Beograda zameni mirom i tišinom prirode. Zajedno sa suprugom Milesom vratio se svojim korenima i ponovo započeo život u rodnom selu Dubu. Sa znanjem da 70% zdravstvenih problema i bolesti počinje od načina ishrane i stresa, Milovan je odlučio da svoj dotadašnji život hedoniste zameni novim i zdravijim pravcem.
Oslonac tog novog pravca predstavljala je vegeterijanska ishrana i miran pristup životu. Kombinovanjem saveta koje je dobio od nutricionista i literature alternativne medicine koju je izučavao, uspeo je da popravi svoje zdravstveno stanje i izbegne potrebu za operacijom na srcu (ugradnju 3 bajpasa) i doživotnom terapijom lekovima. Svojim načinom života je došao do stadijuma gde poslednjih 15 godina ne koristi nikakve medikamente, pa čak ni aspirin. Odlučio je da svoje iskustvo pretoči u knigu pod nazivom Servis čišćenja organizma. Ali tu nije stao, zbog ličnog verovanja da dok je čovek voljan i zdrav, treba težiti ka neprestanom usavršavanju i učenju.
Nakon izdavanja knjige i držanja mnogobrojnih predavanja na temu Korišćenja paketa hrane za čišćenje ogranizma, osnovao je Centar za Prirodne Alternative. U tom centru sada, između ostalog, organizuje predavanja, seminare i različite kurseve na temu pročišćavanja organizma. Pored privatne biblioteke od preko 1000 knjiga na temu alternativne medicine i prirode, odlučio je da svoje znanje i formalno učvrsti. Prvi korak ove odluke bio je magistriranje na Medicinskom Fakultetu u Banjaluci na temu ,,Medicina Zdravstvenog Turizma”, a potom i putem doktorske diplome od strane Instituta za Prirodnu Medicinu (IPM) u Beogradu (u saradnji sa istoimenim američkim fakultetom).

February 18

Best David Reay's Modern Diner & Tavern

We make most of our menu from scratch using fresh, local & regional ingredients, high-quality cuts of meats, real Wisconsin cheeses, and fresh baked breads. Everything is made-to-order and served in a timely fashion. For more details please visit at https://davidreays.com

February 09


Moghul Mahal is famous for its Authentic North Indian Cuisine, in simple words Punjabi food,with strong rich taste and among the most attention for use is special homegrounded spices and seasonings showing its characteristic.

September 01

Chocolak Blog


There is a huge debate going on about the impact of toxic materials on the environment. More and more organic stuff is being invented like, and the latest trend in the organic material is organic chocolates. Organic chocolates are also available online as well as on different markets.


Premium chocolate bars are one of the finest qualities of chocolate bars and one of the most favorite bars of chocoholics.


Mother’s Day is a special day to express your love for mom but what about a perfect give to express your love and how much you care about her? So if you are still confused, what should be the best gift to purchase, I suggest you to gift chocolates to your mom.


I am a big fan of chocolates and have been tasting different kinds of them for many years. Earlier, I used to walk through the city chocolate stores and search for my favorite brand of chocolate for hours, and wait until I reach back to my place to taste them.


While giving someone a gift, there are so many things that we consider, and these are far beyond than just the question “Will the person like my gift?”


Chocolate is one of the best treats you can give to someone, and it is a gift for any occasion of happiness and joy.


July 09

Buy Exotic Hookah Pipes in Affordable Price in NZ

Regardless of you being a seasoned smoker or someone who has developed a new-found love for vaping, at an online store you can purchase hookah pipes that will perfectly meet your needs! Buying from an online store in New Zealand will have a wide range of products for all kinds of smokers out there – the traditional, the exotic Egyptian hookah lovers, the royal Syrian pipes and even cutting edge modern products. Browse through the hookah pipe categories and pick up anything you like. Everything at hookah pipes store in NZ comes at a very affordable price and you would be very satisfied with the experience we design.

July 09

Explore the Elegance and Luxury of the Hookah through Hookah Vape

In the past decade, the world has seen an increasing interest in vaping. Well, smoking off a hookah pipe isn’t something new to our culture. It has been an exotic practice since ages. The Romans were fond of it, the royal Egyptians gave a luxurious twist to it and in Mesopotamia, and hookah was a part of social gatherings. Even today, you don’t quite smoke a hookah alone. Vaping is fun when you are passing on the pipe among friends; it’s a social activity that is fun and addictive.

April 22

Coke Vending Machines Sydney

Coke Vending Machines Sydney

Being the most loved drink in Australia, on an average, a person consumes at least one can of coke everyday in Australia. Considering its popularity, it is a great way to make coke available for people around you through installing coke vending machines.

April 22

Snack Vending Machines Sydeny

Snack Vending Machines Sydeny

With snacks taking place of the main meals and being lighter on the pocket, most of the people around rely on snacks that can be bought from the snack vending machines. Being a need of the modern day offices and almost every public place, this is the best way to help people grab quick bites at the most affordable rates. If you think that you have some spare space and wish to earn some quick money through this, check out the options of the snack vending machines in Sydney that we at A to Z vending are offering.

April 22

Food Vending Machine Sydney

Food Vending Machine Sydney

As everyone runs late these days, our food vending machines ensure that people can get an access to their favorite food in no time. With the flexible options of size and type, we at A to Z vending machines offer a variety of options that you can choose from. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose your vending machine and get it installed wherever you want.

April 22

Drink Vending Machines Sydney

Drink Vending Machines Sydney

We at A to Z Vending are here to offer you the widest collection of drinks available for sale through its vending machines. With all the brands that of cold drinks that you could think of, to the hot beverages like tea and coffee, our machines offer everything that a customer would ever want. With a team of the most talented people who aim to cater all the customer’s needs, our Drink vending machines are specially designed to handle the drinks at different temperatures and conditions.

April 22

Vending Machines in Sydney

Vending Machines in Sydney

With everything around us speeding up like never before, no one has the time to stand in line to buy their drinks. We at A-Z vending machines offer the simplest solution for this through the best in class vending machines. If you are looking for something like this, we are there to help you in installing the best vending machines in Sydney. No matter if you want to get these machines installed in the waiting areas of your office or just outside your shop, we have a wide variety of options to choose from.

September 01

Healthy Dinner Recipes & Ideas

Get healthy dinner recipes for every day of the week. Delicious, healthy dinner ideas that make it a cinch to eat nutritious meals all week long!

August 31

Cooking Video Recipes

Here’s a collection of easy video recipes by Meal5.com  a simple, healthy meal planning tool designed to help people who know they should be eating healthier, accomplish this on a consistent basis.

August 31

Healthy Eating Meal Plan

By the end of the day, meal planning isn’t high on the priority list. But eating well still is. Now you have a plan, the recipe and the ingredients on hand to make that meal happen every day.