December 30

10 Best Online Courses for Business Analytics

Basically, one must not go with the flow in life, [...]

Life is genuinely all about selecting the accurate path, and one of the proper and important parts of your life is just to select the amazing career option. You must not go along with the flow in your life. In fact, deciding the right career path for your future is quite important so that you will be able to gain some proper details and facts about the training program.

December 01

Learn Data Analytics from a Business School

Companies in almost every industry now collect vas [...]

That’s where the efforts of business analytics professionals become critical. Back in 2012, the Harvard Business Review heralded the importance of these roles by declaring that data scientists had “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Many organizations have since realized that the big data professionals who really turn heads are the ones who take the next steps, going beyond data analysis and adding the “what’s next” factor. These professionals play an essential role in developing and implementing business strategies.

November 10

5 Ways Analytics Can Boost Your Business Growth

Business analytics helps you to get a deeper and b [...]

It is important to have excellent business analytics to understand the basics of new markets and to get establish. With untouched and new markets opening for various businesses, you have great opportunity to establish new business or to expand your current business. It is considered as a quite broad term and while understanding this term, you would find that a number different analytics come under this category such as customer, risk, marketing and operations analytics.

November 02

Business Analytics: What It Is & Why It’s Important

So, how do companies use these valuable insights t [...]

Nowadays data is currency for all organizations. The companies maintain a lot of data related to their business. The data could be about their customers or finances or related to their operations. Business analytics is the analysis of this data with different dimensions in order to aid the company in the decision making process. The company uses the data to gain insights that can be used to implement strategic business decisions which further can optimize the entire business process. Thus, a company gains a competitive advantage because of these insights.