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New York Seo Company - Web Cures Digital

Web Cures New York Seo Company, Offers the best di [...]

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Has COVID-19 revealed the secret to Digital Transformation?

COVID-19 has unfolded the secret to digitalization [...]

COVID-19 has unfolded the secret to digitalization for the business across the globe. Let's find out how and why #DigitalTransformation is going to be a major trend amid the pandemic.

August 24

Get Results with Your Remarketing Campaign | Three Piece Marketing

It’s time to rethink your remarketing campaign if [...]

Posted by 3PM Team

Visitors who put products in their carts but leave them there…

Shoppers who add your item in their Favourites list…

Customers who keep on viewing your offering every day for an entire week, but nothing else…


You know you have all have these types of website visitors. But what are you gonna do with them? Sitting and keeping your fingers crossed that they come back without any prompting is not going to cut it, you know you need to  up your game.

Today marketing is not just about building awareness and creating intent, a true marketer knows you need to have a user journey mapped out (from first impression all the way through to multiple repeat purchases) with ways to entice a user to get to the end goal – a(nother) sale.

But how do you remind users who have checked your website to visit you again and complete their goal (READ: sales)? Through a remarketing campaign, of course. You know those ads that follow you around the internet, and even more so the ads that suddenly be there when you need them to be – we’re talking that type of campaign.

The process of making a website visitor complete a purchase is a tricky one. So today, we thought we’d shed light on something many people know, but not everyone understands with a view to helping you convert more website visitors into actual paying customers.

Getting started with remarketing campaigns


Search engine giant Google defines remarketing campaigns as activities aimed “…to show ads to people who have visited your website or used your app.”

These ads show up in various places online:

  • when your past visitors are watching YouTube videos;
  • when they are browsing through a variety of websites; or
  • when they are reading their favourite online news magazine, among others.

Remarketing ads basically serve as a reminder — to prompt your previous visitors to come back to your website and finish a goal; whether you’ve set it as subscription, signup, purchase, pr anything else which adds value to the visitor.

If it’s your first time to set up a campaign of this type, Google will ask you to create a remarketing tag and lists. You can easily do this by choosing specific conditions from the “Visited pages” drop-down in your Google ads setup. Simply explore and add values that are applicable to your campaign and you’re pretty good to go (refinement will go a long way to improving this, but for all intent and purposes, you’re set).

One important note you need to remember is to make sure that your remarketing tag (a script or code that can capture data about the pages visited by viewers) isn’t associated with any sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII). Running afoul of Google’s personal advertising policies is not a good idea, nor is it a nice thing to do to your potential and actual customers. Your remarketing lists could get disabled and you won’t be able to use these anymore in your ad campaigns. Accounts can also get suspended if you’re found to have made several violations, and any new accounts you create could automatically get suspended, as well.

Strategies for the best remarketing campaigns

Now that you’re all set up, what are the most effective strategies for enticing customers to finally hit that Buy/subscribe/CTA button? There are several options (of course), but the following is a short cheat-sheet of shorts which you can cherry pick from and use as a general rule-of-thumb:

Keep things simple

You know that acronym – KISS, well it applies here too. We know you are thinking you should dazzle and wow your targets so much that they’ll have no choice but to type in their credit card information in a hypnotised trance, but the truth is, sometimes simple is best?

There’s a reason why the basics are the basics, and that’s because they work. The Google Display Network, for example, manages to reach approximately 90 percent of folks online. That’s not bad at all for a “basic” strategy which works to put ads in front of people. It gets even more impressive when you consider that remarketing on the Display Network typically has a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that’s equal to only 2 percent of the CPA on Google AdWords.

For a basic remarketing ad, you can opt to only target website visitors from a set period, like the past 30 days or so who did not get to a target page (like the Confirmation page). This makes sure that their interest in a product is fairly recent, so they’re still likely inclined to make a purchase.

Get their emotions involved

At the core of marketing any product, the most important question that you need to ask is this: How will this make a customer’s life better?

Let us consider smartphones, for instance. Any model that allows a user to connect to the web and use applications is, in essence, a smart device. But why do some phones sell more than others? And why do people who still have perfectly fine gadgets decide to toss them and buy the latest model every time one gets released?

It comes down to customer perception of certain brands, which is inherently emotional in nature. Customers may check spec sheets as much as they want but at the end of the day, they pick a model based on their preferences or gut feel. That’s why there are Apple “Fanboys” for example.

Using emotional triggers in your ads will not only grab attention but also encourage engagement. This can help draw back previous visitors to your website. Maybe you can appeal to people’s fear of missing out on a good deal, or maybe you can appeal to their greatest desires or need to fit in. If you get their emotions involved, they’re more likely to buy your product.

Use funnel-based ads.

Once you’ve got your remarketing list, you can sort them into different funnel stages. These stages correlate to the buyer’s journey and where each potential customer is currently at, which is crucial if you wish to present the right offer to someone at the right time.

If someone is still at the awareness stage, for example, then they’ve only just started researching to better understand their pain point. This type of audience would not appreciate it if you immediately start pushing your product at them when they themselves barely know what they’re looking for.

Whether you’re using Google or Facebook, you can segment your remarketing list and switch your offers by each funnel stage so you can get the best results. To do this, you need to target the specific pages on your website that can point to where a user is on the buyer’s journey. If someone has already ended up on the pricing page, for instance, then they’re a better remarketing target compared to someone who has visited your site, but not made it to a product page. Make sure you target the right users with the right ad content and then, the right page.

Target custom audiences.

Finally, remarketing can be its most effective when you narrow your focus on the customer profiles that can afford your product. General remarketing ads that try to appeal to a broad audience can be successful, yes, but at most you would only be converting 2 to 4 percent of website visitors. Yes, that’s not bad considering the low cost involved, but why settle when you can aim for a higher figure.

Identifying your typical customer profile can help you cut through the masses of average visitors and serve highly targeted ads. You can refine your audience list by demographics including gender, age, income level, location, etc. to correspond to your customer profile. This helps you to accomplish more in less time because you’re directly placing your product in front of the people who are most likely to buy it.

Time to plan your next retargeting campaign!

Remarketing campaigns can lead to a higher return on your investment. They give you the opportunity to convert customers who might otherwise never visit your website again. Remarketing also helps you build up your brand profile at a cost that’s considerably lower than what you would spend on other advertising channels.

We’ve compiled these simple introductory strategies to help get started on your own campaign and take the first step on the path to greater success. However, if you have questions, or unsure or need some help, speak to one of our team for more information or insight on just how we can help you and how affordable our marketing services are.

August 24

Why Web Development and Digital Marketing Go Hand in Hand | Three Piece Marketing

It is no secret that marketers often feel they are [...]

It is no secret that marketers often feel they are attacked from all sides. CFOs and the accounting department, in general, are always looking to curtail budgets, the sales department are looking for more qualified leads and point to a failure in marketing if this is not the case and consumers in general often deride any marketing which they feel isn’t in-line with the brand as a whole.

So perhaps it is time that within the marketing department for more cohesion and less bickering between roles and functions. In this case, we are looking at developers and digital marketers.

While developers are focussed mostly on the code, UX and functionalities of a website, digital marketers are usually concerned with site optimization: how easy it is to find the site through search and other channels, Click Rate Optimisation, making the site sticky and ensuring (in-line with product teams) that people make multiple repeat purchases. Both roles are trying to achieve the same thing, but a failure in communication often means that because both professions prioritise different things, more often than not, it takes numerous exchanges between these two departments before a well-optimised website is ready for launch/the market.

So as we asserted above – it is time for the marketing department to function more cohesively and with joint purpose.


Stop looking for quick Wins

Once upon a time, it may have been enough to build a site with a view to a quick way to increase SEO rankings and online traffic. But those days are LONG gone. In fact, it is no longer enough to simply build a website, load it with keywords, get it up and running online, and keep your fingers crossed that your target market finds it. If you want people to actually visit your website, use it, and return to it regularly, you need to ensure that it is designed intuitively and optimised properly for search engines. But this is not about spammy use of keywords or hundreds of inbound links. Rather it is about adding value to the site visitor in such a way that they get more than a transaction from it.

Similarly, it is not a case of executing a gorgeous looking or highly functional site as part of your web development. You need to have the insight of the digital marketing professionals within the team (analysts, strategists, and those working to engage the customer) to be able to identify on-site optimisation activities, which your web development team can implement. This then needs to be mapped in a way which allows the site to be created efficiently and with a view to ensuring that the code base of the site allows the marketing team to draw down on the insights they need to make the right decisions moving forward (case in point: adding “no follow” and “no-index tags” and including a JSON script in the code that digital marketers know they need but are unsure how to implement).


Cooperation – everyone wins


Brand awareness is ultimately one of the most powerful indicators for a brand’s success. Early uptake will come from good marketing, but ongoing brand awareness (driven by the consumers themselves) will be what gives a business true advantage. When your broader digital marketing team is on the same page, it is easier for your business to develop and maintain a clear branding message and core promise. This clarity is what your consumers want – a clear understanding of what you stand for and what they will get through interacting with you.

Bringing it back to your website design, upfront there needs to be discussion and agreement on how the core brand message (your identity) will be implemented and designed into the site. With this agreed to and shared with all, mapping out how everyone can contribute and what the expectations are is the next important step. Your web development team will rely on the other team for creating a design that relays the vision of your business. But they need to also consider landing page design, heading use, and so forth, so that the promotional efforts of the others in the team are optimised from the getgo. This means the analysts and strategists need to work in-step with the developers and creative teams to think through the process so all assets and functionalities can be captured early and built-in as part of the scope.

In other words, it is important that everyone is aligned and cooperating right off the bat.


Improves Data Gathering for Analytics

It may be obvious to most, but if you are not analysing user behaviour on your website, then you are potentially missing out on key information that can improve your business. This data is essential for future decisions, but for a developer, this data is less exciting than knowing how fast a page loads. This is again where both teams need to work together to implement the tracking mechanisms in such a way that pulling live data as and when needed is easy, as knowing your audience will give you an advantage in terms of formulating ongoing development and digital marketing strategy.

That is why it is essential to Incorporate analytics in your website. While the marketers have the goals and metrics in hand, it will be the web developers who will insert the necessary tracking codes and pixels that will help generate data about your website’s performance and your actual audience. Having these in place will help you understand the customer journey, the abandonment possibilities, and the channels where your audience has reached your website, among others.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

When your web developers and marketing personnel are not coordinating with each other, costly mistakes are more likely to happen. Without proper communication, more time might be required on redesigning your website.

But perhaps worst of all, failure to plan will likely mean that there may be features missing and you might need to push back on your website launch and the content developed for the site may be low-quality which would not only hurt your SEO efforts but turn your potential customers away as well.


Web Developers Working Hand in Hand with Digital Marketers

Well-synchronized web development and digital marketing campaigns are one of the secrets to your business’ online success. The roles of a digital agency providing web development and design services as well as digital marketing are vital in building a strong website and making sure that you achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for an agency that understands the balance between web design, web development, and digital marketing, or if you are looking for an agency that can balance the make-up of your own in-house team, let’s have a chat, our experts are ready to help you.

August 09

Best Freelance Digitalmarketing services consultant Bangalore

Searching for best Freelancing Digitalmarketing se [...]

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Infographic design California styles and companies

Infographics have become a very efficient and popu [...]

Infographic design California styles and companies

Infographics have become a very efficient and popular way of presenting information in the last 10 years. Because it’s faster to watch images than to read the whole article. Information that is transmitted through a beautiful image. Digital art is extremely useful for quality, sympathetic display of information.
There is even a famous sentence “ONE PICTURE HAS A THOUSAND WORDS”. Guided by this sentence, an infographic is a real example. A lot of creative people today make infographics and try to make the best possible presentation of their idea.

This is one of simple infographic example

Improvement infographic and types

At the very beginning of the creation of info-graphics, there were simple colors and geometric shapes that indicated the step of a process. We currently have a combination of real images, vector images, music, and even slides (like mini-movies) that try to transfer a lot of content to a small area without losing the essence of the theme info-graphically.

History of infographic design

Over time, infographics began to be shown on social media and as such soon became one of the main marketing trump cards in marketing. We currently have an infographic on the market from free to very expensive and even up to a few hundred dollars.
The styles and types of infographics depend a lot on the business industry they present. Also cultural factors of the target group of people are very important

Styles example of infographic design in California

The display of the same infographic will be different for southern and northern California.

For example, the infographics for Southern California will be dominated by mild colors (yellow, light brown, ocher, sky blue, orange, etc.).Because people are mostly surrounded by these colors. But that’s why in Northern California the colors on the infographics will be more green, navy blue, brown, black, etc.). Because the climate and the coast are more focused on the greenery and beautiful forests of northern California.
So it is very important before you start making infographics that you actually contact the client. The reason why we do that to first understand the culture of our clients before we do any work.


Socalgraph – company is on the market for the last 20 years. They first start as a printing company and after while they put in their offer infographics as well. Company location is 8432 Steller Drive
Culver City, California 90232, (310) 928-2121. If you need commercial print and great fast infographic then you can easily contact them. They like to keep work simple and professional.

logo of salcalgraph

An agency that is one of the leaders in South Dakota in making infographics. On their official website you can also look at their clients such as DOVE, KODAK etc. If you look carefully at their section on the review website you will notice that they are a very professional, easy going and super friendly team. Our opinion is that they are one of the best in their city as far as infographics are concerned.


ADMEN – The company has existed since 1997 and owns two offices. One in Texas, Austin, and the other in Salt Lake cities, UTAH. Their enthusiasm, perseverance, and coexistence have led the company to be at the top of the industry. Address of Utah office is 299 S. Main St., Ste 1300
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
, and Austin office is 401 Congress Ave., Ste 1540Austin.

We have respect for this guys and highly recommend everyone who need infographics to use them.


Evokeideagroup – Very professional company with a great reputation and experience. The company’s CEO learned the job by working for AT $ T where she learned the secrets of the craft. For centuries, eager for better results and greater interests, it has created a strong and very stable company on the market. Big well-known companies do business with them. We highly respect their work and are very happy to recommend them to other companies. They are based in suburban Chicago, with headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois.


Nowsourcing is experts in their work. They know infographics incredibly well and as such are in high demand in the market. They have great knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. A very serious company that recognizes its goals very well. They are located in 189 Adam Shepherd Pkwy, Ste 17 – 237,Shepherdsville, KY 40165. We respectfully recommend them to other companies that need their service.\

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Digital Marketing Expert in Kerala

Looking for a digital marketing expert in Kerala, [...]

Looking for a digital marketing expert in Kerala, India. Hire Me for the digital marketing consultant. We are the top services provided digital marketer in Kerala.