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Driving Lessons

At YLOO, we promise to listen to our customers and [...]

We aim to provide you with the best possible outcomes for your driving school business, including running your operations as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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Sell used Laptops, desktops, servers in Bangalore | Lapitop

Sell used laptops in Bangalore at unbelievable pri [...]

Since the establishment of our firm in the year 2010, has been offering best services in the field of purchasing used laptops and desktops and all other IT wastes. also contributes its part towards the protection of our environment through recycling the IT wastes. Irrespective of your gadget’s brand and present condition, we provide best selling prices to your old gadgets with our transparent business strategies. Happy to see you trust us.

We will contact with the buying price of your Device.


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Contact Best Dental Clinic Hospitals in Bangalore,, No.1 Dental clinic Hospita [...]

At Confident Dental Care, all of us make an effort to strive to put a smile on your face. An initiative of India's top manufacturer of dentistry products, our super specialty centers provides a host of services and solutions for comprehensive oral health. Our services range from basic routine dental checkups and cleaning to complex oral surgeries. Infants, children, and adolescents can avail services of our periodontists who specialize in dental care for children, while each of our orthodontists and prosthodontists dedicate themselves to delivering back again huge smiles!
Our state-of-the-art facility is second to none. Hygiene and patient health are of utmost priority at Confident Dental Care Clinic, and also this is evident in our centralized sterilization room, specialty consultation rooms, and postoperative care.
When it comes to dental care, its time for you to Be Confident!

#117 West of Chord Road  (near Rajaji Nagar 1st Block Signal)
Mahalakshmi Puram, Bangalore - 560 086  
Phone: +91 80 2301 1500,   M: +91 94835 23368
# 2630,  1st Floor, 27th Main,  Sector 1, 
Near HSR Police Station,  HSR Layout,  Bangalore - 560102  
Phone: +91 80 22587700,   M: +91 9108287126
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Get Grow Tent Complete Systems & Kit by EmersonGrow

Find a grow tent kit on EmersonGrow, premier brand [...]
  • EmersonGrow LED Grow Tents
    The Perfect All In One Growing Solution
    The EmersonGrow LED Grow Tent is a hydroponic reflective indoor grow tent that is a PVC free, non-toxic, eco-friendly PEVA reflective mylar indoor grow tent making it nearly 100% reflective. The indoor grow tent is a portable grow room that is easily assembled and is a cheaper & better alternative to building a permanent grow room. It is an ideal solution to start your own home indoor growing for agriculture including vegetables, flowers, fruits and more.
EmersonGrow LED Grow Tents – PVC free Non-Toxic Eco-friendly PEVA Reflective 2018-04-11T17:48:08+00:00

LED Grow Tents

  • Grow tents help make your indoor gardening experience more versatile and cost effective
  • A grow tent will help you avoid some potential pitfalls, minimize your effort by saving you time, money resulting with an increased yield
  • Choosing an undersized tent or one with too few electrical cord ports can leave you with extra work and frustration
  • A quality grow tent will pay for itself in increased flavour, aroma, yield for your homegrown gardening experience

Grow with ease with LEDs

  • Removable water-proof floor with straps

  • Mesh air vents on 3 sides with lightproof flaps, micro mesh pest control pre-filters

  • Sturdy round metal corner connectors

  • Multi in and out ducting ports for cables, ventilation, air-cooled lights & irrigation

  • Easy set up instructions

3 Resons a Grow Tent Benefits You

  • Fresh CO2 (maintain steady level)

  • Remove Moisture (Relative Humidty >60%)

The exterior is made of heavy-duty 600D Oxford cloth, 100% lightproof and waterproof. It is built to support hanging supplementary and primary lighting & filters. It is an all steel construction: including poles & fixture braces. Steel hanging poles for easy fan, filter or light installation. Each inside support bar can carry up to 70 pounds. The tent has multiple vents (socks) with adjustable nylon straps for varied sizes of fan filter, ducting. Built-in-heavy-zippers and velcro for easy setup and take down. It also has a removable floor to clean spills.

May 09

EmersonGrow Offer Commercial LED Grow Light for Indoor Use

Explore the collection of EmersonGrow & buy best c [...]
  • EmersonGrow EGX5 | LED Grow Bar
    Powerful Supplementary & Efficient Primary Grow Bar
    Available in Low & High Voltage

    EGX5 I LED Grow Bars are for multiple stages of plant life as a leading sustainable solution for crop productivity. Extend your production day & season - EGX5 I LED Grow Bar is a powerful solution for both Supplementary and Primary Light crop needs. Compact and Slim – Comes in 3 lengths. Ideal for horizontal, vertical – tier grow systems, side & Intra-canopy Production. EGX5 is your solution for all stages of plant life.
    Special design for Solar Compatibility, works with iLLUMA-Drive NEO Wallpack and Cense Control System
EmersonGrow EGX5 | LED Grow Bar 2018-04-04T07:04:33+00:00

Low Voltage Version

90° Distribution

With a highly-focused beam pattern, this distribution option delivers exceptional depth penetration into the plans.

120° Distribution

Offers exceptional uniformity-enabling wider spacing so growers can achieve desired light levels evenly across the surface of the crop, with fewer modules.

– 5 in 1 optic lens

– Spectrum can be customized

EGX5 | LED Grow Bar

EmersonGrow EGX5 | LED Grow Bar is available in three sizes 2”, 3” and 4” and come ready Red, Blue and White LEDs ready to grow all stages of plant life. The EGX5 is dimmable and high focused and offers balanced colour uniformity delivering exceptional photon penetration. EGX5 Grow Bar’s are rated IP65 (waterproof) available in low & high voltage – widely used in greenhouses. Great solutions for new or retrofit and install easy with a flexible interlock design for mounting. Specially designed for Solar Compatibility, works with   Wallpack and   Control System

  • LED driver and fixture could be packed alone which is to save shipping
  • External led driver which is easy to replace once broken
  • Separate Driver
  • IP 65 Waterproof
  • Widely used in greenhouse
  • Flexible Interlock Design
  • DIY for end users
  • Each wavelength is dimmable
EmersonGrow EGX5 | LED Grow Light
Osram 3030 120pcs
Material Science:
High Voltage/Low Voltage

The Perfect All In One Growing Solution


May 09

Order T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube from EmersonGrow

Looking for T5 LED grow lights? Then explore colle [...]
  • EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible
    World's Best Industrial Cost Effective Grow Lighting
    UL Certified

    EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Balanced Compatible LED Grow Tubes have balanced spatial distribution of colour, intensity, conversion factors among photometric, radiometric, and quantum units, and the electrical energy efficiency results in a quick ROI. It is an ideal plant growing lighting solution for greenhouse, agriculture including vegetables, flowers, fruits and more.
    Introducing Canadian Designed "Your Own Combination" Ballast Compatible T5 "Grow Tubes"
EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube 2018-04-11T17:39:10+00:00

Create “Your Own Combination”

EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible

EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube technology has many advantages over conventional light sources for photosynthesis and morphology of plant research.

The cost effectiveness of using LEDs in commercial vertical tissue culture (TC) and transplants production is on the rise, Fresher is better!

EGX3 LED Grow Tubes are the most cost effective option for research, development and production.

  • Works with most popular electronic ballasts (ballast compatible)
  • Replaces existing fluorescent T5 lamps without any additional wiring
  • Meets and exceeds the output of hybrid fluorescents
  • Provides exceptional grow while offering massive reduction in energy consumption
  • Sustains a long life, reducing the needs for maintenance costs;
  • Increases yield for tissue culture (TC), urban farming, vertical farming and commercial facilities
  • High conversion efficiency
  • With PC structure – can be used in damp location environments

The pros and cons of these two different technologies

The basic difference between flourescent bulbs and EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube is reflected in their name.

Many indoor gardeners prefer EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube over fluorescent bulbs because they…

  • Produce balanced delivery of light
  • Minimize spectral decay
  • Deliver more PAR/lumen than regular T5 fluorescent bulbs
  • EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tubes offer a longer life span of 50,000hrs
  • Premium Quality and most sustainable Save costs on maintenance
  • EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube consumes less energy
  • Are spectrum controlled, resulting in profitability – gaining a faster ROI!

How do they compare and which is most efficient and sustainable for my garden?

EGX3 technology also have high color rendering properties (CRI) meaning they are more visually appealing. (The color rendering index is only important when you care about how the light looks to the human eye but not necessarily important to plants)

EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube Agri-tech offers:

  • Create “Your Own Combination”
  • Higher efficiency
  • Less heat than fluorescent lights
  • Friendly with existing T5 Fixtures (Check your ballast compatible model)

How does EmersonGrow technology work for Commercial Applications?

EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube is implemented by clients for a…

  • Supplementary lighting (to extend the length of the photoperiod) some greenhouse growers are equipping their Patient Resource Centres and greenhouses with artificial light sources
  • Primary lighting source in home enthusiasts
  • Starting seeds indoors or illuminating indoor houseplants
  • Commercial and Vertical applications
  • Urban and City Farming (grow sprouts, microgreens, culinary herbs, tea garden and fresh leafy greens)

EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube tech is suitable for in the home and commercial operations enabling the user’s  to produce aromatic, flavourful, balanced and increased growth for their project’s needs.

EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube technology provides…

  • Narrow band spectrum which is superior to it predecessor
  • Most powerful and efficient version of EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube technologies.
  • Canadian crafted and design
  • Increased photosynthetic response for vegetative stage, fruiting or flowering stage of growth of a wide variety of plants.

Commercial operations such as vertical and city farming are ever increasingly becoming popular among enthusiasts, hobbyists and many of them are turning their passion into business. Professional Food and Flower producers and cultivators require LED T5 technology to become more sustainable! Making the switch to EmersonGrow X1 LED T5 tech enables you to increase productivity and reduce capital costs – placing you ahead of the competition.

It is time to reap the benefits and reliability of Premium quality LED technologies. EmersonGrow tech is the most cost-effective solution, now!

EmersonGrow EGX3 | T5 Ballast Compatible LED Grow Tube
EGX3-M (Multicolour)
EGX3-B (Blue)
EGX3-R (Red)
EGX3-E (Infrared)

The Perfect All In One Growing Solution


May 09

Order Best Smart LED Grow Light & Lightening System from EmersonGrow

Order today’s high quality smart LED Grow light & [...]
  • EmersonGrow PRISM | EGX7 LED Grow Light
    World's SMARTEST Agri-Grow Lighting
    - 'The Original' Emerson Effect
    - Powerful UV Integration
    - Laser Integration (The Newest LLLT)
    - Consume Less Energy and Save Costs
    - Customize Your Own ‘Recipe Of Light’ With App Integration
    - The World's First Built In Light Recipe Store
    Introducing the newest Canadian breakthrough design and technology
    *Product and system are patent protected globally
PRISM | EGX7 World’s SMARTEST Agri-Grow Lighting 2018-04-11T17:33:12+00:00

PRISM | EGX7 LED Grow Light

PRISM | EGX7 Agri-Grow light comes ready with App based, Cloud Controlled Software that enables the user to fully adjust spectrum, intensity and timer controls for all stages of Plant Life – seed to harvest.

Prism is the only stand-alone digital LED SMART grow light that is ready for you to grow well with ‘Your Recipes of Light’. Native to the App is a pre-defined EmersonGrow Lighting routine that advances the production of photosynthesis for food, Flowers and more!

*Sign up for our Newsletter to get an exclusive $200 discount code!

  • Create your own RECIPES OF LIGHT for your plants in different stages

  • Settings for hours/days (duration), light intensity (%), timer setting (on/off) and Spectrum (Blue, Red, Infr-Red, UltraViolet and Laser)

  • Remotely control the 5 waves of light ANY TIME, ANY WHERE

  • GLOBAL SHARING of your growing experience and knowledge through the Store function

  • VALUE and PROMOTE  your own knowledge

  • REAL-TIME CONTROL to adjust the light instantly

  • Compatible with Android™ & Apple® devices (recent 5 years’ product)

EmersonGrow X7 Prism is not merely a grow light with advanced features such as Laser, UVB and IR. Prism X7 comes in a complete package controlled with Android™ & Apple® devices enabling the user with digital control of the Agri-Grow light – featuring primary functionality including Intensity controls 0-100%, individual spectral controls (Blue, Red, IR, UVB, and laser), as well as scheduling for different time periods.

How To Create Light Recipe

How Exchange Works

Prism X7 is not just a mere grow light with digital functionality. Prism X7 is an agri-grow light that enables B2C and B2B relationships to flourish, unfurl and grow socially on a journey together. Whether you are an in home enthusiast who wishes to grow with the very best in technological advancements or if you are a business EmersonGrow X7 Prism offer you a complete way to connect with others; person to person.

EmersonGrow enables all users, everywhere to…

  • Establish yourself as a leader in your industry (floral, food and more!)

  • CREATE | GROW | SHARE with EmersonGrow Community

  • Enriches lives, connects Families, friends and Industry related standards

EmersonGrow PRISM | EGX7 LED Grow Light
SMD Large Power Chips
AL Shell + Glass Cover
5 Year Industry Standard Guarantee

The Perfect All In One Growing Solution


May 09

EmersonGrow – Buy Top LED Plant Light for Commercial & Greenhouse Indoor Use

Get in touch with EmersonGrow, if you want to buy [...]