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PVC Poultry Accessories Manufacturer - Krishna Polymers

Krishna Polymers is one of the renowned PVC Poultr [...]

Basic dyes and its application in dyeing and printing process are interesting. Jute fiber and its generated products are treated with basic dyes. I have written about the jute fabric printing with basic dyes in one of my blog post. I think that’s will help you to know about the

Basic dyes are called cationic dyes because when salts of organic bases are ionize into anionic and cationic part that’s time cation is the responsible for color production. On the otherhand basic dyes are basically hydro-chloride or salts of organic bases. Generally they are in-soluble in water but it becomes in soluble form when treated with alcohol or methylated spirit. Basic dyes dyeing are carried out in acidic form. Dyeing process for different fibers are varies.

Basic Dyes – Manufacturer & Exporter

Properties of basic dyes: Like other dyes; basic dyes have some own characteristics. Followings are the main characteristics of basic dye:

Basic dye is a synthetic class dye.

Cationic part of the salt is responsible for color production.

Basic dyes are water insoluble but soluble in alcohol and methylated spirit.

Basic dyes are hydro-chlorides or salts of organic salts.

Basic dyes are applied in acidic condition.

Very brilliant shade can be produced by basic dyes.

Fastness properties of these dyes are average to good.

Mainly basic dyes are suitable for jute dyeing and jute printing but wool, acrylic fibers also can be dyed by basic dyes.

Leveling properties of these dyes are very poor.

Cotton has no affinity for basic dyes but dyeing of cotton could be carried out by mordanting, fixing and dyeing operation.

Basic dyes are comparatively cheap in price.

We know that reactive dyes, azoic color, sulphur dyes are used for dyeing cellulosic fiber but basic dyes also can be apply for this.

So, do your job and dye and print your product with basic dyes.

Darshan Industries is Basic Dyes manufacturer & exporter. Basic dyes are used for dyeing of acrylic fibres, jute, wool, textiles and papers.

Darshan Industries is a leading manufacturer of basic dyes. We offer our expertise, to two major sectors, the paper and the Ink industry. Though we are a manufacturing company for basic dyes in India our services are not only limited to our country but revolve around several places. USA, China, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil are the witnesses to the global exports of this basic dye manufacturer. Amongst other basic violet 28 dyes manufacturers in India, we manufacture high quality basic violet 10 dyes for Food, Ink, Leather, Basic dyes for dyeing of acrylic fibres, Basic dyes for jute, Basic dyes for textiles, Basic dyes for papers and Paint Dyestuffs.


Methyl Violet Liquid CAS No 84434-47-9

Victoria Blue B CAS No 2580-56-5

Chrysodine Y CAS No 532-82-1

Malachite Green Liquid cas no 41272-40-6

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Chemical structure of Basic dyes |Properties of Basic Dyes

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Basic Dyes Manufactured by Darshan Industries

Basic Dyes for Leather Application

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Basic Dyes for Paints Application

Basic Dyes for Palstics Application

Methyl Violet Liquid 50%

Methyl Violet Liquid CAS No 84434-47-9

Malachite Green Liquid

Malachite Green Liquid cas no 41272-40-6

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Online Jewellery Company - The Online Jewellery Company (OJCO) Paddington

The Online Jewellery Company OJCO is as online jew [...]

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March 11

Send Rakhi To Canada - Rakhi Stores

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May 10

Sell used Laptops, desktops, servers in Bangalore | Lapitop

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Since the establishment of our firm in the year 2010, lapitop.in has been offering best services in the field of purchasing used laptops and desktops and all other IT wastes. lapitop.in also contributes its part towards the protection of our environment through recycling the IT wastes. Irrespective of your gadget’s brand and present condition, we provide best selling prices to your old gadgets with our transparent business strategies. Happy to see you trust us.

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