February 08

Fitness & Strength Training | Industrial Athletics

Industrial Athletics is proud to employ some of th [...]

Industrial Athletics is proud to employ some of the most experienced and talented CrossFit coaches in Pittsburgh. These are regular, down-to-Earth folks (not meatheads) who just happen to be incredibly good at getting people into the best shape of their lives.

December 28

Is Investing In Crossfit Worth The Money? - industrial-athletics.com

The gyms that are going to depart themselves as the bestCrossFit Pittsburgh has to know that a lot of what other gyms are charging additional for are primary services that should appear with the monthly membership. Only long term premium services expected to help you grasp many determined individual goals can justify additional fees. These would be something like personal nutrition consulting, private programming, or mindfulness practices.

November 26

Why is calcium important for our bodies?

Why exactly do we need calcium?

We need calcium mainly for bone health. You may have heard of the saying “drink milk for strong bones”; and it is true. Calcium also has other functions such as muscle contractions, blood clotting and assisting enzymes at work. Without calcium your body will have a fragile frame and inefficient system operations. Having enough calcium is important if you want to get fit, strong, lose weight.

October 04

Top 10 Things You Should Do To Be Better Crossfitter

 I was ready to throw in the towel when I friend of mine invited me along to her Crossfit Fort Lauderdale gym. I figured I had nothing to lose. That decision has ultimately changed my life. Best CrossFit Pittsburgh training has enabled me to improve in all areas of physical fitness, from my cardiovascular health to my stamina, strength, and agility. My body has had a complete transformation, thanks to my workout regimen. The fat has burned off of my frame and I’ve built lean muscle that has given me a physique to be proud of, regardless of what I’m wearing or the season. I can show off my legs and my arms without any shame.

September 19

Fitness & Strength Training In CrossFit Pittsburgh

Looking at the social media, does the CrossFit box even have Facebook and Instagram accounts?  Sure, that seems obvious, but we are always amazed to find out that other gyms either don’t have a social media presence, or it is really lacking. As the best CrossFit Pittsburgh box, we believe in elevating the individual.  We pay attention to you and your goals.

August 21

Elements of the Best Crossfit Pittsburgh | CrossFit Pittsburgh

Everything you need to know about CrossFit Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA is a CrossFit box located in Pittsburgh, United States. If you are looking to start, you should know that CrossFit Pittsburgh charges $ 130 for an unlimited monthly membership (the average for Pittsburgh is $153.) If you are travelling, CrossFit Pittsburgh accepts drop-ins.

August 06

Best CrossFit Gyms In Pittsburgh- Industrial Athletics

I wanted to show the Pittsburgh community, and the CrossFit Pittsburgh community, that there was a smart and safe way to do CrossFit that would actually make you stronger and able to handle harder challenges for a longer period of time. 

July 19

Is CrossFit better than gym? | Industrial Athletics

At Industrial Athletics, a CrossFit Pittsburgh are [...]

July 09

Where Can I Do Crossfit| Industrial Athletics

At Industrial Athletics, a CrossFit Pittsburgh are [...]

July 08

Tips About Crossfit Pittsburgh | Industrial Athletics

In everything we do, we believe in making you a be [...]

July 08

CrossFit: The Journal | Industrial Athletics

They say that successful businesses fill a gap tha [...]

July 08

How To Learn Best Crossfit | Industrial Athletics

However, as CrossFit grew in popularity, so did th [...]

July 05

What is a good CrossFit Pittsburgh workout | Industrial Athletics

Over 5 weeks, CrossFit releases a new workout ever [...]

July 05

Why is CrossFit Pittsburgh so expensive | Industrial Athletics

Diet is the most important. If you are not eating [...]

July 05

Best Things About Crossfit Pittsburgh | Industrial Athletics

CrossFit is a fitness program that will help you g [...]