October 19

Buy Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ Auckland. Visit our shor or store today.

We sell Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ. We have wi [...]

We sell Floor and Flooring Tiles in NZ. We have wide range of sizes and designes, We are Wholesale Tile Distributor of Kajaria TIles brand in NZ. Canary Lifestyles, is a one-stop shop for all your flooring requirements. We specialize in flooring needs with various types of vitrified and porcelain tiles, wooden flooring and much more, to help your dream construction come to life. I would like to introduce you to Kajaria Eternity’s tiles suited for every room of your dreams. In fact, Kajaria Eternity already has an established presence in 31 countries and Canary Lifestyles has been appointed as their sole authorized distributors across New Zealand and the Fiji Islands.

September 12

What are your Building Issues? Remedial Building can help! | Remedial Building Services

We know that not everyone understands the building [...]


Floors are designed to be tough – we all know that. But being tough is not always enough, and further, they are often not quite tough enough for the circumstances they are put in.

As a result, the floor which should be safe underfoot for staff and customers alike, often becomes hazardous and/or unhygienic.

Whilst every workplace is different some of the common issues we see include:

  • Tiles or vinyl surfaces have cracked due to dropped objects or worn through creating pockets beneath the surface
  • Unpleasant smells in food preparation areas. This is due to the incidence of worn or broken tiles allowing water and food stuffs to seep below the surface where they allow bacteria to thrive.
  • Concrete surfaces have become pock marked and uneven due to the ongoing use of cleaning chemicals, the caustic effects of blood, sugars and oils, or the use of heavy foot traffic or machinery.
  • Slippery working environments due to the presence of oils and fats, or water being tracked through from outside.

Whether you work in a hair salon (oils and liquids), café (oils, detergents, heavy objects and foot traffic), retail store (rain from outside, foot traffic), food preparation area (food stuffs, cleaning chemicals, blood and oils)or even have toilets which are available to the public (foot traffic, harsh cleaning chemicals, urine), making sure you have a safe working surface underfoot is essential.

Not only do you want a floor which is not slippery underfoot, but you need to ensure that there are no cracks (in the surface or even the grout between tiles) or uneven joins which will allow bacteria to thrive.

Learn more about your commercial flooring options or give us a call today.


Industrial workplaces are designed to be places where heavy, dirty and routine work occurs day in, day out. As a result the floor is subject to ongoing battering from machine and chemical alike. At Remedial we have rectified the floors of hundreds of industrial workplaces, from warehouses to factories through to beer and wine distilleries.

What is evident in most cases of failed flooring surfaces is:

  • Acids and other caustic products inclusive of food stuffs, cleaning chemicals, petrol’s and oils are left to soak into the surface, eating away at the membrane and then concrete below causing the surface to crumble and become uneven
  • Heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks and pallets cause structural wear and tear which causes the surface to break up. This accelerates the process and makes the surface uneven underfoot. In food preparation facilities this is a health hazard as bacteria can thrive in these hard to clean areas
  • Heavy machines and regular cleaning create smooth areas which become slippery underfoot. Similarly, machines can rub painted lines which are there for safety reasons, off the surface.

Whether you have a slippery surface, need one which is more resilient to heavy traffic and chemicals or need to rectify a health issue, we have solutions which are right for your circumstances. Contact us or learn more about our range of options epoxy and composite flooring solutions.

September 12

Food preparation flooring surfaces - A case study | Remedial Building Services

With the floor we laid some 5 years ago showing th [...]


Almost 5 years ago, Remedial were engaged to prepare a flooring surface at Beak & Johnston in a food preparation area. With the floor having withstood the test of not only time, but food stuffs, cleaning materials and general foot and machine traffic, we were called back in late 2017 to help prepare the floors of two newly constructed food preparation areas measuring 500m2 and 650m2  respectively. 


Our first task was the construction of 300mm high hob surrounds which would allow us to not only bund the area, but also achieve the requisite falls to drainage which we would need given the large area we needed to protect. 
With the hobs completed we left the site so construction teams could continue to install drainage, the panel walls and other elements required for the area to become a fully operational food processing and production area. 


With the construction complete we were brought back to site during the quiet Christmas Holiday period and worked to prepare the flooring surfaces by diamond grinding the entire surface to not only remove dags and construction materials, but to ensure we could get adequate adhesion between the epoxy surface and the slab itself. 
With the floor vacuumed to remove all dust and debris, we applied a 2mm scratch-coat epoxy with a 100mm turn up on the hobs to ensure no water or materials would penetrate under the surface and cause issues. With this complete we then further applied a 6mm polyurethane topping to ensure a hard wearing, attractive flooring surface. 

Finally, the hobs were sealed and a broadcast bauxite aggregate applied as well to give it the required finish. 
January 29


Floormania - professional flooring specialists wit [...]

Floormania is an award-winning timber floors specialist designing and installing timber flooring and wooden floors for both domestic and commercial projects.

August 03

Timber Floor Installation - In Vogue Flooring

Timber Floor Installation

The high-quality timber floor installation Melbourne service, with the focus on the geometry design, provides impressive origins to featuring in the luxurious place or palace kind place. There is enough thickness in the timber floor, so it can be reliable and after the professional polishing, it will look like a perfect and attractive floor. We serve with the efficient timber flooring and Parquetry installation in Melbourne. For more information call us on: 0404 835 159.