September 30

Dip Your Carpet Cleaning Into Some Professionalism

CleanaCarpets is a foremost rug cleaning Melbourne. They offer professional carpet cleaning services with modern and quality equipment. They can clean carpets of a small residential house to a large commercial job and their service charges are so affordable.

September 18

SB Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

Carpet cleaning is a Singapore based cleaning serv [...]

Carpet cleaning can be one of the challenging things to do for organizations and homes alike. Stains and accumulation of dust in the carpet can lead to various health hazards that you should choose to avoid. When you choose to use our carpet cleaning services periodically they would rid you of all these health risks that come along with a dirty carpet. We at SB cleaning offer not just carpet cleaning services but also a variety of other Cleaning Services in Singapore.


Some of our services include carpet installation, part-time office cleaners, carpet cleaning services, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, data center maintenance, floor cleaning, and maintenance services. 


Getting a Free Quote


Understanding our costs can be a very simple process before you choose to hire us. The best part is, we at SB cleaning offer you a free quote for the services that you choose to hire us for. By visiting our website, you can fill out a form and select the services that you wish to use. We will provide you with a free quote that can help you plan your finances accordingly.


Alternatively, you can choose to call us and find out our costs towards different cleaning services that we offer you.


Carpet Cleaning & Installation


This is one service that most people use us in Singapore. We specialize in both dry and wet cleaning of carpets without damaging them. We use special chemicals that can eliminate the bugs and other infestations from your carpets. We take special care to use chemicals that are friendly to humans and the materials of the carpet. This ensures that your carpet stays in its original shape after completing the process of cleaning it.


Our mattress cleaning process is also similar to carpet cleaning services that we offer. Removing bed bugs infestation is also something that we can carry out in your bedroom. 


Post Renovation Cleaning


There are many homes and offices which have renovation work performed at their premises. However, despite the renovation company doing the initial cleaning process, certain unsatisfied property owners are not happy with the results of cleaning. Therefore, they call us to perform post renovation cleaning at their homes or offices. We do an excellent job in post renovation cleaning which ensures all dust particles and other elements removing is complete. 


Data Center Maintenance


Cleaning of data centers can be critical to any business. Accumulation of dust and other particles can harm the computers, servers and other electronic equipment in the data center. Using our services would ensure we do professionally the cleaning process without disturbing the wires, cables and other equipment in the data center. 


Office Floor Cleaning & Maintenance


Many business owners hire our company to take care of the floors and maintain it in pristine shape at all times. This is when they hire our part-time cleaners who come regularly to your office and have the cleaning work done. Made of marbles, granites, parquet, or vinyl is irrelevant to us as we can handle any material your floor is made of. We can clean all surfaces with relevant ease and ensure that the place is well maintained as well.


Choosing to hire our services would help you bring down your costs towards maintenance and cleaning. Our experts are affordable to hire and excel in doing a good job for your office or homes with comprehensive cleaning services. 



SB Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

139 Bedok North Ave 3,

Singapore 460139


September 09

Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne

Body Corporate Cleaning Melbourne is known to be a [...]

When you choose us to meet your corporate cleaning requirements, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get only the most professional and best in industry services with full attention. We deliver high-quality and Professional Corporate Cleaning Service which help promote a healthy working environment as well as keeps your office building sparkling. Our experts go beyond your expectation to offer a range of expert cleaning services that not just can enhance your working environment but your image as well. 

August 25

Activa Cleaning Services Melbourne - Cleaning Companies, Contractors

Looking for Commercial Cleaning contractors in Mel [...]

July 10

Veridia Australia

Be inspired by our customers and their extraordina [...]

June 22

ECOs Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Get a Free Hour with Your First Weekly or Fortnigh [...]

We offer a range of bond cleaning services for both the commercial or residential lease holder. Our qualified team members use the latest equipment and Non-toxic products to deliver a superior clean leaving your home or office space in prime condition. We are a dedicated team of professional cleaners who pride ourselves on our results. When you engage our Bond Cleaning Brisbane Services or other services you can be assured that the job will be done properly. Using all the latest technology and cleaning processes we run a proper cleaning check all around the premises to make sure that not even a single spot is left untidy. 

June 01

A1 Gutter Cleaning Melbourne

At A1 Gutter Cleaning Melbourne we have gained the [...]
A1 Gutter Cleaning Melbourne offers a customer-specific cleaning service for domestic, commercial, non-public or leasing properties. We clean up all kinds of rooftops and gutters contained with our gutter cleanup is the unblocking downpipes, removing roof valleys, clearing the roof structure of all loose rubbish and particularly cleaning all sorts of gutters. We make an effort to maintain your properties backyards and pathways maintained and free of rubbish.

April 25

Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Enjoy here the best cleaning tips for your carpets [...]

Enjoy here the best cleaning tips for your carpets and rugs. We created a list of carpet cleaning tips that you should know to keep your carpet clean. For further details comment us, our expert will reply you.

March 03


Smart Cleaning Solutions by Homeflow covers wide r [...]


1. What’s a robot vacuum?
A robot vacuum, also briefly called a robovac, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that has intelligent programming and a vacuum cleaning system to clean the houses automatically. As most robotic vacuums supposed to do, they can work autonomously without human operation, or we can schedule it to clean every day via APP / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth remote control when we’re working away from home.

2. Why should we buy a robot vacuum?

Save labour! No more bending for hand-held vacuum cleaning
As smart as a robot, the robot vac can help us to clean all the dirt, dust, debris, hairs produced in daily urban life. We no longer have our backbone bent to clean with a vacuum cleaner. It is easy to be used by even kids and elders, just press a push button and the robot goes to work on its own.
Save time! Free our hands from household chores
With ultimate built-in motor, the robot can do the job efficiently, we do not have to control itself manually. It means that, we can leave the robot cleaning alone while we are out of home and do what we need to do.  Top Automated Home Cleaning Devices

What features matter most for robot vacuums?

(1) Navigation algorithms

Compared with traditional semi-random robotic vacuum, the automatic robot vacuums use the advanced navigation technology to map the room into specific cleaning zones, improving the cleaning efficiency.

2) Scheduling cleaning

That the robot vacuums can clean automatically get us out from the household chores, but when and where would the robot vacuum clean? If we still have to get it work with remote controller or a manual push button, it may not be such an intelligent assistant that helps us a lot.
With a preset scheduling function, We can set when the robot starts a cleaning job before we leave for office, so that we can make sure it’s the most convenient cleaning time for our family and pets, it also means the robot can clean autonomously without WiFi connection while we are out of the house.  Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

(3) WiFi App control

A WiFi-enabled robot vacuum can bring more convenience to us. Just install a specific app on our compatible mobile device, we can easily use our smart phone or tablet as a remote control to command the robot. Basically, we can schedule, start, pause, stop, capture photos (with built-in camera) and even receive notifications from the robot vacuum when we are far away from home. Whatever, we can direct the robot to clean the rooms or any exact spot we want it to clean.

(4) Obstacles avoidance

It’s inconvenient for us to empty our house before robot vac starts its job. So it is necessary for the robot to sense and avoid obstacles like edges, stairs, door sills, or other tricky areas with large furniture( such as desks, chairs, sofas ).
Most robot vacuums usually adopt multiple intelligent sensors such as edge sensor, cliff sensor, collision sensor, obstacles sensors, ultrasonic Radar sensor, laser distance sensor, Gyro sensor and so on, so that the robots can move freely around the home and adapts automatically to the surroundings to clean the floors thoroughly.
We do not have to worry about the delicate furniture would be damaged and the robot would also protect itself from bumping and stuck. If your home have many obstacles that will need avoiding, this feature will matter most.

(5) HEPA filter

HEPA filter is fully named of High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, it is perfect for dealing with pet hairs which produces allergens to the air. With a HEPA filter, the robot vacuum can remove tiny dust particles and allergens from the air.

(6) Self recharging

Compared with the vacuum cleaner, the robot vacuum coming with recharging docks is an outstanding feature. It can go to charge themselves automatically. Select a robot-accessible spot for the charge dock first, and the robot vac will return on its own before it runs out of power.

February 14

Commercial cleaning services melbourne

The tidiness of your office is very essential. This is the foremost thing your customers will see and it will be their primary impression of your business. Make an exceptional first impact by hiring the right individuals. We ensure the quality of our cleaning services and we guarantee that all our staff is trained and qualified. We take self-esteem in our services, which are surely first class. Commercial cleaning agency is a fundamental necessity for all businesses. It doesn't signify where you are based, and it doesn't matter what type of profession you are in - we can give our high-quality services. We serve all over Melbourne and stand as the best commercial cleaning services in Melbourne for businesses.

For more information please visit us @ Tidymt

February 10

End of Lease Cleaning - Bright End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

The team at Bright End of Lease Cleaning is the nu [...]

Look no further than Bright End of Lease Cleaning when you need reliable cleaning services at the end of your lease. Our experienced cleaners specialise in home and office end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, giving you the best possible chance at getting your bond back in full. Whether you need help cleaning a large office or a small apartment, we can provide the assistance you need, taking care of everything from the carpets and windows through to bathroom and kitchen areas. In addition to providing our services at short notice, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. 

June 26

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services Westlake Village - Gold Coast Pool & Spa

Gold Coast Pool & Spa for all types of pool servic [...]

Looking for the best pool maintenance services in Westlake Village? Contact Gold Coast Pool & Spa for all types of pool services, ranging from cleaning to remodeling and maintenance at your affordability.

June 26

Pool Cleaning and Leak Repair Service Thousand Oaks

Transform the look of your old swimming pool with [...]

Transform the look of your old swimming pool with pool repair services from Gold Coast Pool & Spa. They offer equipment upgrades and all types of pool service in Thousand Oaks. Call today!

June 26

Pool Remodeling Service Sherman Oaks - Gold Coast Pool & Spa

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Gold Coast Pool & Spa provides pool remodeling, repair, maintenance services in Sherman Oaks. Contact them to keep your pool clean, healthy, and safe.

June 26

Pool Repair Service Woodland Hills

Gold Coast Pool & Spa offers a wide range of pool [...]

Gold Coast Pool & Spa offers a wide range of pool services including cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, and upgrades in Woodland Hills. Their pool cleaning services help maintain your swimming pool in all weather. Call today for more details.