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How You Can Hire WordPress Developer Without Coding Knowledge? | Cyblance

Hiring an Expert WordPress developer or WordPress [...]
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How You Can Hire WordPress Developer Without Coding Knowledge?

Hiring an Expert WordPress developer or WordPress web design agency without coding knowledge, sounds daunting? Yes, it seems obvious daunting because for hiring expert WordPress Developer required sound WordPress knowledge and solid technical background. For nontechnical entrepreneurs or business owner, this task looks like next to impossible because they always have so many things on their plates like sales, training,throat-cutting competition, meetings, so many other things and always running out of time. In such a situation, it’s not feasible for they start learning a WordPress to hire an expert and it also sounds like a jerk. It’s not their cup of tea :(.

On the other side, the entrepreneurs or business owners can’t afford to hire an inexperienced WordPress developer India as their website their own brand and it’s identified for their business. Nobody wants to ruin it. Due to faulty codes, the website may work like a jerk, it takes ages to load, do you think your potential customer will wait for 10 seconds to see your home page? It may be security outrage, do you think your potential customer will buy the items from the website, which does not look safe from the beginning nor not installed properly secured socket layer (SSL)? The obvious answer is “No”. So hiring the experienced remote WordPress developer is inevitable.

Please find below 8 steps guideline for the hiring your potential WordPress developer without coding background. 

Step1: Understand your requirement and it’s a presentation for the developer

First, you just need to decide what you want? It’s just simple as write your business plan. The main agenda is your requirement is clear enough so the developer can understand what you want. Albert Einstein very well said: “If you can’t explain simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. So it simply means, you need to clear about yourself before hiring the process, a few questions you should clarify from yourself: What is your goal for the website? Who is the target audience? What functionality it should have? How many pages websites will have?. Your little homework will make a difference and also make a good impression on your developer, and most importantly they will understand your requirement clearly. One should also cover the functionality requirement and technical requirement. These are too much for you, then you have one shortcut here. Just identify the competitor website or your likable website, send the name. In this case, the top WordPress developer will study and get your requirement, but this process makes the hiring process slow, but your purpose will be solved.

Step2 : Search for the developers

After having the requirement document with you, the second step is initiated here searching for your potential WordPress website developer. The easiest way is to talk to your friends, community and other business owners about your need and try to get any reference. Another way is you can search on LinkedIn, Google and so many websites for the hunt. Once you have shortlisted candidates, you can conduct the interview. In shortlisting process here, you can check step 5(portfolio) and 6(reviews and ratings) if get some sort of hints, if you can’t get then don’t hesitate you can always ask after the interview. Before moving to the interview process, define the date, time, possible interview time and communication tool in advance. Make sure to send requirement(step1) in advance before the interview.

Step3: Interview Procedure

It’s a very crucial part of the process since you are going to interact directly with the developer. Please create questions list in advance to make the process smooth. Try to get all the details as much as you can in all aspects. Try to check their technical skills in WordPress and what kind of challenging work they did so far? You can also check their feedback about your requirement, What they understood, from that you can understand how focused they are. You can entertain all their questions for the requirements and clarify them till they convinced fully. During the interview, it might be some questions they ask which might too technical for you, don’t panic, just note down and ask them to you would revert back shortly. You can also demand their resume for your reference. You can also demand their portfolio(step5) and some reference (step6). If they understood the requirement well, then you can ask for the estimation for the job to get effort idea.

Step4: Check online presence and reputation

After the interview process, need to check their participation, knowledge sharing and contribution in WordPress. You can check if they have created any plugin or theme which is available in the marketplace. You can check their blogs, white paper, case study, code repository and their contribution in the online community to get inside about their WordPress expertise. 

Step5: Portfolio in a similar kind of business/industry

Next thing is which we asked during the interview process which is the portfolio in the same industry or similar kind of websites. Check the hows their WordPress portfolio is diversified. Check their portfolio is genuine and how’s the website is performing. You can always ask the best three work rather than the WordPress web developer will bombard the many links to save time.

Step6: Talk to reference and verified the person 

In this step, you need to verify the reference. Ask with the potential developer if s/he has the reference from the same country which you are living, which make reference check process fast and smoother. Take prior appointment for the reference person. Ask some meaningful questions with the reference like Hows his or her experience with the potential WordPress expert?  How responsive he or she is? What challenges the reference person faced while working with him or her? How are the potential developer actions during the emergency? These are some sample questions, but you can use your judgment to decide the questions. Most important, please try to get more details about the reference person’s business and also make sure s/he is a genuine one. 

Step7: Start with the small test drive and understand the process

If you feel ok with till step 6, then assign small work or demo test drive to him or her before hiring. It’s always good to start with small. Try to understand their process, response, quality of work and handling your change requests. You also need to focus on their communication skills, project management, and collaboration tools.

Step8: Define the term, finalized the developer and backup plan

Once you find you will be comfortable during the test drive then you can decide now to hire a remote WordPress expert. You must need to define the terms of hiring. You need to define the term for the exists also. Project scope and development model is very crucial here so focus on it. You should also have a backup plan for that developer in case of emergency exist for any reason, what alternative will be available for you.


In daily fast and competitive life for any entrepreneurs or business owners have limited time and always other challenges, in such a scenario, hiring the technical WordPress team is always a daunting job, but if they plan well and consider the above points, then the hiring process may become simpler and hasslefree.

September 11

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There are many different technologies available for web development. However, PHP easily takes the lead when it comes to developing and designing a website from scratch. The open-source programming language is effective for creating dynamic and engaging web pages for delivering inclusive interactive to all the users.

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A website employing responsive web designing techniques will have significant impact on the appearance and execution of the website on mobile devices. You can get a responsive website if you hire a responsive website development company that can make your website look beautiful and mobile-friendly.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means resizing and reformatting the website design to optimize user experience and design. It means that the design and development of a website should respond to the user’s device screen size, orientation and platform. In other words, responsive website is a website that should have technology to respond automatically as per user’s preferences. The search engines like Google also prefer responsive website design and it has also resulted in increased SEO which help potential customers to find out you easily.

Here are some of the most important reasons to consider responsive website design:

August 01

How to opt for a top iOS app development company

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At present, smart devices have occupied a large market area for their highly advanced features. Among various smart devices, iOS devices are very popular for their excellent performance and the most sophisticated features which users love to use. The business and creative thinkers believe the iOS applications as the most productive resource to boost business. Success in any business can be achieved with the right app, right functionality and delivery at the right time. This is exactly what one can expect from the top iOS app development company.

Proficient iOS app developer

The launch of latest iOS operating system 12.1.4 has electrified the app development industry. It is loaded with several new and improved features and in-built apps. The latest series of smartphones from Apple has quite a few interesting hardware features. A proficient app developer can use the amazing features of the iOS 12.1.4 to create innovative applications for the latest iPhones. An increase in the usage of iOS apps has amplified the importance of experienced developers who have gained proficiency in developing a variety of applications.The best iOS app development company can provide users with the applications which will help them to boost their business and brand awareness exponentially.

Choosing the right application development partner is a big decision and it should be taken smartly.

DEANInfotech is aleading app development partner serving the industry and assisting clientswith customized app development services. The company is prominent for delivering appropriate apps for all sorts of devices running on iOS. It helps clients with their out of the box business ideas and challenging functionalities.

You should always consider the following points while choosing a top iOS app development company for your project.

1. Choose theprofessionals

There are many freelancers who keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies but it is always wiser to hire a professionals developer from a reputed company. Professional developers are acquainted with the latest technologies even before they are actually launched in the market. Companies provide them with regular training schedules in which they learn to develop apps using the latest tools and technologies. 

2.  Check out for the companyportfolio

Before opting for Best IOS App Development Company, always check for the company portfolio. This will give you an idea on how good the company really is. Browse down the portfolio of the company and check out the apps created by it. You can go one step ahead and download one of the apps developed by the company you are planning to hire. Using the app, you can get a clear idea whether the company will be able to do justice to your app concept and requirement or not.

3. Note down the references

If a company's website provides the details of their clients for who they have worked for, you can note down the names. Then later, you can contact them to gather more information regarding the app development company. This will facilitate you to take decision based on their experiences. Happy clients will always say good things for the iOS app developers and about the companies they are associated with.

4. Search far and wide

There are many iOS application development companies and there are several websites that provide you with lists of freelancers. You need to do a thorough research, shortlist a few companies, tell them about your app concept and requirement and ask them for a quote. Once done with the selection, go for a legally binding contract with the company. Know more about details visit at: Dean Infotech

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DxMinds the best mobile apps development company in Australia from a list of apps development companies, having a team of well-versed developers who have a great passion and dedication in developing the outstanding mobile application. DxMinds is the advanced organization that is masters in adopting new challenges in technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, blockchain and so on. They combine all these popular technologies as per the requirements with Android, iOS, windows and react native platform to develop amazing mobile apps to our clients. We also provide apps development services in Sydney and Melbourne. To Know more about our services.


March 18

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June 20

Mobile App Development: Starting Your Journey as a Mobile App Developer by Emma

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Our society has been irrevocably changed by the steady wave of developments in digital and communications technologies. Over the past few years, mobile technologies and advancements in mobile app development have come to the forefront. Businesses around the world are recognizing the massive potential of mobile technologies in enhancing their business development activities in reaching a wider audience and optimizing customer engagement.


The enormous benefits of mobile app development have coerced virtually every business, small and big, in every industry looking for mobility solutions to drive the business forward. Mobile app development is at an all-time high and a lot of businesses and enterprises out there are actively seeking out mobile application development to help them build a comprehensive and holistic digital product.


The Rise of Jobs in Mobile App Development


Mobile apps have made their way into both our professional and personal lives, and there is an increasing demand for mobile apps worldwide to cater to everything from business solutions to personal entertainment. Our private screens have become an essential part of our individual lifestyles and a shift in focus from web-based applications to the mobile platform means that in order to stay relevant in this competitive digital age, companies need to expand their horizons and innovate constantly to retain their customers and credibility.

This overwhelming upsurge in the mobile app development market and the increasing popularity and advances in mobile technologies have also brought about an increase in the number of mobile application development companies that offer a wide range of services.

As a direct consequence of this mobile-centric digitization, there is an increase in demand for mobile app developers. Being a mobile app developer today is a very lucrative option, and there is an abundance of job profiles in the mobile app development market to choose from.  A mobile app developer is essentially responsible for everything from creating wireframes, to coding and managing mobile applications. Though it may seem a like a lot to take in, becoming a mobile app developer is easy if you are focused enough, and actively work towards your goals.

Freelancing on projects may seem like a convenient option when starting out, but it's important to remember that companies prefer to hire the services of a dedicated mobile applications development company, and this is probably a good place to start if your requirement is a robust technology solution. With the right qualifications, training, skills, and access to a technology platform, you can become a part of a top mobile applications development company. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you on your journey to becoming a great mobile app developer.

Resources for Training and Skills Development

There are no fixed academic prerequisites to becoming a mobile app developer. Any certification in computer science and programming will suffice in securing a job and with a mobile application development company. But there are other things to consider when applying for jobs in this sector. Your salary and scope of work will depend a great deal on who your employer is, the experience you have (and skill), and what OS you develop applications for.

In addition to this, you should consider availing free online courses to add to your skill set. Udemy, Harvard, and Coursera make several courses available to you online so that you’re able to complete them at your convenience. These courses will go a long way in making your roster of programming skills more dynamic and holistic. Mobile app developers are expected to know the ins and outs of app development across all major platforms and are fluent in multiple programming languages. For example, Android apps are written in Java, while iOS applications are made using Objective C, and more recently, Swift as well.

Choose Wisely

There are different platforms for mobile app development like Android, Apple’s iOS, Windows OS, and several others. Mobile app development is a complex process and can take some time to learn, and so, you should actively try to streamline and focus your efforts to one or maybe two platforms so that you're not spread too thin and have a comprehensive understanding the OS you pick. Android is the market leader, but iOS is not that far behind, especially when you consider paid apps. Choose an OS that best suits your proclivities and one that will help you further your career as a mobile app developer.

A lot of mobile platforms out there also offer training, skills and free study material to help aspiring developers. Utilize these to better understand the tools that you need for mobile app development.

Practice What You Learn

There are virtually no limits to mobile app development. It’s a continuous and dynamic process that is always changing and improving. So, it’s important to always keep up to date with the latest trends in the digital world. Even if you are already working as a mobile app developer, it’s useful to always add to your knowledge by attending workshops, seminars and other tech forums. This will help you stay in practice and learn more, which will contribute significantly to furthering your career as an app developer. Putting your acquired knowledge into practice will enable you to explore more and innovate better.

Another crucial aspect of mobile app development is understanding the market itself, which is governed by several factors ranging from hardware and software advancement to user expectations.

In search of exceptional mobile application development platform?

HokuApps is a mobile app development company that offers a wide range of digital solutions for your business. HokuApps utilizes an automated platform to develop apps faster and rolls them out at 10x times the speed. The platform features pre-configured business modules and pre-connected components, which drastically cuts down on development time. Apps are then customized to suit a business’ unique ecosystem.


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Custom mobile apps allow businesses to explore more innovative features by investing in a platform that is affordable, reliable and offers short time-to-market.