October 21

Dental Clinic in Virar

Sabka dentist is one of the largest dental chains [...]

We at Sabka dentist in Virar have the best experts on board, who are highly trained, experienced and well versed with the latest technology. At Sabka dentist in Virar, our motive is to make patients believe that we provide the best services with the best dental treatment.

We take pride in being an impact creating business by not just making dental care accessible to middle-class and lower middle-class population in India but also, touching lives and putting a smile that are to stay.

Bad oral hygiene causes gum disease. Gum disease of periodontal disease is when bacteria which is residing in the space between the gums and the teeth cause infections in the soft tissues or the gums. These infections are not treated in time and result in a condition called periodontitis which is when the teeth start loosening up as the gums due to the infection stop supporting them in place. The patient may also have pus formation and extremely bad breath in such conditions.

Dental Cavities are formed when tooth enamel gets decayed due to the bacteria on the teeth. The best way to prevent decay to become larger problems and form bigger cavities is by filling cracks and crevices on the teeth surface with a dental sealant. The dentist will use the dental sealant to fill in minors pits and crevices on the tooth surface which can house bacteria which may cause further decay.

Stages of Gum disease

Gingivitis:-This is the first stage of gum disease which leads to a lot of problems. Here, a thin layer of bacteria starts developing.

Periodontitis:-This is the later stage of the gum disease when the Gingivitis advances when left untreated. Here, the infected region develops the tartar in the infected area which can be removed only with the dental treatment.

September 30

Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre

Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre specializes in pr [...]

At Waterloo Emergency Dental Centre in Waterloo, ON we take great pleasure and satisfaction in providing complete family dental care for patients of all ages in the Waterloo area. By carrying out multiple procedures in house at our Waterloo Dental Office, we provide fast treatment at the lowest possible cost to our patients.

If you want to improve your smile, Dentist in Waterloo, ON can help you to turn your life around and enhance your self-assurance by allowing you to display the smile that truly mirrors the real you. A beautiful smile goes hand in hand with the best oral healthcare, and our Waterloo Dentists invest in the most advanced dental technologies to provide patients with the best possible services.

September 20

Family Dentist in Ancaster ON



Keeping your kids happy and healthy is so much easier when they LOVE visiting the dentist

September 20

About Smiling Dental:- Best Family Dentist In Ancaster ON

Hi , I am Dr Meagan Bennett Ling, also known as “ [...]


Most people get stressed about their trips to the dentist. At Smiling Dental in Ancaster, we make it easy for you to understand your health and get the care you’re looking for, so you can actually look forward to your next visit.

September 20

Cosmetic Dentist In Ancaster ON

Ancaster Dentists Committed To Keeping Your Whole [...]

Ancaster ON Dentists Committed To
Keeping Your Whole Family Smiling

September 16

CHICAGO - Engage Advisors

Chicago is a beautiful city that is very nicely ke [...]
September 16

Fairway Dental Clinic

Fairway Dental Clinic specializes in providing exc [...]

At Fairway Dental Clinic in Kitchener, ON we offer the full suite of evaluations, treatments, and procedures to address any dental emergencies that may arise. Our facility is equipped with the latest in professional dentistry equipment, and we use the latest processes and techniques in dental care. It is our mission to ensure that you receive the dental care you need, find out more about our Dentist in Kitchener, ON. Our caring professionals are experts at handling emergency situations with compassion and professionalism.

September 11

Sherwood Dental

Sherwood Dental - Kitchener Dentist office takes g [...]

At Sherwood Dental Care, we are proudly serving the Kitchener Waterloo area. Our Dentist in Kitchener, ON office is committed to maintaining a high standard of general dentistry by attending dental lectures and conventions to keep up to date on latest techniques and materials. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of dental services — whether your dental needs entail cosmetic treatment, wisdom teeth removal or a full mouth restorative, Sherwood Dental in Kitchener, ON will treat you with the care you deserve.

September 11

Dentist CPA Chicago - Engage Advisors

Dental insurance contracts are often very benefit- [...]

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September 04

Lancaster Dental

Lancaster Dental a Kitchener Dentist office is com [...]

Our Mission at Lancaster Dental is to provide patients with professional and high-quality dental care. If you are looking for a reliable Dentist in Kitchener, ON, we offer a host of expert dental services that include Cleaning, Restoration, Dental Implants, and more! We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of procedures in house — whether your dental needs entail cosmetic treatment, wisdom teeth removal or a full mouth restorative, Lancaster Dental in Kitchener, ON will treat you with the care you deserve.

September 03

Best Dental Cpa Chicago - Engageadvisors

We help dentists have more time for their passion [...]
August 23


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can get ca [...]

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can get cavities. We forget to floss for a few days, or we snack on a few too many sweets between dental visits. Here at Nu Dentistry, we understand that sometimes the tooth decay can run a little too deep, and a filling isn’t enough to fix it anymore. When this is the case, we recommend you get a crown. Dental crowns are the most traditional way to protect or fix a broken or damaged tooth that’s beyond the help of a filling. Also called a cap, a crown covers the tooth’s surface and restores it to its natural shape and size.

Although there are different types of dental crowns, from ceramic to metals like gold, porcelain crowns are the most common. With our dentists’ expert eye for detail, a porcelain crown blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth, and the metal restoration hidden underneath is extremely durable. With excellent dental care, your crown can last up to 25 to 30 years before it needs to be replaced. Dental crowns take two appointments to complete.

During the first appointment, your crowns dentist will file down your tooth, removing any decay and damage before creating a mold of your tooth. This mold will be used to create a natural-looking crown that will perfectly fit your bite and tooth alignment. We’ll then set you up with a temporary crown to keep your tooth protected and sealed while your shiny, new crown is being made.

Once your permanent crown is ready, the dentist will secure it to your tooth with a dental adhesive. We’ll make sure it fits correctly and that your bite feels just as natural as it ever was. If you have a damaged or broken tooth, a crown may be the answer for you. Give us a call today so that we can help restore your smile!

August 23


Getting a cavity isn’t the end of the world, and w [...]

Getting a cavity isn’t the end of the world, and we can treat yours quickly and efficiently. Using top-of-the-line equipment and devices, we will numb the area around your tooth and remove any decay painlessly. Your tooth will be sanitized to prepare it for filling.

We will then fill the cleaned area with either composite resin or porcelain to renew your tooth to its natural state. Our dentists take the time to ensure that the shape of your filling fits precisely with your bite. We always want to make sure that your tooth looks and feels just as it did when it was at full health.

At Nu Dentistry, our detailed dentists make sure that the color of your dental fillings always matches perfectly with the rest of your teeth. We offer tooth-colored composite and porcelain fillings that blend in with your natural tooth, leaving you with a flawless smile!

For those who want more of an aesthetic pop with their fillings, we also offer alternative material options, including gold and other metals. If you wish to discuss options for your upcoming procedure with your dentist, contact our office today.

August 23


The word “root canal” can be scary, but we’re here [...]

The word “root canal” can be scary, but we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry! Our Nu Dentistry endodontists specialize in root canal treatments and are highly skilled. The procedure is relatively painless and straightforward. The entire process should be no more stressful than a visit for a filling.

We utilize the most up-to-date techniques and technology that ensure the least invasive treatment available. Our skilled professionals are precise in diagnosing and pinpointing the exact areas of infection. We’re dedicated to making your root canal as efficient as possible.

Most people realize that they have a tooth infection once they are having tooth nerve pain or swelling in the tooth and surrounding gums. If you find that you have persistent pain or you notice any abnormalities around your tooth, please come to us immediately.

We want to help you in any way we can. If you suspect that you need immediate treatment, contact us at (832) 916-4144 to schedule a consultation with an endodontist.

August 23


Do you have constant gum pain or notice that your [...]

Don’t worry; there’s no reason to panic. At Nu Dentistry, our team of incredible dentists and periodontists makes it easy for you to receive gingivitis treatment. We always make sure to catch your gum disease at its earliest stages and take care of it as soon as possible. We’re dedicated to preserving your smile, however, we can. Our dentists are thorough when it comes to your dental care because we know that a healthy smile makes for a happy, healthy life. Are you ready to come in for your gingivitis treatment? Connect with our office to schedule an appointment today.