November 20

Perfect Oak Floors

PERFECT OAK FLOORS offer the complete oak timber flooring service including consultation, manufacture, supply and installation. We offer services like Engineered Timber Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Hybrid Vinyl Flooring Melbourne. We specialise in wide board oak timber flooring in all sizes & veneers. We offer quality oak flooring products at an affordable price.

November 10

Non-slip flooring surface

The Remedial Flooring team were contracted to inst [...]

October 19

Buy Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ Auckland. Visit our shor or store today.

We sell Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ. We have wi [...]

We sell Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ. We have wide range of sizes and designes, We are Wholesale Tile Distributor of Kajaria TIles brand in NZ. Canary Lifestyles, is a one-stop shop for all your flooring requirements. We specialize in flooring needs with various types of vitrified and porcelain tiles, wooden flooring and much more, to help your dream construction come to life. I would like to introduce you to Kajaria Eternity’s tiles suited for every room of your dreams. In fact, Kajaria Eternity already has an established presence in 31 countries and Canary Lifestyles has been appointed as their sole authorized distributors across New Zealand and the Fiji Islands.

August 14

Planning your floors could save you money | Blog | Remedial Building Services

Make sure to plan your industrial flooring properl [...]

August 14

When Do You Need Commercial Flooring? | Remedial Building Services

Having a hard time deciding if you need commercial [...]

January 24

Application of a Durable, non-slip flooring surface | Remedial Building Services

The Remedial Flooring team were contracted to inst [...]
In 2018, the new Toyota Oakdale facility was nearing completion. During the end of the first half, our flooring team were called in to apply two flooring solutions to two key areas of the new complex. The requirement was that the surfaces offer durability to withstand heavy traffic and chemicals and also be non-slip. In the Mezannine level the solution also needed to be visually attractive. 


As the workhorse of the facility, we were requested to apply a coating which met several key critieria. Having understood the long term requirements of the area we specified the application of Sika 264T a two-component solvent free high-build epoxy coating which is perfect for heavy duty and even decorative finishes..

Measuring just over 3500sqm, we constructed bunds around the Battery Charge area before, preparing the newly poured slab with diamond grinders, vacuuming and cleaning it. Then we applied the first of the coats using rollers.
Once the first coat was dry we applied the second coating, including a fine gauge 60# mesh before painting on white gudie and safety lines around all operations areas. 


This 8300sqm area is a site to behold. The client requested that we prepare the new timber flooring with a product that would provide good non-slip qualities without compromising on aestehtics or durability. 
Our first task was to belt-sand the surface edges and use a fine paper to smooth the majority of it. We then applied Hychem E100 primer and two coats of Hychem SF20FG - a durable, chemical resistant epoxy resin with the second coat also incorporating a fine gauge 60# mesh. 
January 24

Beak & Johnston | Remedial Building Services

Beak and Johnston are a major supplier of retail f [...]

Once our recommended flooring solution and quote were approved, we started the project immediately, working closely with the appointed building team. We expertly applied Ucrete polyurethane flooring in order to create a floor that was safe, hygienic and resistant to the physical and chemical strain to which it would be exposed.

To enhance the longevity and quality of the flooring we included a bauxite broadcast aggregate in place of the more commonly used, but less effective silica sand.

January 24

Falls on Flat Surfaces: A Commonly Overlooked Work Hazard | Remedial Building Services

In the past Workplace safety was something people [...]

In the past Workplace safety was something people saw as a necessary evil. Today however, Workplace safety is one of the many aspects that business owners as well as facility managers have started to prioritise, recognising that a safe workforce is more motivated and less of a financial burden. In fact, workplace safety is not only a requirement by Australian law, but it also has a proven effect in boosting productivity, employee retention and end product quality.

The importance of getting flooring right

In our dealings with clients we often get asked about workplace claims and while trends in serious rates of claims is going down, (according to the Key Work Health and Safety, 2015 report), Falls from the same height (including slips and trips on floor surfaces) is still the 3rd most serious cause of injury in Australia, representing 14% of all claims.  A serious claim is defined as a claim where the individual is away from work for one or more weeks. 

There are our variety of stories that highlight the damage and burden a workplace injury can cause, both for the individual involved and the business (lost productivity, increased insurance premiums, fines and penalties, business reputation, to name but a few). And it is frustrating as flooring specialists, that the issues causing businesses and employees so much angst  can be avoided, simply by getting your flooring solution right from the start

January 24

What Remedial Building Services offer | What we Do | Remedial Building Services

If you want to know why you need more than a handy [...]

The dizzying array of flooring options can often be confusing. and all too often clients are unsure of which flooring type is the most appropriate for their building.

Our advice is simple: when it comes to industrial and commercial flooring, resilience and versatility should always be prioritised over aesthetic considerations.

While many of our clients have been drawn to flooring options such as ceramic tiles or a polished concrete floor because of their visual appeal, after listening to their requirements, we advise them to steer clear of these flooring solutions. In the same way that a nice hat cannot offer the same protection as a good quality helmet, a vinyl or concrete floor cannot offer the same protection, resilience and versatility as polyurethane, epoxy or MMA flooring solutions.

In fact, our composite flooring solutions offer numerous advantages over otherfloor coverings including:

  • The ability to be prepared and installed overnight, limiting the down time for businesses and causing minimal –if any- loss of trade.
  • Customisation of the colour, the non-slip co-efficient and the level of resistance to traffic, machinery, chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • A range of available finishes; from a showroom quality finish to a hard-wearing factory floor
  • Seamless floors with no grout or welds and therefore no opportunity for bacteria to grow in the cracks.

We have solutions to suit commercial flooring and industrial flooring requirements, be they restaurants, food production, pharmaceutical, showroom or workshop.
Contact our team to learn more about the advantages of our composite flooring solutions

December 17

How to clean a resin industrial floor | Blog | Remedial Building Services | Remedial Building Services

Does your business site have a resin floor and you [...]


Resin floors are widely regarded as a long-lasting flooring system – a primary reason it is favoured in numerous applications including industrial and commercial flooring industries. But like all things, if not regularly and properly maintained, its performance diminishes, it can become unsuitable for the reasons it was implemented and in food preparation areas, it can become unhygienic due to bacteria, build-up of foods/chemicals/detergents, making it a hazardous surface for people to move around in.
So that your resin floor remains in-line with occupational health and safety requirements imposed by Australian standards, it is best to employ an appropriate cleaning regimen. The manufacturers (and less often installers) of resin flooring usually have their own guidelines, from frequency of cleaning to the use of the right products. But having guidelines and following them are two different things, so we thought it prevalent to share some top-level tips on how to keep your floor clean with the right methods as well as recommended tools and cleaning agents.

Recommended Resin Cleaning Methods

There are two common yet highly effective methods used to properly clean epoxy resin flooring and other similar surfaces. The first one is called manual scrubbing, which involves 1) sweeping of the floor to remove accumulated dirt and loose debris; 2) diluting the appropriate cleaning agent (i.e. detergent, see next section) 3) manual scrubbing (by hand) using a brush or a pad; 4) rinsing of the floor with water; 5) draining dirty water and drying of the surface with a squeegee.
The second method requires the use of a steam cleaner or a pressure washer. This procedure is basically the same as the mechanical method but instead of using a brush to clean the floor after the application of a cleaning agent, you use a steam cleaner after steps 1 and 2 are complete. You have to take note, however, that using a pressure washer or a steam cleaner requires proper training and cautious usage as the equipment is powerful and can cause damage to the floor or the operator if handled improperly.

Resin-Friendly Cleaning Products

An integral part in resin maintenance is the usage of a cleaning agent for effective cleaning and maintenance. But what are the common products which you should consider using on your resin floors? Check out the list.
  • Commercial Detergent – perfect for general and simple flooring cleaning. Diluted with water, it creates foam easily, which in turn, helps in loosening dirt and impurities stuck on the floor. A detergent is also good in trapping the dirt in the solution, making it easy for you to contain the filth and remove them effectively with a subsequent water rinse.
    • Failure to remove the detergent properly however, can make the floor slippery, so it is essential that rinsing is done thoroughly.
  • Deodoriser – designed to get rid of odour and bacteria from the floor. This cleaning agent is works best for sterilisation and disinfection purposes, and is therefore perfect for use in food service areas, hospitals, and the other similar spaces.
  • Degreasers and emulsifier – used in removing oils, greases, and other water-insoluble substances. They usually contain hydrocarbon solvents, which facilitate oils and the like to effortlessly mix with water, thus easily eradicating residues which are both slippery and harmful to the floor, without hassle. 
Always keep in mind that manufacturers and installers have recommended products for you to use. Where in doubt, ask them before using a product on your floor as, if you want to prolong the life of your resin floors, their advice will be invaluable. This will not only make your flooring long-lasting but by following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will not void their warranty program.

General Tips

  • Always conduct a spot test in a non-prominent area when using a new cleaning agent.
  • Always dilute the cleaning agent in the recommended quantities before applying it the floor.
  • Immediately wipe off spilled liquid with a mop and a bucket in order to keep your floor in good condition as well as to prevent accidents in the area.
  • Never mix cleaning chemicals and agents as this can be harmful both to human beings and to the floor. 
  • Do not flood the floor when cleaning it with water. Excessive water can damage it.
  • High-traffic areas should be cleaned more than other spaces in your premises.
  • To maintain the antistatic qualities of your flooring, make sure to conduct routine test methods, with recommendations from your installer or manufacturer.
  • Always consult with the professionals to identify the right kind of cleaning equipment and process to utilise for your flooring.
Resin floors are indeed a great investment for your industrial or commercial flooring needs. But no matter how durable they are, remember they are not impervious to wear and tear. If you don’t take care of your floors and do not adhere to a simple cleaning regime, it is inevitable that some damage will eventually be done to them.
But we hope, that iy keeping all these tips in mind, especially when it comes to using the right cleaning agents and tools, your flooring will retain its original condition. If you have any doubts, or think you may have damaged your floor already, why not get me or one of our team on site to have a chat? Get in touch with us today!
December 17

Not All Kitchen Flooring is Created Equal | Remedial Building Services

Fitting out a commercial kitchen is not exactly th [...]



Fitting out a commercial kitchen is not exactly the most affordable exercise. From the ovens, to the dishwashers, to the knives, fridges and all the other accoutrements that go with a kitchen, the costs can run up very quickly. as such, when it comes to the flooring surface, we've found that many owners tend to go for the 'lower cost' alternative. Too often this means that tiles or vinyl are laid in the kitchen.

Tiles and Vinyl: Inexpensive and Ineffective

What's wrong with tiles and vinyl you may ask? People use them in their kitchens all the time and there are no problems. You may be right, people may use them in their HOME kitchens without any issues, but a home and a commercial kitchen floor are completely different in terms of what they are put through. At home vinly and tiles have some great advantages, they wear well, they can add style to the house and they are easy to clean. However, a kitchen floor in a commercial setting has a totally different set of demands. Heavy foot traffic (often 6-7 people in a small area for more than 12 hours a day), people moving in a rush dropping hot oils or sharp objects, intense cleaning chemicals and high volumes of water as well as animal fats make commercial kitchens a different beast all together.

Due to the demands of these elements, vinyl and tiles are some of the more ineffective options available. Both are easily damaged (a sharp knife will easily cut the vinyl surface and similarly, a dropped knife will damage a tile easily), both are slippery if hot oils, or animal fats are spilled, grout in tiles is a breeding ground for bacteria and is easily eroded through washing and scrubbing and heavy foot traffic will cause scuffs and potential trip hazards. As a result, the surface becomes dangerous and a breeding ground for bacteria, and neither of these are desirable in a working kitchen. A health inspection will find high bacteria levels and this can close your kitchen for days or weeks till it is rectified.

As a result, constant maintenance is required to keep the surface in safe and good working condition. Over 5 years, it is not unusual to need to perform maintenance to the surface a number of times, escalating the cost of installation significantly. Sure the installation may have been cheaper, but long term the cost escalates due to maintenance.

Epoxy and MMA Floors offer resilience, safety and style

Whilst the initial cost may be slightly higher than the installation of tiles or vinyl, epoxy flooring surfaces and Methyl Methacrylate Acetate (or MMA) flooring offer a number of advantages which make them a better, safer and more affordable option in the medium term. These advantages include:

  • Resilience to animal fats and blood
  • Aesthetic designs and colours are available in nearly as many options as vinyl
  • Non-slip surface makes it safer
  • Can be laid in a much faster period than tiles
  • Floors can be seamless (no joins), eradicating the capture of bacteria and water
  • High resilience to dropped objects
  • We can lay floors overnight allowing other trades to work as normal or allowing you to operate during business hours without loss of trade
  • We can lay our floors over the top of your existing surface
  • We can create new levels on your floor
  • Easy to maintain

At the end of the day, we recognise that different decisions are made regarding what surface to put down due to different circumstances. However, we provide the above information so that you may, with new knowledge make a better informed decision. We have a number of case studies which you can peruse at any time.

October 31

Why Remedial | Remedial Building Services

Providing specialist structural building repairs t [...]


In the 45 plus years we have been in business, we have established ourselves as the pre-eminent supplier of specialist building services encompassing structural repair, Home Owners Warranty claim repairs and commercial flooring services.

Where we’ve watched competitors come and go, we have stayed strong, which we attribute to three core principles:

  • Intimate understanding of the factors which lead to structural and safety concerns;
  • The recommendation and application of solutions which eradicate the underlying problem and renew it to a desired state; and
  • Transparency in our communication with clients.

 Whilst our experience has seen us travel across Australia on odd occasion we are predominantly focussed on providing the best services for NSW. Today, our service strengths include commercial floor coatings, concrete repair, structural repair and Home Owners Warranty insurance claims.

Over the years our business has grown and with it our staff has expanded. Today, our senior management have amassed close to 200 years collective experience, which makes us confident in our ability to provide to you the best specialist solutions possible.

For more information on Remedial Building Services, please contact our offices, or feel free to download our brochures.

October 23

Timber Flooring Melbourne | Engineered Timber Flooring

We have an extensive range of engineered and susta [...]

Just Eco is a leading supplier of timber flooring in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for sustainable flooring, engineered timber flooring or solid wood flooring, we have them all. We offer an extensive collection of solid and engineered timber floors using new and refurbished timber.

We are one of Australia’s largest suppliers of recycled timber flooring and have extensive experience in residential and commercial projects. Whether you like the beauty of Prestige Oak or want to conserve the environment by investing in reclaimed timber flooring, Just Eco is your destination.

Wide Range of Timber Flooring in Melbourne

Timber flooring is an eco-friendly and practical option. No matter your taste, style and budget, you are sure to find a timber floor to suit your requirements.

Narrow or wide boards, stunning colours, an array of timber species preference, the traditional feel of solid timber flooring or new looking recycled engineered flooring, the options are endless.

Within any space timber flooring provides warmth and interest, enhancing the character and design of a space. At Just Eco we have an extensive range of engineered and solid timber floors crafted from both recycled and new materials. We stock several ranges of engineered flooring including the Prestige Oak and De Marque Collection encompassing a range of parquetry and straight flooring. In addition, we can also create custom recycled timber flooring from our extensive recycled timber stock to complement any design and space.

At Just Eco, we supply a wide range of solid and engineered flooring.

  • Recycled Flooring – Our range of recycled timber flooring will add warmth and charm to any room with its rich textures and stunning features. With our extensive collection of recycled timber, we can manufacture planks in custom sizes. What’s more, you can choose a texture and colour that perfectly suits your project.
  • New Flooring – Just Eco brings to you an eclectic collection of engineered floors. We are a premier supplier of Prestige Oak Engineered flooring, which features an array of European Oak floors in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Engineered wood floors stand the test of time thanks to their multi-layer structure and assure you of a sturdy floor for years to come.
  • Parquet FlooringParquet timber floors are inspired by the classic French pattern where planks of timber are laid at different angles to create some exciting designs. Here at Just Eco, we can help bring your ideas to life with our premium collection of herringbone and parquetry timber flooring.

We are Timber Flooring Specialists

Since 2013, we have been supplying real timber flooring across Australia. We specialise in recycled timber flooring and European oak engineered floors and assure you of high quality products.

Whether you are renovating your home, fitting out your office or decorating your new build, we are here to help you choose the right floor for your project. We assure you of friendly service, sound advice and affordable prices.

If you are looking for inspiration and flooring ideas, what better way to do so than visiting our timber flooring showroom. Located in South Melbourne, our showroom is close to the CBD.

Our friendly staff would be happy to show you around, offer sound advice and answer any questions you may have. Should you require a custom flooring solution, we would be happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

Make an appointment right away to visit our showroom. For any questions, call (03) 9311 0541.

If you have any questions about any of our products or services get in touch with our team here!
September 26

Three Things You Should Know About Flooring | Remedial Building Services

If your business is in hospitality, food productio [...]


There’s an often used expression that is very relevant to our line of work – “Everything begins from the ground up”. Sometimes it may refer to the foundations of your building which may be very relevant to any structural issues you have, and at other times if will refer to the actual floor itself, upon which you conduct your business.
If your business is in hospitality, food production or industrial (or other related industries) you will know just how important it is to have a well-kept (at times, attractive), safe and non-slip floor beneath your feet.
Today we want to focus some attention on Flooring surfaces and discuss three things which are often either overlooked or taken for granted, but which in their own right are highly important in preserving the life of your floor and ultimately ensuring it’s safe for use.

All flooring will suffer wear and tear

We all think concrete is super hard wearing. And it is – to a point. Similarly, floors with tiles, resins or even vinyl all start of resilient and fit for purpose, but like any surface put under the rigours of running a business, they will suffer from wear and tear and degrade to a point where they are hard to clean, or even unsafe for use. It could be time, or it could be a change in environment.
In fact. we often get called to jobs where we are shown a floor that shows visible signs of damage. Often this is due to the fact that what was laid in the first place was fit for purpose for one business type, but changes in ownership or tenancy mean the floor is exposed to different wear and tear. In commercial spaces this is especially so where a change in occupant (say from a sandwich shop to a full café) may mean different cleaning chemicals, hot foods and fats instead of just sandwiches or sharp implements. These influences will potentially degrade the floor at a much faster rate.
Similarly, if you are in a commercial space in a busy office, your main reception area will see a high degree of foot traffic and will need a type of floor that can withstand high foot traffic and thus, instead of tiles, needs a solid surface such as an epoxy flooring solution, while work areas which hardly see any lack of action, can be coated with non-slip floor paint (resin).
The intricate balancing of style, function, and comfort is the key to making the right choice and prolonging the life of your floor into the next several years.

Flooring needs to match your business intent

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the health of your staff and your customers. Take for an example, a food and beverage facility, which can become toxic if you have the wrong flooring type installed.
Think about a commercial space in a large office building. A shop in the retail area may once have been occupied by a phone repair shop. Foot traffic was low, the cleaning demands and damage on the floor was low too. Sadly, the business moved out and now your café has moved in. You plan to sell coffees etc and also make a range of food options which people can consume. Maybe it is just simple pastas, salads, sandwiches etc. However, these foods all have fatty acids in them and as they are dropped on the floor can make the floor slippery, and if not cleaned properly eat into the surface. As you clean them, your chemicals may exacerbate the damage making your floor unsafe to work on, and even worse given your business, lift the surface slightly allowing water to sit underneath and become a breeding ground for bacteria.
In other words, the wrong flooring could help breed bacteria and mould, putting the health of your customers at risk. It may not have been your fault the floor was there, but it is now your responsibility to ensure that you or the owners invest in proper commercial or industrial flooring (whatever your business) that discourages the growth of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Safety should come first

When making flooring choices, safety is of utmost importance. Remember when an employee or customer falls or gets hurt, not only does it affect your reputation but it can be a major cost to your business. While choosing the safest type may seem challenging due to competing benefits, it’s really a matter of prioritising the most important factors such as slip resistance, manoeuvrability, cushioning, hygiene and maintenance, and comfort. Depending on your needs you may want to select a resilient heavy-duty industrial floor paint such as an epoxy flooring option or maybe an attractive yet, slip-resistant resin coating for a pedestrian access ramp.
Ultimately, each type of flooring option has its own merits and there is not a single type that is ideally suited for all conditions, especially since floors serve different purposes in different types of buildings.
When it comes to selecting your flooring, there is a lot to consider, whether it is knowing the functional requirements that exist in a particular room and offsetting this against both an installation budget or a maintenance budget, or to your expectations of cleanliness, aesthetics and durability. If you are unsure where to start, you are on the right site, we have 50 years’ experience in the application of the right floors for a diverse range of needs. Get in touch with the Remedial team now and let us help you to better understand which type of flooring will work best for your business.

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September 26

DIY Tips for Your Flooring Surface | Remedial Building Services

As with all your investments, your floor requires [...]


5 Tips for maintaining your flooring surface

Whether or not you see it this way, the truth is, the floor in your warehouse, or your delicatessen, or your cool room, lab or food preparation area is an asset to your business. The rationale for this statement is simple: IF your floor breaks down, is unsafe or unhygienic, then you will need to shut down to to bring the floor back to a working condition and ensure your floor complies with relevant legal and OHS requirements. Worse still, if you are forced to shut down till the floor is fixed, you start to experience loss of revenue and this is where your floor starts costing you big money.

As with all your investments, your floor requires a bit of TLC. We've put together a list of things you can do to ensure your floor's lifespan is extended as long as it can be before you need to consider new flooring options.

DIY Tips for Your Flooring Surface

Clean the floor regularly

If you have an expensive piece of machinery, or a company car, you will undertake to service it regularly to ensure it operates at its optimum for as long as possible. Failure to do that will mean break downs and increased bills to fix it.

The same goes for your floor. If you don't clean it, grit, acids, chemicals and other debris will build up and damage your surface making it either unsafe or unhygienic (and smelly more often than not) or both.  You will then be required to undertake wider repairs or replacement of the floor.

Our tip is to clean the floor regularly (you will know better than we will what that means based on the nature of your business). Make sure you don't use abrasive chemicals which were not recommended for cleaning. If you do, your floor will suffer.

Teach your staff what is acceptable and not acceptable on your floor

If your floor is a showroom then it is unlikely you will want pallet racking on the surface, and similarly, if your floor is in use in a kitchen you will not want a forklift in the kitchen. Make sure you and your staff all know what is acceptable and not acceptable on your floor. Don't put your floor under undue stress and it will thank you.

Conduct regular inspections of your floor

You check the oil in your car, you monitor the quality of the products you produce, so you should check the floor on which your business is literally built. If you identify the floor is dirty you can clean it, or if you see signs of damage you can address them before they become more widespread. Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

Don't DIY flooring fixes for specialised surfaces

It may seem appealing or even easy to repair a flooring issue you have identified during a check. However, failure to prepare the area correctly prior to implementing a solution can result in you causing more damage than you think.   

If you fail to clean the surface, or prepare it properly your 'fix' may trap bacteria and moisture below the surface, causing the surface to bubble and crack very quickly (not to mention become unhygienic). Similarly if you use the wrong preparation to fix the surface, then you will likely just be creating a band aid solution which needs fixing sooner than you could think possible.

If you use machinery, ensure that your surface is resilient to that type of traffic

Seems obvious, right? Sadly a lot of people don't stop to think about this. They have a beautiful vinyl floor but need to take delivery of a large pallet of materials. So they let the driver use the forklift to offload the materials. Sadly, the twisting and turning of the tyres will rip the vinyl up.

Tiles are similarly prone to damage under heavy traffic. Our advice, make sure you think about the surface prior to conducting what may seem to be routine procedures. If you need to use forklifts for example, an epoxy floor trowelled to the right thickness is going to be required. In the same way it's horses for courses, different industries and business require different flooring solutions.


If you have any questions regarding your flooring maintenance, call Remedial today, or leave a comment below with your details and we will come back to you.

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