April 15

Staying In Front Of Your Audience | Profit Marketing Solutions

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As a fitness marketing professional, it is my job to ensure I am on top of the latest trends in digital marketing so that I can apply that knowledge to campaigns I am running for my clients. I am used to getting questions that begin with … “that sounds great, but how do I…” followed by a lot of silence while they wait for me to explain how they can incorporate a new trend into their own marketing campaigns.

April 13

Personal Training Online Marketing For Success | Profit Marketing Solutions

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Every one of those FitnessMarketing strategies may get customers thru your doors, but none of these methods are efficient, or in some ways, ethical, business practices. The good news for you is that I have discovered a handful of highly successful ways to promote my club and boost membership and I want to share the top five methods that have gained positive results for me.

April 13

Simple Guidelines In Gym Promotions | Profit Marketing Solutions

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we are all in business to make money, right? How do you go about transitioning these prospects into actual, paying clients? Create an advanced Fitness Marketing and retargeting campaign. Play the long game and offer prospects the free valuable content they crave in whatever medium they are used to up front, and then retarget this group via Facebook ads and a nurture campaign for an offer you can be certain will pique their interest.

March 26

Personal Trainer Marketing - What You Need to Know | Profit Marketing Solutions

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If you haven’t been introduced to this gem, you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years. You can find a video about literally anything on YouTube’s various channels and it is sometimes difficult to get seen through all the noise, but you can not overlook this behemoth of a site when it comes to advertising.

March 26

Is It Worth The Time To Create A Blog? | Profit Marketing Solutions

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In short, the answer is yes, but it’s not as easy as it used to be. A major spoke in the wheel of content marketing, blogs provide potential customers a valid, trusted source of information that they will return to again and again. But, they require continuous updates depending on your sales and/or product cycles, salient topics and fact-gathering to be worthwhile for both you and your potential customers. Contact ProFit Marketing to set up a strategy call. We specialize in email and Facebook fitness marketing can help you create new leads today!

March 20

How Can I Promote My Fitness Business? - Profit Marketing Solutions

While my gym tends to attract more private training clients than many across the nation due to its location, I still wanted to figure out how to take advantage of the SGT trend and make it just as lucrative for my gym and it worked out perfectly. Now, they are not only tied to the trainers, the program and the gym itself; they are now tied with the other members in the group. It creates more of a bond.

March 13

Fitness Marketing Success Online | Profit Marketing Solutions

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Successful Marketing: Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Successful marketing can really be broken down into four simple steps. At first, this may seem overly simple. And these four steps are simple. But, each process requires specialized knowledge that has been gained through experience. So it is best if you get professional assistance with these. But if you can complete each of these four processes, successfully, you will be on your way to building a strong marketing strategy.

The first process is: Identifying the best prospects for your business. Those are the people who will most likely want or need the products, guidance, motivation, assistance and encouragement that you provide. Understanding exactly who your best potential clients are is essential!

The second process is: Attracting those best prospects to your business. This can only be done if your business is properly branded so that every aspect of your marketing and advertising reflects the core values of your business. This allows those best prospects to connect with those values. Every aspect of your marketing must reflect your authentic branding. Don’t make the potentially fatal mistake of inventing a brand that is inauthentic or represents what you want your business to be. Clients will quickly figure out if they have been misled into choosing you.


The third process is: Converting your best prospects into satisfied clients. This is obviously the only way those best prospects will become and remain clients. This relates to the comments above about authentic branding. Don’t mislead clients into choosing your business by presenting values that you do not deliver!

The fourth process is: Retaining your best clients so that they will become your most effective form of marketing. Call it work-of-mouth, or “viral marketing.” The recommendations and referrals that come from satisfied clients are your most valuable form of marketing. Client satisfaction always leads to more business. Don’t forget to keep your clients happy, before, during and after their initial purchase!

To effectively accomplish each of these processes you will almost certainly need the assistance of a professional marketing firm that understands the fundamental of ethical marketing for fitness and understands the values that your business offers. Unlike many other marketing for fitness firms that focus on membership-drives and pricing gimmicks, we utilize our creative skills to create customized brand and marketing programs, to improve how your business is presented to your clients and potential clients.

Once you’ve accomplished the four steps above, you can begin to restructure your Marketing Strategy. This will become your new master plan to grow your business, and everything you do to brand and marketing your business will fit into this plan.

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March 13

Fitness Marketing Success Center | Profit Marketing Solutions

Smart personal trainers who command six and seven [...]
5 Simple Steps to Fitness Marketing Success

5 Simple Steps to Fitness Marketing Success

Smart personal trainers who command six and seven figure incomes have one thing in common. They all have their own fitness marketing and business plan. Trainers who are always looking for new clients and higher income fail because they fail to plan. Start planning, and do what six and seven figure pros’ do.

The fact is most fitness pros are confused when it comes to the marketing, and sales of their personal trainer services. Most professionals are never taught about marketing, let alone the importance of creating a well thought out fitness marketing plan. The lack of knowledge leads many personal trainers to a lot of failure and unhappiness, and well below average incomes. It doesn’t have to be this way! It shouldn’t be this way.

There are endless methods and strategies for marketing your fitness business and boot camps. In fact I am providing you with a free download to our 5 ways to Fitness Profits on this blog.

To ensure that your marketing efforts pay dividends, I know it sounds obvious but it is essential to provide excellent service to your customers. Be friendly to your clients and motivate them to achieve their fitness goals with quick follow up texts or emails. It’s so important to be punctual and organized in order to run your fitness training business efficiently. Having an up to date knowledge about nutrition, the latest training methods and your client’s lifestyle outside of training is also important to stay ahead. You should spend some time and money regularly to hone your skills.

In addition to doing all of the above there are 5 key areas all successful fitness entrepreneurs focus on…

  1. The number of leads they generate per day, week month and year
  2. How many of those leads convert into customer
  3. The average dollar value of each transaction from each customer.
  4. The number of times that customer purchases from their business which is known as the number of transactions.
  5. The Margins in your business reap more profit.

Most fitness entrepreneurs who I speak with ask if I can get them more clients or more turnover and profit. I have been working with businesses for over 10 years and every time I reply with the same response. You can’t create more customers, what you can create is more leads and convert more of those leads into customers. You see what I have given you above is the formula for guaranteed success in your fitness business. If you focus on these 5 areas your business will explode.

In our Fitness 5 Ways Profit Cheat sheet we reveal 376 Fitness profit Strategies that you can instantly download and begin building a successful Fitness marketing and business plan with.

I want you to succeed which is why I am giving you 10 years or research and in the field testing and measuring. This is a powerful document and will change the way you view your business. So download it and start planning now.

Remember… If it is written down on paper, and you can see it, then it is real. You are prepared for success, not just wishing, or hoping. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

March 05

Fitness Marketing Plan - 5 Reasons You Need One | Profit Marketing Solutions

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Fitnesscenters are, essentially, worked to give individuals the correct fitness types of gear, trainings, and different gadgets expected to keep an individual physically fit.However, not all fitness centers are made equivalent.

March 04

Awesome Personal Trainer Marketing Ideas | Profit Marketing Solutions

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Fitness sites are wherever on the Internet. Figuring out how to promote towards these particular outlets can be a more straightforward issue because of the way that numerous individuals on the Internet have done the troublesome work for you.

March 04

Fitness Business Marketing Tips For Beginners| Profit Marketing Solutions

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Except if you make sense of this equation you're never going to get what you look for from your fitness business. What you need is to recognize the most upper hand that you have and after that transform it into your most convincing fitness marketing message at that point make it accessible to your prospects as in overpowering offer, one that they basically can't won't. In any case, for that to happen you must have three things dialed in.

March 02

Great Fitness Marketing Tips | Profit Marketing Solutions

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On the off chance that you need to guarantee the accomplishment of your fitness center marketing, at that point make a helpful arrangement. This is your incredible weapon to produce drives, acquire customers and advance your business viably. Have an arrangement of activity and execute it to have a beneficial fitness business.

March 02

Building a Fitness Marketing System Online | Profit Marketing Solutions

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To immediately improve your benefits, it is imperative to learn and practice helpful marketing methods that will light your fitness marketing. Like a fitness coach, you should realize how to allure customers about your preparation programs, hardware utilized, administration rates and furthermore the advantages or rewards that can be procured.

March 02

The Direct Mail Marketing verse Social Media Sites, which is the right one to use? | Profit Marketing Solutions

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On the off chance that you are enthusiastic about personal fitness and the strategies you use to help other people then you ought to most likely impart this to your customers. Endeavor to distinguish your favored target market and point your fitness marketing effort at them. In the event that you don't as of now have your own site, at that point you ought to do that at the earliest opportunity.

March 01

Think You Don't Have Time to Market? Think Again! | Profit Marketing Solutions

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One of the principal things that a personal trainer should concentrate on when marketing their business is the esteem that they offer to the client. The esteem and advantages of the administration you bring to the table is the means by which extraordinary the client will look and feel on the off chance that they have you as their personal trainer. On the off chance that you can change their impression of you, at that point you will be bound to get a higher rate for your administrations.