April 02

Social Media Marketing for Business Owners | Social Media Marketing Tips

There’s a need to be on social media, especially as a business - everyone’s on it! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are some of the popular ones. But as a beginner, all of this is overwhelming... It may seem very difficult. So how do you start? The first thing that you’ve got to do is pick the right social media network. It’s completely up to you - you can pick whichever social media network you’d like to be visible on. Top options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. You sure could be on all of them but, you are going to end up dedicating limited time to each of them. Why be mediocre when you can be amazing on at least one platform?

March 25

Why Email Marketing is Still Important to Drive Successful Campaigns - External Experts

Based on 2019 data, Email Marketing is Ranked as t [...]

Based on 2019 data, Email Marketing is Ranked as the Most Effective Marketing Channel. Email marketing beat SEO and social media too! But, you may wonder why there’s such a hype about email marketing in spite of being so old. Well, that’s because emails are still accessed more often than social media or search engines too. Data from 2018 shows that about 85% of adult internet users are spread across the world who check their emails often. That beats out search engines by 15% and social media by 22%—not small numbers in an industry that gets excited over single-digit conversion rate improvements. This is why building a successful email marketing campaign is far more important than ever for business owners.


March 19

Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners: Step-By-Step Process You Must Know In (2020 and Beyond)

In this video Subha Kumar Co-founder of External E [...]

External Experts is a digital marketing agency and digital marketing training institute in Bangalore established in 2015. We provide services to companies, domestic and international, helping them achieve tangible results from their marketing efforts. Across industries, External Experts has always relied on data-driven strategies and the expertise required to promote brands on multiple platforms. We are a tech-savvy digital marketing agency with experience in overcoming challenges and implementing the most modern marketing methods. External Experts stands out for strict campaign policies. We believe that only facts matter when it comes to producing results and thus, develop our digital strategies based on solid data.

December 04

Digital Marketing Institute Mumbai

Get your certification done in Navi Mumbai’s leadi [...]

Get your certification done in Navi Mumbai’s leading Digital Marketing Institute. We train you by making you work on live projects. Our Digital Marketing Courses Includes SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC and many more.

Advance your career in digital marketing and learn the latest digital marketing strategies with Digital Marketing Mumbai. Today’s marketers need alternative solutions and marketing tactics in order to connect with prospects and services.

The Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai will provide you the complete value of digital marketing through research and development of an actionable market plan. Every week of the program will be dedicated to the digital marketing topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Paid Marketing, Google Analytics and much more.