December 01

Launch the ready-made LimBike clone app that has smart features

LimeBike app clone will help you to startup and ru [...]

Surface your business verticals in a smarter and greener way with our LimeBike clone. Feeling quizzed? No need to feel so. At Appdupe, we have come up with an eco-friendly bike app development. This blog will give you insights into the features and functionalities of the Limebike clone app.

  1. The user will complete the registration process and start using the app.

  2. The user will search for nearby bikes.

  3. Then the user will unlock the bike and start the ride.

  4. Once the user completes the ride, he/she will lock the bike and make the payment.

Diverse payment options- The user can opt for any payment options like debit/credit cards, in-app wallet, or any other digital payment options.

Lucid UI- Our front-end developers curate an easy-to-understand UI. The lucid UI helps the user to perform in-app activities easily.

In-built GPS- The app like Limebike is integrated with GPS to help the user find their path.

Social media login- The user can skip the registration process and directly login with social media credentials.

Smart lock- The user can lock/unlock the app with a smart lock system.

QR scan- The user will have to scan the QR code on the bike to lock/unlock.

White label solution- The concept behind white labeling is to provide complete ownership to the source code.

Responsive design- The topmost factor of any app usage depends on the app’s responsive design. The Limebike app clone is compatible with the web, mobile, and tablet.

December 01

Learn Data Analytics from a Business School

Companies in almost every industry now collect vas [...]

That’s where the efforts of business analytics professionals become critical. Back in 2012, the Harvard Business Review heralded the importance of these roles by declaring that data scientists had “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Many organizations have since realized that the big data professionals who really turn heads are the ones who take the next steps, going beyond data analysis and adding the “what’s next” factor. These professionals play an essential role in developing and implementing business strategies.

December 01

Cell phone repair course

Cell phone repair course

Are you trying to find the right cell phone repair training | mobile repair training or cell phone repair school?

Offline cell phone repair courses

Handson cell phone repair courses are popular options, primarily because they offer real hands-on repair experience and direct interaction with instructors. Offline cell phone repair courses are also focused and fast, covering the most important repairs and administered over a specific period of days. TSCER is one of the top rated cell phone repair school

Another benefit to offline cell phone repair courses is third-party validation, which often comes in the form of a certificate that proves your expertise. It’s one thing to say you’re a professional cell phone repair tech, it’s another to have someone else verify it. Having such certification can bolster your reputation and help you land more, better, and higher-paying work.

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