November 30

A Dive into the Business Prospects of On-Demand Doctor Consultation Apps

If you are an entrepreneur with plans to launch a healthcare startup, get in touch with our on-demand doctor app development team. Patients will look up to your app with high expectations and so make sure you offer them nothing less of a premium user experience.

November 30

Ecommerce Solutions: What is WooCommerce and it’s Features?

WooCommerce is an open-source web based business m [...]

Ecommerce Solutions: What is WooCommerce and it’s Features?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source web based business module for WordPress. It is intended for little to enormous measured online vendors utilizing WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011, the module immediately got mainstream for its effortlessness to introduce and tweak and free base item. WooCommerce is a free WordPress module that e-commerce usefulness to your WordPress site so you can have an online store. With only a couple clicks, your WordPress site transforms into a completely practical internet business site.

WooCommerce is a module that coordinates effectively with your current WordPress webpage, transforming your website into a completely practical WordPress e-commerce site with only a couple clicks. When the module was launched in 2011, it immediately turned into the essential answer for clients hoping to dispatch their own stores on the web.

WooCommerce Extensions

One of the great advantages to WooCommerce is the extensions. WooCommerce extensions are add-on plugins that allow website owners to augment the functionality of their online store. There are hundreds of extensions available, which makes it easy to take a basic store and increase the functionality ten fold. WooCommerce extensions include:

·        AutomateWoo – Sends follow up emails with coupons for theme license renewals.

·        Follow-Up Emails – Sends automated emails for customer on-boarding.

·        Genesis Connect for WooCommerce – Connects WooCommerce with the Genesis theme framework.

·        LearnDash WooCommerce Integration – Connects WooCommerce with the LearnDash LMS (training) plugin.

·        Web Savvy WooCommerce Bridge – A custom plugin that connects WooCommerce to the Simple: Press forum.

·        WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration – Connects WooCommerce to Google Analytics and allows for more advanced website reports.

·        WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe – Connects WooCommerce to MailChimp to automatically sign users up for our newsletter. This is permission based.

·        WooCommerce Menu Extension – Adds additional menu functionality to the store area of our website.

·        WooCommerce PDF Invoices – Provides a downloadable or printable invoice for customers.

·        WooCommerce Stripe Gateway – Connects WooCommerce to the Stripe payment gateway. Stripe is a very easy to set up credit card processor.

·        WooCommerce Subscriptions – This extension is used to set up annual theme licenses and generate recurring income.

·        Yoast WooCommerce SEO – Sends schema data for products to search engines like Bing and Google.

Why is WooCommerce so popular?

There are a bunch of reasons why WooCommerce is such a popular way to build an eCommerce store:

·        WooCommerce is free, and the underlying WordPress software is also free.

·        WooCommerce is open source. Anyone can go in and audit, modify, or extend the code.

·        WooCommerce is regular person friendly. You don’t need to be an expert developer to launch a store.

·        WooCommerce is extensible. Using something called “plugins”, you can add all kinds of new functionality to your store without the need for any technical knowledge.

·        WooCommerce works on all devices. More and more people shop on smartphones, and WooCommerce is ready to serve those people.

·        WooCommerce looks how you want it to. Using something called “themes”, you can control exactly how your store looks without the need for any technical knowledge.

·        WooCommerce is secure. Beyond being open source, WooCommerce comes from Automattic, a billion dollar company with the resources to secure your store.

November 30

Will Six Sigma Green Belt certification really help

Professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification have reached a significant milestone in the hierarchy of Lean Six Sigma certification programs. According to iSixSigma, a Six Sigma Green Belt is an employee who has been, "trained on the improvement methodology of Six Sigma and will lead a process improvement or quality improvement team as part of their full time job."

November 30

AppVerticals Mobile app development company in Dallas

Appverticals is a professional mobile and web app [...]

Appverticals is a perfect choice for multiple fresh ventures and enterprises to build reliable, top-notch mobile apps that meet their business goals. We are driven to work with our clients as Product Partners, communicating with them from the idea stage to the complexities of the development phase and all the way to launching the product. 

November 30

Travel Safety Tips: Important Things Everyone Should Know!

A majority of violent attacks by men against women [...]

A majority of violent attacks by men against women are often sexual in nature Online Travel Safety Training. Some motivations for these attacks stem from personal grievances, issues of control, and social disorders. Unfortunately motivations can also be purely opportunistic and deviant in nature. Therefore it is vital for one’s safety to eliminate these perceived ‘opportunities’ for criminals.

November 30

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November 30

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